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My Chemical Romance Working On New Album!

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We feel this will be the proper album MCR fans deserve!

My Chemical Romance has revealed that they're working on a new album, confirming that they are writing new songs "every day."

They admit that last year's album Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys wasn't the band's best work.

Frontman Gerard Way explained that after the success of their third album The Black Parade, they suffered from burnout and after losing drummer Bob Bryar, they scrapped 28 songs before finally agreeing on the work that was released on Danger Days. He says:

"Something didn't feel right. It was a record that went against everything about the band that was great. Which was like having ambition, being ambitious, being visual, being artists, being excited, being free, reckless and rock 'n' roll. That stuff was gone and what was in its place was really boring."

But he says their new album is a totally different story, adding:

"We're writing music every day at the moment, which was something that wasn't happening on Black Parade. The thing is that the band was in a really unhealthy place when Black Parade ended and now the band is in such a healthy place that there's no more 'I want to run away' or 'It's about me'.
Now it's like this is what I do and I want to do this for the rest of my life. Everybody's so happy."

Good!! The emotional state of the band totally reflects in the music. We are definitely looking forward to hearing the new album.

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14 comments to “My Chemical Romance Working On New Album!”

  1. 1

    Thank God. They said before their hiatus that the new album would be pure rock, no gimmicks, and then Danger Days ended up being their biggest gimmick album of all.

  2. 2

    i loved danger days . but it wasnt my fav album i like murder scene the best and they should do more stuff like that. they are one of the only truly good bands left.

  3. 3

    I like Danger Days. I don't know why they're dissing it now because they thought it was teh sh!t when it was first released, which was probably for marketing reasons.

    It was a walking, talking gimmick (even selling jackets and toy guns) but it was fun to listen to.

  4. 4

    I loved Danger Days. It isnt my favorite album and yes it was different and i will admit didnt really fit the "image" of the band but i loved the music i didnt think they half assed it, i didnt think they just did it to get back into the scene i enjoyed danger days and i am proud of MCR for making it.

  5. cknee says – reply to this


    yayyyyyy i love gerard!

  6. 6

    Wow. That's taken out of context. I'm not gonna leave some huge comment about how wrong you got that first part, but people should know that the first quote in this entry? Is about the CD they scrapped before they did Danger Days.

    Not actually Danger Days. But hey, the truth is what we make it, right? If this version fits better for hits, go ahead. Believe what you want. The rest of us will be living in the real world.

  7. 7

    Hey you should probably fact check before you post, Gerard never said Danger Days wasn't their best work, quite the opposite. In the first quote above (from the BBC interview, November 2010) Gerard is talking about the album they never released (the 28 scrapped tracks you mentioned) not Danger Days.

    Danger Days was them coming back to "having ambition, being ambitious, being visual, being artists, being excited, being free, reckless and rock 'n' roll".

    Danger Days is the proper album MCR fans deserve, and the next one will likely be as well.

    Way to misquote, dude.

  8. 8

    Oh, by the way the first quote is from BBC november 2010, and the second on from gigwise august 2011. So if anyone reads these comments wants to go searching for those and see what they were REALLY talking about (especially that first quote) then you'll see what they were really talking about.

    It is true they are writing everyday, etc. but the thing about Danger Days is not true.

  9. 9

    Danger Days was an embarrassment. Period. And do they just not have a drummer? How tacky! I used to really like this band. Murder Scene was a great rock album.

  10. 10

    Re: kitkath – I'm guessing you don't know much about how bands work, which is fine, but they have a touring drummer, they wouldn't be able to play without one. you cannot say danger days was not an embarassment "period," just because you don't like something does not mean it is bad, if you're not a huge fan of this band you wouldn't have any idea what their thoughts or opinions are on their music, and why they made the album that they did, either way you should be respectful, if you don't like it, don't listen to it.

  11. 11

    Re: schmeteschmentz – I came on here to say this, so thanks for everyone that did, it's so frustrating when people do not fact check, and post things without knowing anything about the band that they are posting on, especially on a hugely popular website.

  12. 12

    Re: kell23 – *cannot say danger days WAS an embarassment

  13. 13


  14. 14

    Danger Days is a great album and the quotes you cite are related to the album they scrapped NOT Danger Days. MCR is a terrific band and the fact that they are in a good place personally and creatively is great and will hopefully lead to more amazing and inspiring music from them. You really ought to make sure what you are writing is accurate before you try to twist words to knock people who use their talent to inspire others and to help others . Maybe you should do an item about the amazing work they do for the make a wish foundation? Or the way they speak out against violence? Lots of accurate good stuff to say if you want to.