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Lil' Wayne Breaks A New Record With The Digital Sales Of Tha Carter IV!

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Congratulations are in order for Lil' Wayne!

Jay-Z and Kanye recently broke the iTunes store's single-week album sales record with their collaborative album, Watch the Throne, but now, the aforementioned rapper's latest, Tha Carter IV, has topped that with over 300,000 downloads in the first FOUR days of its release!

Furthermore, with the digital and physical sales combined, it's predicted to move over 850,000 copies!

So impressive!

We guess he's still got it!

Can't wait to see how this continues to do! Well done, Weezy!

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19 comments to “Lil' Wayne Breaks A New Record With The Digital Sales Of Tha Carter IV!”

  1. 1


  2. 2

    aGAIN! fUCKING RIGHT!! For all you NON BELIEVERS out there! Fuck Jay..And Kanye jocking ass!! Its always been Wayne!!

  3. 3

    850,000 people who listen to this social degenerate who makes "so-called" music.

  4. 4

    further proof the US has no taste

  5. 5

    Re: frankb
    Thank you!

  6. 6

    Re: frankb – Exactly. And given iSimplyDGAF's foul mouth posts, it's pretty evident that Wayne's fans are of sub zero intelligence as well.

  7. 7

    Re: Meggie246524 – LOL..My intelligence is NOT measured by what I choose to post on a gossip site..AND CLEARLY since you seem to take my personal thoughts to heart, I'm assuming that you are pretty much CLUELESS about anything dealing with hip hop.LAUGH OUT LOUD. OH YEAHHHH..Since you think my words are sooooo foul.. (believe me thats PG-13) I'll say it to you as well…FUCK YOU. (holds up middle finger) Just for you! Its real nice, I got it at Target!

  8. 8

    Like all you on here that are HATING…Like NEWSFLASH in case you havent realized it yet..HIP HOP RUNS THE MUSIC INDUSTRY. If anything DOESNT appeal to the HIP HOP community then its irrelevant PERIOD. GET RIGHT OR GET LEFT. You can say whatever..post whatever..feel whatever..But IT IS WHAT IT IS. LOL don't be upset..PLEASEEEE don't be upset. Take it at face value..accept it..GET OVER IT. DAMN. NEXT!!!

  9. 9

    and one more thing..CHECK MY NAME..I SIMPLY DONT GIVE A FUCK…and you are?? o.O?

  10. yeez says – reply to this


    850,000 white suburban kids can now blast the worst excuse for music that I have ever heard from their Jettas as they pull into their high school parking lot every morning.

  11. 11

    Admit, there are some good songs on this one. Jay-Z and Kanye……..BLAH……talk some Tech N9ne would you?

  12. 12

    Re: yeez – LOL!!! That was good!

  13. 13

    "the aforementioned" — Please, you're nauseating. Stop being a poser to the power of 12.

  14. 14

    Re: frankb – No, Frank, they have an average IQ of 90 and will believe whatever bloggers like this tool feed them for breakfast. Ya feed people shit long enough they begin to like it.

  15. 15

    Re: FloridaRocks – oh lord, could you imagine perez talking Tech? i'd rather see 100 posts about wayne then to see him even try to talk n9ne.

  16. 16

    In my opinion Watch The Throne was a much better album than Tha Cartver IV, but as Re: FloridaRocks – said, Lil Wayne speaks to a suburban demographic, to high school kids who think they are hard, when they are actually really ridiculous, these individuals also make up a lot of the online downloaders. Some stuff by Lil Wayne is good, this album was a let down for me.

  17. 17

    Lil' Wayne is best ever

  18. 18

    Re: iSimplyDGAF – ermm, buddy. i'm not sure if you have looked at a map of the United States in recent timing. However there are 48 other states besides New York and California. Country music is the dominant seller among categories for music, not hip hop. Hip Hop is not relevant to relatively 65% of the country. #teamHOV

  19. 19

    Woot Weezy F Baby!!!Blows some other peoples "Album of the decade" right out of the water LOL