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156 comments to “Little Monsters! GaGa Releases Another Video For Yoü And I

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  1. 101

    Its not a music video, the 5 extra videos are FASHON videos and, judging by the first one, will show video footage of a fashion shoot featuring various characters from the You and I video. Nymph-ga is so lovely and ethereal, wonder which one she will do next? My money is on Jo ;o)

  2. 102

    Re: MsJules
    If you had such a more productive life than the people you are attacking, then why does the number of your postings on here and on this site outnumber the average posting of the rest of these commentators 12:1? Why do you feel the need to put a disclaimer in your profile to your "haters"? Seriously? As if anyone really takes you seriously? Girl, bye!

  3. 103

    Re: suzyelizabeth
    How is watching any of these videos being shoved down your throat? You can watch them at your own free will…or not. You took the time to watch it and then comment about some imaginary force shoving it down your throat.

  4. 104

    Re: Klou84 – Gaga's ”album of the decade” IS a huge flop. The mutton hog can release 20 videos of her Elton John tribute cover 'You and I' and it'll still flop. Kinda sad, really. ;-)

  5. 105

    Re: Vigilant Phantom
    Nice little jab at my post. Yes, other people may be hitting the refresh button as well, but they're not the ones telling others they need to get a life. Ms. Jules doesn't HAVE to respond back to everyone who comments on her posts, but if she wants to preach about her freedom to express her opinions, then she needs to realize other people are free to argue them. You know, if you're going to attempt to take on a whole room, at least show some some maturity & intelligence in your comments. And yes, people have heard of V Magazine. No need to show your ignorance just because you haven't.

  6. 106

    fashion video….she wore one outfit and did terrible improvisational i guess we could call it "ballet" moves, as well as tackily lifted up her skirt for an attempt at shock value. put some real fashion in here!

  7. 107

    Re: Sissy Burden – Why do I always feel so sorry for you?? lol

  8. 108

    Wake Up People!!!!…..There has never been such an intelligent creative artistic woman in the entertainment industry……….. such as Lady Gaga

  9. 109

    Re: ArseLickMcBumJum – are you sad because nobody likes you?

  10. 110

    Re: Hilton Is A Self-Sucker – at least she is not sitting at her computer bashing other people because she hates herself like you do.

  11. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: monsterlove – Well, yes, there has been; but anyway, she does look quite lovely in the above pic.

  12. china says – reply to this


    it won`t make the song any better or more successful. crap stays crap. flop is flop. 1000000 videos won`t change that.
    ehm? nymp? a nymph is a goddess - not to mix up with a butterface with saggy tits…

  13. IVIV says – reply to this


    Re: Ivybby – she's flopping like a fish out of water, figures she'd try & literally act that out in this pathetic video lol

  14. IVIV says – reply to this


    Re: MsJules – I'm sure Jason, along with all her other blind little monsters, will be first in line to buy her "blood & semen" (her words, not mine) scented perfume as soon as it's released lol

  15. IVIV says – reply to this


    Re: MsJules – there are a few usernames on here that all say they have written for Billboard lol I assume it's all the same person. They all sound like eachother & always stick up for Gaga, & back "eachother" (themself) up lol

  16. 116

    "Why do I always feel so sorry for you?? lol "
    Sounds like a personal problem.

  17. 117

    Re: IVIV
    And how many screennames do you have? Yeah..the elementary prose and fawning over Christina with your tired conspiracy theories always gives you away. :)

  18. IVIV says – reply to this


    Re: Sissy Burden – I have one, which is all I need. As opposed to however many you have, & your attempted reasoning for having more than one lol. (which btw, you only admitted to having after you accidentally replied under a username different than you obviously intended to). different screen names for different computers? good one. logical. totally not loser/no life-ish at all lol

  19. 119

    Re: IVIV
    Don't get mad at me because you can't afford more than one computer, Jaime22. I have no problem admitting I'm more than one person, but unlike you, I don't respond to my myself, high-fiving myself like you do. But it sure didn't take you long to respond to my comment, did it? See you're hanging around the GaGa posts again with your interesting "theories." Guess it's pretty much dead up in the X-tina posts, huh?

  20. IVIV says – reply to this


    Re: Sissy Burden – lol you accusing me of being "Jamie22" doesn't prove I am that person. Infact, we could call it one of your FAVORITE things…a conspiracy theory! This is the only username I have on this site. Summon the powers & see if posts from "Jamie22" & I come from the same computer, I assure you they won't. It's highly unlikely that person even lives in the same state as me. Didn't you also once accuse me of being "MsJules"? or was that someone else? & by someone else I mean another one of your many usernames lol & you're replying to me just as quickly, so I fail to see your point in bringing that up lol i'm not the one with god knows how many usernames on here. & like I said before, you only admitted to having more than one username when you accidentally replied using the wrong one. Don't act like you came out & just said it lol you were replying under the same post, in the same conversation to "MsJules", under 2 (that we know of…) usernames. talk about "high-fiving" yourself.

  21. IVIV says – reply to this


    Re: Sissy Burden – reading back over the first page I read "MsJules" said it was Friday in one of her replies. You're telling me this was posted on Friday & you're still on here, hitting refresh on your multiple usernames on multiple computers lol on MONDAY? do you just sit at home with your "multiple computers" (that I "can't afford" lol) & go back & forth hitting refresh & "high fiving yourself"? lol you sound so cool. are all "Billboard writers" as cool as you?

  22. 122

    Re: IVIV
    Bitch, please! Where am I high-fiving myself? I switched from one use to another on two different computers in two different places at least 2 hours apart that day. I don't care if I got caught. I even admitted the error to help ease confusion. You act like I think this is how identify myself in real life. Hell, I'll make one up on the spot if I forget my password to my other ones. you really must be touched in the brain. And the reason I brought up your immediacy in posting is because, look at your last 5 comments, idiot box! They're all in GaGa posts! I don't even spend that much time in peoples' post that I don't care about. You must hang around here waiting for her fans to say something so you can have something stupid to say about how she's copying Floptina. You're fucking obsessed and have been fucking obsessed with her for a good damn year. If you want to talk about bringing up proof, bring up proof where Lady GaGa is on Billboard's, Rolling Stone's, and/or Perez' payroll, as you so eloquently stated in the past. Bring up where GaGa is flopping all over the place. I'm sure you know because "you read it somewhere." Dumbass.

  23. IVIV says – reply to this


    Re: Sissy Burden – my "last 5 comments" are all in this post lol not 5 seperate Gaga posts. The only reason I created a username on this site was to defend certain celebrities against the bias & to help bring the bias to light. If you haven't noticed, that's why a lot of people are here. Just like you're here defending Gaga. There's a whole lot of bias all over the Gaga posts, hence my comments in them. Now obviously I'm not on here as often as you & your multiple personalities/usernames, but I think, judging from your actions…multiple usernames…memorizations of commentors & the stories they tend to comment on or celebs they stick up for…the TIME FRAME since they registered/showed up on the site…constantly calling people names like "dumbass", "moron", "idiot" in your replies & often accusing others of being the same person (when all the while you have multiple usernames lol that's rich!), you might be a little more "obsessed" than I on here lol & you can call me all the names you want if it makes you feel better. You're spending at the LEAST the same amount of time in this post as I currently am (even though you've been here since Friday, & I just came here today, Monday…) & you defend Gaga as I defend other celebs for ex: Christina, so I don't quite know what you think you're getting at with that one

  24. 124

    Re: IVIV
    Aww..how cute! You created a screenname to defend Xtina against the bias on this post by doing what? Creating more bias on this site. As if you're really the special recipient of TRUTH here. As if you really think you accomplished your mission. As if anyone even takes you seriously. You kind of have to sound smart to do that, dear. And I actually came BACK here since Friday, not been here since Friday. Big difference, genius! And you can look at any other GaGa story other than this one, and look, there you are. And I wouldn't have to keep calling you a moron and dumbass, if you didn't keep responding like one, you dumbass moron.

  25. IVIV says – reply to this


    Re: Sissy Burden – lol you realize everything you said could apply to you as well, right "genius"? When did I say I was any "special recipient of truth"? I could ask you the same questions. This is the comment section smart one, it was created for our opinions whether they are positive or negative. You're doing the SAME thing I am, just sticking up for Gaga instead of Xtina. If that makes me a "dumbass"…like I said…everything you're saying can be applied to you as well lol What else are you here for? Is there only 1 valid reason one can be here? Who cares what I have to say? Who cares what YOU, or any of us here have to say? lol You respond to what you want. You're doing the same thing here as I am. You just like Gaga & I don't. Calling me stupid won't make you any more wise, & lets not forget you're the one with multiple usernames on multiple computers lol you're here to defend your precious Gaga. How equally "CUTE".

  26. 126

    Re: IVIV
    Shouldn't your session be up at the public library computer lab? You're going to have to do a lot better than the "multiple computer" comments to get to me, dear. I have no shame or regret for what happened. Don't put me in the same category as you. I DON'T do what you do. I hate Katy Perry, but I don't go into every Katy Perry post and make up theories about her, and then try to have the last word with everyone who challenges my theories. But you're so totally convinced that GaGa is on some pact to destroy X-tina's career, and will post the most lame shit out your ass that I have to wonder if you're quite sane or not. And honestly, I don't give a shit what you think. But I will challenge what you think, and if you can't handle that, perhaps you should post somewhere where the comments are much more closely monitored for being uber-friendly and politically correct. Your replies are quite humorous and I'm only using you right now for cheap laughs.

  27. 127

    Re: Sissy Burden – LMAO.. I clicked on my Perez Posse page to update it, and figured I'd check back to see if you were still here throwing a temper tantrum, and low and behold you are. And so are many other people, who for some delusional reason seem to think I am a Xtina or Britney fan, in which case I am neither. But your posts just scream hypocrisy and when you are called out on them, you go on attack mode and switch to using insults, which i find hilarious. For you to think I do not have another computer is really stupid. I just choose not to go home in my free time and log back on here when I have a million better things to do. And whether or not my picture is on my page, has nothing to do with anything, especially nothing relative to this topic- so it seems once again, you have nothing valid to say. Throughout the entire conversation with IVIV you cannot prove them wrong, and all you do is try to lash out with little digs and pathetic attempts at insults, while they completely shoot down your entire arguments, its actually pretty funny. And who are you to tell me how many times and that i don't have to respond to everyone who comments to me? Because I am positive that any time ANYONE writes to you, you respond to them, NUMEROUS times in fact. You are such a hypocrite.

  28. 128

    Re: madonna is shit – Your posts are just stupid. LOL you talk all this nonsence about Britney Spears, yet have her as your avatar- how does that make any sense? And for the record, i don't know why you are spewing stupid facts to me about Britney, like I have EVER said anything about being a fan of hers, becasue surely I am not. For you to assume that anyone who doesn't like Gaga is a Spears fan, is just ridiculous- and therefore all the rest of your "arguments" to me, are invalid. And PS.. GAGA would be ashamed of the nonsence you spew.

  29. 129

    Re: Klou84 – Is that the best you've got? Well for one, I'm pretty sure I am not opening my mouth, I'm typing with my fingers, and I can type and write anything I want to, so you can stay pressed about it. Obviously you felt the need to not post your own opinion, but instead dedicate the time to respond to me, with some lame ass comment, So thanks honey!

  30. 130

    Re: CaritaDeCleopatra – lol.. you must be what, 13 years old? You don't comprehend and cannot follow a simple conversation. You'll be the first in line to buy gagas new perfume that smells like semen and blood wont you?

  31. 131

    Re: Sissy Burden – I thought Gaga was around to promote goodness and light and fluffy bunnies…not bullying and name-calling. Aren't you supposed to follow your Mother Monsters beliefs? You really aren't promoting anything she "stands" for with this rant you started.

  32. 132

    Re: TwistinMySobriety – Actually, You don't have to click refresh a lot of times when involved in a conversation. Basic intelligence would show that when you respond to someone (especially the particular person I was conversing with) they typically refresh and respond relatively quickly, so when you refresh the page 30 minutes later, it's no surpise that there would be a response. You are a frequent commenter, so Id assume youd know this by now, but I guess not.

  33. 133

    Re: blaakq
    Who in the hell said she was my spokesperson? I don't answer to her any more than you answer to your favorite artists. Sorry, but that was pretty lame on your part.

  34. 134

    Re: MsJules
    Didn't you post a temper tantrum to me on your last day of work last week before you stormed off from your little desk job? Didn't you and aren't you still insulting people as well? You didn't update nothing..you came back to check to see who responded to you so can continue your snarky attacks to each and every one of them. And then you have the nerve to throw around the word "hypocrisy." No wonder the State of California is bankrupt; they're churning out idiots like you out into the real world. And sorry, but when did IVIV shoot me down? I must have missed that part, or it must be part of your imagination, you know, like how you thought/think you shot/you're shooting me and others down. Don't forget to look over your shoulder when you post your next reply. I'm sure your employer just loves the fact that their entire bandwidth is being used for you to lurk around Perez Hilton all day long.

  35. 135

    Re: Sissy Burden – Actually the only lame thing I've seen is how you've been on this tirade since Friday (and requiring a 2nd acct for Perez Hilton…seriously, save your password if you aren't using a public computer). I actually came back today to see if you were still here posting. Thanks for the entertainment.

  36. 136

    Re: blaakq
    Been on this tirade since Friday? Um, look around, dear! I'm not the only one. But I'm glad I was much more entertaining that you personally sought me out. Looks like now we have a mutual interest in one another. :)

  37. 137

    Re: Sissy Burden – I read most of your posts and just find myself thinking, wow she/he can't be serious. And I did change my page, you study it daily, so I am surprised you didn't notice! bwhaha. You are very predictable, I can pretty much figure out how you are going to respond prior to you even responding. Judging by how much time you have on your hands, it appears your "billboard" job didn't quite pan out for ya did it? LOL, perhaps you are jealous of my "little desk job" because most likely you are unemployed. I am sorry that you cannot comprehend the fact that people are allowed to take breaks from work. Once again, you bring up irrelevant ass topics. California's debt crisis has NOTHING to do with me, I am not a politician, I do not decide where to allocate funds, all I do is pay taxes, so If anything, I am ACTUALLY helping California, I am not out collecting welfare, wic and unemployment, I am actually a productive member of society who does my part to contribute financially to our economy. Please respond with something less remedial.

  38. 138

    Re: blaakq
    PS. This isn't FB, dear. There's really no need for me to keep passwords lying around for a site that occupies less than 5 % of my day. Sound like you're the one taking this site much more serious.

  39. 139

    Re: Sissy Burden – Dear, I never brought up FB. That was you, or RabbitHeart, or whomever else you are. I believe you mentioned wanting to use a FB name or something like that. I can't really remember & it isn't important. I just know when you go to a website and it requires a password, it asks if you want it to remember it. Such a simple solution to not being able to remember it, for those of us who don't comment regularly, but rather come often to read the comments. And for the record, I would never take this website seriously.

  40. 140

    Re: MsJules
    Little billboard job? Do you know anything about Billboard? It's a trade magazine, not a job. People submit articles to Billboard all the time. Less than a handful are chosen, so yes, it DID pan out for me. And I certainly doubt I would be jealous of your menial desk job since I'm self-employed, and have my OWN desk and own computer. I would love to see your face if your boss ever decides to run a scan on your internet activity. I'm pretty sure they would love to see what a total kunt you've been while on the clock. If anyone is predictable, it's you. All I have to do is prey on your weaknesses–the things that get to you each and every time which anyone on here who has argued with you already know what they are–and you'll be blowing a gasket at the end of your shift of being an employee.

  41. 141

    Re: blaakq
    Who cares if you didn't bring it up? It's called a comparison. If I cared about maintaining this site like I do with other accounts, I would keep my passwords handy or stick with one screenmane. So really..what is your point?

  42. 142

    Re: Sissy Burden – Self employed…. LOL! Like I thought.. you are unemployed. My menial desk job? LOl! You don't even know what I do, nor is it relevant, but I assure you it is hardly menial and I assure you it is necessary to my organization. Not everyone has to havea BIG BROTHER follow them around on the job. An organization that wants to promote employee wellness and happines knows that as long as the work is done on time and done correctly, a few breaks does not diminish the work quality. I am sorry you fail to see that one can be a productive member of society and a work place, all while enjoying themselves. Kunt? How cute, you name call and change the first letter in order to not seem like such a raging bitch. too bad it didn't work. WOW you said you WORKED as a writer for Billboard in posts before, and now you you are recanting that? LOL typical. So now you just submitted an article and it was chosen- hmm where is this article- Id love to see it!

  43. 143

    Re: MsJules
    No, I changed the wording of kunt so that it would make it past the censors. Regardless if it's a "c" or a "k," you're still a kunt! And if your employer wants to promote wellness and happiness, they're not doing a good job, because nothing about you screams "happy." And my exact words about my writing for Billboard was actually this,"So who am I? I have actually written pieces for Billboard and various other music publications, which probably trumps your "published authorship.". Nowhere in that post does it say I was employed by them. Do they not teach reading in California? You don't even understand how the Billboard charts work, the very thing that started this argument, so why you even need to see what I've written, Ms. Published Author, whose work has yet to be seen? God, you're just too easy, but I'm pretty sure you hear that all the time.

  44. 144

    Re: Sissy Burden – Just like I thought…. there are no articles for billboard or other music publications. Posting comments in their forums does not equate to an article. LOL

  45. 145

    Re: MsJules
    You're right…they don't have "articles." They have features/columns/news/chart info, etc. But I made you look. ROFL

  46. 146

    Re: Sissy Burden – I actually didn't look.. Idiot. I go to Billboard on Thursdays. You are beginning to sound kind of like a stalker.. first u make statments that insinuate you've studied my perez posse page, then you want to get allin depth regarding my work place, and now you are claiming you can see my actions, you are a creeper for sure.

  47. 147

    Re: MsJules
    Who said I was tracking your online activity? I just made an assumption that you checked out Billboard online, which btw, the online BB and the printed BB are very much different (the printed version is more business/industry and less gossip). And who doesn't read peoples' past activity on here or check out their profiles? I only got that you post from work and that you live in Cali and other information about you from YOU! I personally don't care who you are, but a real stalker clever enough could probably find out a lot more about you as much as you post about yourself. If I wanted to give you any friendly advice on here, I would say you really shouldn't.

  48. IVIV says – reply to this


    Re: Sissy Burden – you "don't try to have the last word"? seems you've been doing exactly that for the past…5 days now? lol & not just with me. I'm "gonna have to do a lot better than multiple username comments to get to you"? you're the 1 who, judging from your comments to myself & others, always tries to turn this into a personal thing. That's your defense mechanism when someone pisses you off lol you insult, Call names, tell them they are stupid, say they have no life because they are on here (just as you are, except we don't have a handful of usernames like you do) imply they must be poor/have a less than stellar job (compared to yours at Billboard, of course) & that we are jealous that you have more than 1 computer lol (what are we on the playground at recess?) Do you feel wise & empowered arguing with 20 somethings on perez hilton comments for days on end? You're going to try & imply I am lame because I stick up for Xtina, but you aren't by sticking up for Gaga? you think it's different because you claim to only EXCLUSIVELY respond on Gaga posts? lol I already told you why I'm here, because of bias/to defend, which is the same reason you're here. You constantly tell other commentors how "stupid" they are, but you fail to make some pretty basic connections. don't get too heated old timer, it's just the internet.

  49. IVIV says – reply to this


    Re: Sissy Burden – it's also comical you claim this website takes up maybe "5% of your day". Anyone who read your responses to me just yesterday in which you proved to have multiple usernames which you log on different computers in different places during different times of the day, memorize how long it's been since I started posting on this site & the stories I post on, the celebs you claim certain people/usernames are "obsessed" with, the content of my comments over the past year (or like you like to call them, conspiracy theories)…can tell 5% is a bit of an understatement.

  50. 150

    Re: IVIV
    When did I "memorize" your online activity? I merely said you been on here for a good year or so with your lame theories. I never stated the date and time you first signed on. You must have gone to the Ms. Jules School of Self-Flattery if you think I'm concerned about when you're on here. Also, I also pointed out that you're in what seems like every GaGa post because that's where I have been arguing with you in them for a good year now. Don't pretend this is the first time we've been at this, nor am I the only one who has. I'm pretty sure you can name several other people who are notorious for their postings on here. Don't try put it on me that I'm the obsessed one. Lame!
    And it's the same back and forth shit, too. I say something to you, you respond twisting my words because you think you're being clever that way, and then I have to repeat what I said because you didn't get it right the first time. It's not that hard to forget people on here that I've talked to any more than it isn't hard for you to remember everything Lady GaGa or her fans ever said–something you seem to be rather good at. It doesn't take me that long to write out a response to you. Hardly time consuming. And if I'm the one defensive, then why do you all keep responding? I find it entertaining for the most part, and if you didn't give me a reason to call you names, I wouldn't have to. You're a big girl! I'm sure you can take it.

  51. 151

    Re: Sissy Burden
    PS. Perez is a blogger, not a journalist. He can have any bias he wants. Don't like it, go to another site that will accommodate YOUR bias.

  52. 152

    Re: Sissy Burden – another attempt to talk to yourself? You failed to switch computers ;)

  53. 153

    Re: MsJules
    Another failed attempt at a comeback. Just admit you're not good at this.

  54. IVIV says – reply to this


    Re: MsJules – lmao.

  55. 155

    Re: MsJules
    Refresh, Resmesh! Totally irrelevant and insignificant at this point, as far as I'm concerned (and has nothing to do with basic intelligence SMH) You OBVIOUSLY missed the whole point of my post, because you still don't know when the hell to shut up! I'll let you keep flaming on, girl!

  56. 156

    Re: TwistinMySobriety – nobody missed anything, turd. now sit down and take another sip. lolZ!!

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