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Pregnant Man Blames Chaz Bono For Not Being Cast On DWTS

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Don't be a sore loser!

Thomas Beatie, aka The Pregant Man, says he reached out to Dancing with the Stars casting producers months ago to get a spot on the upcoming season, but never got a call back.

When he heard that Chaz Bono was cast, Beatie was pis-ed. He thinks that Chaz was the reason he didn't get asked to be on the show because they won't want two transgendered men on the same season. He says:

"Chaz Bono stole my thunder. I wanted to try my new body out. I’m an athlete and I know I would have excelled."

We wish we could watch the two of you dance on the show, but if not this year, we hope you still try out for next season.

[Image via WENN.]

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40 comments to “Pregnant Man Blames Chaz Bono For Not Being Cast On DWTS

  1. 1

    Freak show!!!! yuck

  2. 2

    Every single blog entry on the front page of this site was copied from T Em Z. Unbelievable.

  3. 3

    Rob Kardashian…Thomas Beatie…Nadya Suleman..they're all interchangeable…

  4. 4

    First of all its called DANCING WITH THE STARS. Not Dancing with someone who made it on the news.. And second WHY would Beatie think for ONE min that they would ask him to be on the show? At least Chaz has been on TV, made documentaries and has a famous family. So dude get the fuck over yourself. Idiotstick

  5. 5

    Fat ass Chaz is beyond gross and fugly. Thomas Beatie is quite handsome. Team Beatie!

  6. 6

    Both really fucking scary. No thanks I am sick now.

  7. 7

    They should just change the name to Dancing with Werido's and they should all have at it.

  8. 8

    what makes it think its a star. perhaps thats the reason why. at least chaz had its moms fame to cash in on. too disgusting for words.

  9. 9

    Omg, what's wrong with people? What now SHE thinks she's a celebrity??

  10. 10

    If the critter has female DNA and a functioning uterus, then it is a SHE, and SHE is not a man. It's really that simple. Taking male hormones, having one's breasts removed, and ceasing to shave does not turn a female into a male (nor does having a person's gender "legally" changed). It would be great if we had the technology to make opposite-gender clones of ourselves and be able to move our existing brains into those clones, because then a true gender change would be possible. But until then …

  11. 11

    Chaz Bono was asked to be on DWTS. This guy needed to call them. If D-list DWTS doesn't call you it is best to assume you are not a star.

  12. 12

    This Beatie nut job needs to STFU. Extending it's 15 ninutes is all it's about. You can say pregnant "man" all you want but biologically it was a woman giving birth. Only legaly is it a "man".

  13. 13

    They're both sick freaks. This is why the gay agenda MUST be stopped.

  14. 14

    I'm not exactly sure why this is even close to being "news worthy." Ugh!

  15. 15

    Dancing with the stars has gone down hill… you can hardly classify any of them as "stars" and this pregnant man is the worst excuse of all! You are not a celebrity, nor a star.. you had a small brush at fame because you were a freak of nature…

  16. 16

    Why do you call them MEN? #1 Beatie is not the "first pregnant man" she still has female parts in her lower region and SHE admitted the babies were born NATURALLY meanine vaganally. Chaz was born a female also and also has female parts in the lower region. DNA will show they are females. I am sick at Beatie calling herself a pregnant man. Look up the photos of her from Hawaii as a female. Chaz doesn't make me as ill but she is still a female to me. GOD make us the the sex we were born with, he did not mean for us to change that. I have no issue with the poeple that love the same sex. I see nothing wrong with that. I do see something wrong with trying to shange the parts we were born with. AMost of my friends are gay and I love them dearly. Please people get real on who is really a man or a woman depending on their DNA. Perez Hilton I love you and your website.

  17. 17

    Re: Mad Dog – Mad Dog or Rabid Dog?.. The only thing that needs to be stopped is hatred towards others..if it wasn't for Alan Turing, the gay scientist who broke the Nazi's Enigma code.. WW II might have ended differently.

  18. 18

    since when is having a child a guarantee of a money making venture
    that is just sickening

  19. 19

    Great to see you say the same thing

  20. 20

    Why couldn't they have paired Chaz up with Ron Artest? Ron likes playing with inflated spheres.

  21. 21

    Filthy freaks the 2 of them….

  22. 22

    being an abomination and being on oprah doesnt make you a star!
    both should be euthanized

  23. 23

    You really, really need to thank T em Z for doing the research and finding all the stories you post.

  24. 24

    I want to watch them make love.

  25. 25

    All of you haters need to just go away. As far as Chaz and this other guy, ummmm he needs to get over, even though Chaz isn't as "star" he is closer to being one then he is. Plus..hello since when is many of these people "stars"? Hello, George Clooneys ex is a "star"…think not.

    Go Chaz, even though I may not understand…I support you to live your life proudly and free!

  26. 26

    Just to clear things up for some very stupid people. Chaz and this other person are both female. Neither of them are actually men. Not sure why this is posted. It is a weak attempt for her to get attention.

  27. 27

    He's not on the show cuz…… Its called "Dancing With The Stars" HE'S NOT A STAR! But then again most of the people they have on that show aren't stars and never will be.

  28. 28

    This is no longer dancing with the stars. It should be renamed dancing with the z-listers, because no one of any "celebrity" is on the show anymore. I won't be watching.

  29. 29

    they never called him back maybe because he has never been a celebrity!, neither does chaz but whatevs.. the show is going under with their ¨stars¨

  30. 30

    Nope don't want to see him on DWTS. Would rather see Chaz, just the way things go.

  31. 31

    Those are two fugly people.

  32. 32

    Freakin grossed out!!!! barf!

  33. Mtl23 says – reply to this


    Ummm he is not a star?? Chaz Bono has had records as Chasity… and his parents are Sonny and Cher. This other guy made headlines years ago. Having a baby doesnt make you a star, people do it everyday. and he wasnt completely a man when he did it, he still had his lady parts. So I dont get why he was the pregnant man anyway. They didn't call him because he is not relevant.

  34. 34

    Could that be because he's NOT A CELEBRITY????

  35. 35

    "He" is an egotistical freak. Boring as anything. Chaz is nothing exciting to watch either. I would rather see somebody who can move.

  36. 36

    I suggest they, them, hers, hims or whatever they are battle it out in the ring, 3 rounds, winner gets to dance!!!! Two shows in one!!!

  37. 37

    why does he/she thinks he/she is famous enough to be on the show in the 1st is beyond me. But how can you be a female, change into a male, but still uses the advantages of being a female but still call yourself a male. If you are a male be one all the way.
    I know someone who is a gay guy who dresses like a girl. Then married a gay girl that dresses like a guy & had a baby. & both still considers themselves as gay. what is the world coming to?!

  38. 38

    Haven't watched the show since they had Emmett Smith on (late husband wanted to see it) and see no reason to start watching again.

  39. 39

    not all gay people want to be associated with trangendered people. Loving a same sexed person doesnt make a person want to be a different gender nor does it make a person a freak. The pregnant dude totally grosses me out. Chaz, I can kinda get, but he/she needs a serious diet. Hopefully being on this crappy show will help he/she with that. I think that all the gender twisting gives gays a undeserved bad image. I also think bi's should make up their minds. But thats just me and my opinion and in my opinion I wont watch this show anyway. Both of them gross me out.

  40. 40

    Fame whore much? Just focus on raising your kids god…