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Lady GaGa Has A (Prosthetic) Penis

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Someone had a little monster in her pants all night long!

Look, here's the thing you need to know about Lady GaGa if you didn't already - girl commits. When she sets her sights on something, she owns it, she believes it and she wants all of you to believe it too. Are we surprised that she committed to being her alter ego Jo Calderone all evening at the VMAs on Sunday? No, absolutely not. Are we surprised she kept it going for the press following the show? No, of course not. Are we surprised that she reportedly wore a prosthetic penis under her Armani men's underwear?


If this really surprises anyone, then you clearly have not been paying attention to GaGa for the last two years! Gurl, please!

[Image via WENN.]

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74 comments to “Lady GaGa Has A (Prosthetic) Penis”

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  2. 2

    So she does have one after all lol. Well if shes gona put on another persona i gotta say, im impressed she went through that much detail

  3. 3


  4. 4

    I understand what you're now doing…….mentioning every little scrap about her so that you can get hundreds of comments because no one comments on anything else but this bitch. I'm no longer commenting on anything CaCa related.

  5. 5

    HA!!! She did not own this alter ego. It was painful to watch and fun at the sametime. She doesnt surprise me at all. She's overated and predictable! Her alter ego is as lame as her!! Once again the little girl is screaming for attention!

  6. 6

    epic FAIL!!!!

  7. 7

    I think she over acted this character. Simon Cowell would call it self indulgent.

  8. 8

    What a joke she has become. Nothing innovative or artsy about this piece of crap.

  9. 9

    Fabulous. She is god's greatest creation. This may be a rumor tho, I mean did this information come from her own lips?

  10. 10

    Whatever it is, it's disgusting. No surprise that Perez would find it so entertaining. It's so disgusting, both of them. Neither of you two freaks are relevant, and I count the days where you both disappear!

  11. 11

    what you forget to mention is how her single You and I jumped to number 1 on every single chart after her groundbreaking performance….. NOTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. 12

    Is this not the easiest headline to make fun of?

  13. 13


  14. 14

    Re: dryan1971 – Then why are you on this site?

  15. 15

    She is just too much. I find myself flipping the channel when she comes on, as it is always some ridiculous outfit or get up. Why can't she just SING, and leave the Halloween costumes for Halloween?

  16. 16

    She is so disgusting to me as an artist. She tries way too hard and honestly i'm sick of her trying to outdo her ownself. it's so egotistical.

  17. 17

    I Love you Gaga you are the best I love you too Jo :) Gaga is a real and complety artist

  18. fiona says – reply to this


    Her act is already tired. As I predicted, as many predicted; she is a blip on the pop pulse. I look forward to the next real talent that is younger, more interesting, and less prop driven.
    Music is about musical talent. Gag gag belongs on broadway.

  19. 19

    people drankin that haterade

  20. 20

    Girl just don't know what to do to get attention anymore !

  21. Kdel says – reply to this


    You're not getting it Perez…nobody is surprised, we just think it was stupid. I think GaGa has a great voice and I really like a lot of her songs but this thing made no sense and she made a fool of herself. Didn't she have an embaressing fall after she splashed that stupid beer around and jumped off that piano. You are losing any credibility that you may have had by defending this thing because if it was anyone else, you would be telling the truth about how ridiculous it was. I'm sure you have seen all the comments and most people do not agree with you so quit trying to make us like something we clearly do not.

  22. yeez says – reply to this


    How incredibly sensitive to her transgender fans!

  23. 23

    I couldnt even watch it she just annoyed the shit outta me. she just forgot to tuck it in.

  24. 24

    This is what she thinks of men? I expected more from someone who supposedly has her finger on the pulse of the popular culture. Her take on what a man is shows no insight at all!

  25. 25

    honestly.. this is just too much. Enough already. Enough with the i am starving for attention act. Enough with trying to be different all while claiming you are just being you. ENOUGH! It is clear that her antics are starting to rub people the wrong way and turn people off! Why the eff would she need to do this. it is perverted and sick and serves no real purpose. That is not called committing to your act… that is called something to let "slip" to the media a few days later in hopes to garnish more press. Someone please shove her off her edge of glory already.

  26. 26

    This was so kool when Annie Lennox did it back in the 80's

  27. 27

    LOL face facts Mario, gagameee really needs to admit she/he/it is a freak. Only thing more in doubt is you

  28. 28

    Everyone says that it's too much and that she's desperate for our attention. Honey, she isn't desperate for it, she kind of, you know, already has it? Look how quickly people react to her every move. Jo is flawless. She was really good. She really showed her vulnerability. What an inspiration. While all the other stars were desperate to out shine her with their "outfits," GaGa changed it up even more by coming as a man. Little Monster forever

  29. 29

    Look at the Grammy performance of Eurythmics - sweet dream - in 1984 on YouTube. COPY CAT

  30. 30

    Dude..wtf that is nasty..

  31. 31

    Her performance was horrible. It was hard to watch. She tries to hard sometimes. It seemed so forced. She really does not do anything original.

  32. 32


  33. 33

    I try to be tolerant but something about this clown irks the hell out of me. Maybe it's because she pushes herself in everone face like "Look at me!" She's managed to use a moderate amount of talent to achieve a great deal of recognition. Either way I'm not alone when I say somethings not right here, theres something about this chic that turns the stomach of people who's eyes are open. I just pray she doesn't end in some freak tragedy. Mark my words, somethngs not right about her story and it will come out sooner or later. Also that new Award for best video with a message predictably went to her just like we said. Gross.

  34. 34

    Re: laceleatherandsuicide – I don't think anyone is trying to out do Gaga, except maybe Nicki Minaj, but really who gives a shit about her either? The only person trying to out do Gaga, was herself.

  35. 35

    Yes, I noticed that during her performance - shocking. She's like, *so* edgy and cool. Wow… if I could only be as cool as her, she's like, my idol. Not only that, but my saviour and queen. She is just like, *so* genuine. Never lies, never fake cries.

  36. 36

    Re: bluebob – I know.

  37. 37

    Re: bluebob – I know! Glad I'm not the only one thinking it!

  38. 38

    I wish you guys would just stop commenting on things as futile as this because they wouldn't be put here if there weren't people commenting, good or bad comments perez gets paid and so does lady gaga.

  39. 39

    She is hot…both as a girl and a guy…Just shows how she cuts through what all the haters say about her (and does not care) and continues to do things her way!!!!! Haters cannot handle what she does, what she says, how she sings and how she performs…too bad for you…go back to sameness, unoriginal and b-o-r-i-n-g….For us that like to be challenged and want artists to push the boundaries, we love her!!! Millions love her…Keep it up GAGA….True fans understand and love what you do!!!

  40. 40

    Re: justtospeaktruth – Don't worry, that day might come sooner than you think. It comes for EVERY star eventually! I wonder how she'll handle it!

  41. 41

    I suggest a prostetic vagina for Perez, that's the only thing missing on him.ick.

  42. 42

    Gaga never ceases to amaze me. She is definitely odd.. but is that such a bad thing? it gets so lame seeing the same old cookie cutter hollywood sell out acts. She is entertaining and her i dont give a fk attitude is what keeps her interesting.

  43. 43

    She is so starved for attention. LAME! ! ! Also you forgot to mention that she busted her ass and looked so fucking stupid getting up with wet pants after she fell on the same bear she sprayed all over the stage. DUMB ASS>>>

  44. 44

    Ummmmm apparently all the people who are haters of Lady Gaga pay a lot of attention to her. If you think she is an attention whore then stop giving her attention even if it is negative it is still attention. Art is different to everyone, so just because you don't enjoy it or understand it doesn't mean it sucks. And just because she does something similar to something done before doesn't mean she is a copycat, most art is inspired from something else. She is Broadway, Broadway is over the top and ridiculous.

  45. 45

    Can't really tell. Just looks like a weird angle or the way the pants are creased in that area.

  46. 46

    Re: ilovejoomayun – *stares at watch* i'll be waiting lol

  47. 47

    Re: ilovejoomayun – and you know what, i wouldn't want her to lose her career all together or something, i just know a lot of truth will eventually come out and it'll be delightful to watch her fan base get a reality check because they are some of the most arrogant people i've ever come across.

  48. 48

    LMAO fucking tranny.. shes showing her true self BAHAHAHAAHHAHAHHA

    nothing can compare to the legendary mIZZ godney spearsz!!!!!!

  49. ed69 says – reply to this


    so is that why her performance was so bad?

  50. 50

    that was armani? it looks like she stole it from a homeless and that she or he has been living in the streets for a while, it sucked, I was expecting an amazing dress and then she comes out with this shit so people would talk about her cause nobody does nowadays, I used to love her and admire her now she is sooo boring (also her new songs) and kinda pathetic

  51. 51

    BItch don't need a fake one when they've got the real thing already!

  52. 52

    I want my next bf to look like Jo Calderone. :D

  53. 53

    I'm sick of her overacting. Can't we just go back to Lady Gaga circa 2008 - big shoulders, big sunglasses and hot pants?

  54. 54

    Re: GayRay – You do that, I've never been able to understand why people who don't like her seem to bother to post on everything about her (not talking about you specifically there as you aren't one of those who troll on every post), I don't even bother reading about artists I'm not interested in. All that those who disllike/hate Gaga do is give her more publicity with their constant commenting, why do that for someone you don't like?

  55. 55

    Re: kylielover02Re: GayRay – You do that, I've never been able to understand why people who don't like her seem to bother to post on everything about her (not talking about you specifically there as you aren't one of those who troll on every post), I don't even bother reading about artists I'm not interested in. All that those who disllike/hate Gaga do is give her more publicity with their constant commenting, why do that for someone you don't like?

  56. 56

    Re: kylielover02 – Annie Lennox was far from the first woman to dress and/or behave as a man (I'm old enough to remember her well, great artist) and Gaga is highly unlikely to be the last, Marlene Dietriech anyone? I could have done with that monologue at the beginning being half as long as the beginning of it was awkward, but the musical performance was, as always, great and her keeping the character going for the whole evening made it more than just a gimmick. It wasn't like Jo was created for the VMAs in any event, he was in the You and I video and a Japanese Vogue magazine shoot some time ago.

  57. 57

    oh come on….. we all know thay is its real shlong!

  58. 58

    she just got tired of having to look good all the time, so she invented this loser so she could go around in baggy, comfy clothes all the time. no imagination. I love her music, but I wish all the hoopla about her would die down so I could just enjoy her. At this point though, I'm sick of her and her antics. Just fucking sing and stop all the bullshit!

  59. 59

    stooopid, overexposed, self-absorbed, overrated and just plain dumb. But she does look better as a man, poor girl!

  60. 60

    Since when is stuffing a dildo in your underwear "creative or cutting edge"? Things like this and completely hiding herself under costumes COMPLETELY contradicts what she sings about. I loved the look on the celebrities' faces when she was on stage. Even crazy ass Hollywood thinks she's wierd.

  61. 61

    Fucking sick.

  62. 62

    Perfect image of class and humility there. LOL!

  63. 63

    Re: So-What – Its BEER, dumb ass!
    A bear is a creature that lives in the woods.

  64. 64

    How nice of you Mario to let the creature borrow one of your many prosthetic "toys". I bet the dirty whore didn't even clean it before stuffing it in her pants.

  65. 65

    She goes completely in to the act, wonder when we will see her in her first movie.

  66. 66

    Lady Gaga is scaring away most of her fans with her crazy and sexually crude antics.

  67. 67

    so it's fake? SHOCKER. I could have sworn is was real..

  68. 68

    i use to like her but i am just over her now. Her last CD sucked (even though Perez thought it wa a gift from God).

  69. 69

    So unorginal, she now has copied another singer Annie Lennox. In additon to Madonna, Elton John, David Bowie, Freddie Mercury the list goes on and on. Hopefully she will runout of truly talented musicians unlike her self.

  70. 70

    Re: weavermomo – In that case, Annie Lennox was copying Marlene Dietrich and other earlier stars who did male drag, and Madonna must have been copying Annie Lennox when she did her male drag thing. Do you see where I'm coming from? I doubt any of them are copying per se, dressing in male drag has been going on for a very long time, long before Annie Lennox was even born. I just love how you idiots always call out Gaga for copying, look at any chart act and you could find references (or "copying" as you call it) to older acts, its ALL been done before. Gaga never said it was a unique or original idea so I have no idea why everyone is getting their granny knickers in a twist over it ;o)

  71. 71

    then she likes to fuck men

  72. 72

    it looks like she wanted to be a man l0llll

  73. 73

    yep this woman COMMITS. you said it yourself, buddy. but it was a FAKE cigarette, right? oh please… icky icky poo. you'll post about kid cudi smoking, but not about gaga? i hate your hypocrisy.

  74. 74

    did you suck it mario? –'