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Kathy Griffin Not-So-Subtly Hints That Marcus Bachmann Is Gay

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So, the guy likes to cuddle up with "potential candidates" during his conversion therapy sessions of the gays! That doesn't mean that he's gay himself…LOLz.

Check out the video (above) of Kathy Griffin blatantly slyly calling out Marcus Bachmann for being gay, while on The Late Late Show last night.

Do U agree with Kathy Griffin? Or do U think Michele Bachmann's husband is 100% heterosexual???

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30 comments to “Kathy Griffin Not-So-Subtly Hints That Marcus Bachmann Is Gay”

  1. 1

    Of course he is gay.
    Whenever you see a man, especially a Republican man that goes out of his way to prove that he is super manly and heterosexual and that he is staunchly anti-gay, 9 times out of 10 they turn out to be banging little boys.

  2. 2

    bully bully bully. i dunno..is will smith gay? travolta, cruise. go out them perez…oh thats right….they have the right politics.

    your hate defines and consumes you….

  3. 3

    The Bachmann's sex life is best left between the Bachm anns. Its no wonder so may gay professionals stay in the closet when they know the topic is just fodder for comedians and gossip sources. Its a shame those sources cant work more productively toward making this a country where sexuality is a non-issue.

  4. 4

    WHO CARES! I don't get why so many people out there feel like people need to publicly define their sexuality. I could care less whether he likes peen or the vajayjay. It has no effect on me.

  5. 5

    ofcourse you will go after him.he a republican. Hes not a liberal. If a conservative does this thatn you call him a hate monger, but its okay the other way around. wy doesnt she go after Obama..he feels teh same way about gays…oh, that tight, cause hes a democrat..got it. you arguments would have sunstance if you were so bias and one sided. Perez, ever you make Kathy look hot. Arnt gay men supposed to look some what decent. You are an embarassment to them. and to gay peeps all over.

  6. 6

    It doesn't matter. No ones sexuality matters, it has no relation to their job, their families jobs, their politics or their favourite sandwich. Anything that tries to make a persons sexuality an issue damages the acceptance of homosexuality and underlines the idea that homosexuality is something to be ashamed of.

  7. 7

    probably gay, i'd question her too — though more worrisome is that she reminds me of Adolph Hitler

  8. 8

    Kathy does not give a rat's ass about gays. She created her jokes to attract gay fans and it worked. I saw Kathy G in DC and she promised the veteran gay man that she would chain herself to the white house fence with him but did NOT. She latter remarked on her show that she knew when he asked her that she had another appt and could not but KG LIED to the gay veteran and ALL of us in the crowd. Kathy also in one of her shows claimed Sarah Palin was mad her her about Bristol who is not a child but we all saw Kathy knock Willow the underage daughter on New Year's Eve with Anderson Cooper. Kathy lies to fit her situation to make herself appear to be a gay advocate. Kathy Griffin USES GAY PEOPLE FOR PROFIT. I will not waste my money on her lies anymore. There are REAL celebs that truly support our gay causes. We do not need this phony.

  9. 9

    For all the haters of Perez's question, he is asking for good reason. Michelle Bachman thinks being gay is wrong. And she is actively against homosexuallity. Her husband used to work with gay poeple to try to convert them to be straight. In my opinion, Perez's question is valid.

  10. 10

    I'm waiting for the queen of mean to pick on Chaz Bono's weight like she did Bristol Pailin. She's a self centered pig.

  11. 11

    wthour her large gay following she'd be nothing and nowhere

  12. buck says – reply to this


    Liberals are hilarious…if they spent half the time thinking about how the economy works instead of sophomoric gossip and inuendo's this country and their lives would be much better off. But I guess liberals do give us something to laugh at.

  13. 13

    Re: BethyOH – Exactly!!!! It's not being a homosexual that would be the problem but instead the hypocricy of his actions. This is not some regular man with a beard for a wife, it's a man who claims that homosexuality is a mental disease that he is able to cure through conversion therapy. It is crazy, the amount of openly-homophobic republican politicians who have been busted as undercover homosexuals.. their sexuality is irrelevant until they become complete hypocrites.

  14. 14

    Re: tallguy10

    Are you an idiot? Bachmann and her feminine guy are running for president.

  15. 15

    Michelle Bachmann wants to destroy the separation of church and state. She needs to be destroyed. LOVE YOU KATHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. 16


  17. 17


  18. 18

    Finally, some Craig Ferguson on this site and you didn't even mention him by name. Craig is the funniest man on TV and deserves a lot more online coverage.

    Craig and Kathy got along great and, yes, Marcus Bachmann is obviously a gay man in denial, even to himself. Sad.

  19. 19

    What the fuck business is it of yours? Kathy griffin is your source?!!? She quit being funny a long time agc, now she's just an evil skank.

  20. yeez says – reply to this


    Re: glamourextra – Exactly. It contributes to the idea that homosexuality is in some way a deviant behavior. Attempting to out everyone is hypocritical when gays are asking for people to respect their sexuality.

  21. 21

    I am so sick of people thinking they are "outing" people they ASSume are gay. It's time for straights to stand tall and let the whole world know that not EVERYONE who is a Republican is gay or bi or trans or whatever. The gays want respect? Then tell people like Kathy to shut the fuck up and let people be who they are.

  22. 22

    Re: BethyOH – How is the question valid? It's NO ONE'S business, why are gays trying so hard to "out" people. How many people would be offended if someone asked Mario if he was a "sexual deviant"? That's a valid question, but oh no we can't ask that, because it's Mario, but it's OK to say his question to Bachmann's husband is valid? Two way street here.

  23. 23

    I agree The Bachmann dude is as gay as they come. No straight guy would earn his living been around gays. No that there is anything wrong with been a gay as long as you keep your mouth shut abought gays or simply come out. Go Cathy go

  24. 24

    I don't know WHO Bachmann thinks he is kidding. (Other than his dumb-ass wife.)

  25. 25

    Kathy is a 100% self made success story unlike Donald Trump. A true American patriot.

  26. 26

    bobo, the reason Bachman is being called out on his pretty obvious homosexuality is because he is yet another hypocrite that is against gay rights.

  27. 27

    Thanks for deleting my post Perez. I will say again, you're a hypocritical asshole for calling people out on their sexuality even if you try to do it in form of a question. This is the same shit you condemn school children for when it comes down to teasing and you are a grown man. Don't worry about what someone's sexual orientation is and stop pressuring people to "come out of the closet" and stop teasing the the people who you think could be. Clay Aiken, Wentworth Miller, NPH, Lance Bass, and the list goes on. It is not your place to scrutinize someone's decision, and it sure as hell is not your choice to out them. Stop making fun of people, you're a grown man who knows better, act like it.

  28. 28

    Well if he is gay I feel sorry for Michelle waisting her time with a man that doesn't appreciate a reach around from a woman. Although if he is gay he can teach her how to go down on a man properly. It's an art that women just don't do that well anymore.

  29. 29

    Re: boston61 – Michele's husband is running for president? This is the first I've heard of the Bachmann/Bachmann ticket. If Michele's husband is gay, 1) I don't care and 2) He could a fabulous First Husband. I bet MB can throw some marvelous parties that will be the talk of the town for months. He also may have a flair for decorating and can make the White House avant-guard, with a touch of Warhol's Velvet Underground. MB will make jumping on Lincoln's bed and wet cigars look so passe.

  30. 30

    I absolutely LOVE it when people (majority of them seem to be men) come on to a "Celebrity Gossip" site and slam both the writters of the site and the commenting readers for being 'catty, petty, ect' for talking about the subject when they, themselves took the time to come to the site, read the article AND comment! Guess you showed Mario, huh? Sick Burn. Is it just me that notices that the people that treat the word 'liberal' like a four letter word can't seem to spell their well thought out, hate filled comments? Bachmann ignores the economy, jobs and education to shove sexuality to the forefront of this election and idiots are lapping it up and asking "Please mam, may I have another frontal labotomy?" Her hubby can take his conversion therapy and shove it right up his caucus! Kathy is a comedian, not a news anchor so relax, turn off the Fox news and go read a book if you're so "above" Perez Hilton. If you hate it, why are you here? Just food for thought for the cerebrally anorexic.