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Billy Corgan Doesn't Seem To Like Transgenders

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Billy Corgan Angry Transgender

Such a shame, too!

Musically speaking, the Smashing Pumpkins singer is a genius. We love Ava Adore, Disarm, Tonight Tonight, Eye, etc..

Compassionately speaking, we've lost hope with this one.

Back in the 90s, Billy Corgan stormed out of a concert 30 minutes into it after smashing his guitar on the stage.

And of course the whole rumor of infatuation with Courtney Love thing never made sense, but what we're about to tell you is what REALLY disappoints us with Billy.

After transgendered Devi Ever complained about Billy failing to pay her for the custom bass peddle she crafted, Billy took to Facebook with a marathon of hate:

you ugly piece of sh*t…if i ever run into you, anywhere, at anytime, for as long as i live, i will knock your fucking lights out. don’t ever come near me, and if i hear even one more peep out of you in public about me, or the band, or the members of the band, i am gonna sue you for so much you’ll never be able to afford so much as to even make a f*cking guitar cable.

He also tweeted about the incident (calling her a he/she, which is considered transbashing), but then deleted them later.

Ever then responded to his rant with some heavy words of her own:

you f*cked up, you know it, so eat sh*t, shut the f*ck up and accept you’ve attacked someone who tried to HELP YOU. but addicts and self-destructive people like you who HATE THEMSELVES must turn their hate out. if this is what you have to do to not kill your unhappy self, well then i’d say it was a wise decision. beyond that, you are f*cking lame, dumb, and so so ugly.


Ever later lamented her mirroring retaliation by YouTubing:

instead of being a whiny bitch on [the Smashing Pumpkins message boards] I should have gone for a hike, cooled off, then spoken with Billy privately about my disappointments with his reactions / non-reaction to my pedals over the years, but I still don’t think that excuses Billy for going as far as he did in retaliation, and I’d still greatly appreciate if Billy apologized via Twitter, and perhaps donate to a trans-rights organization

Way to be the bigger person, girl!

But back to Billy, dayum son! Why are you so pissed?

Hmm, maybe it has to do with his 2005 incident. He wrote a LiveJournal entry about almost screwing a transgendered until he found out what was under the panties! When word got around, he said he physically threatened to break both her arms and legs if she said another word of it.

Ummm, yeah…. that could be the reason. But it's definitely not an excuse!

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  1. 101

    Re: yagmai – actually if you decide to hate an entire community on what Perez of all people writes, it only reflects poorly on your character, not the entire LGBT's.

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