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Clarissa Explains It All - About Chaz Bono's DWTS Stint!

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After all these years - she's still just as logical as the character for which she became famous!

Melissa Joan Hart, who was also a contestant on Dancing With The Stars, is speaking out about the controversy surrounding Chaz Bono's inclusion on the latest edition of the reality competition, and she can't figure out the big effing deal is!

She says:

“I don’t even think that’s relevant. You’ve had elderly people, you have teenagers, dancers, people who have never been in front of a camera, and you’ve had a woman with one leg. I mean, you have a lot of challenges there. I don’t think being transgendered is really a challenge. He is a notable person, and an icon’s son, or daughter, or whatever, and I think that that’s going to draw a lot of attention. He wrote a book, people follow him on Twitter, it’s like, the people who are on that show are fascinating and they have a large draw. The casting directors there do a great job of drawing in people. And also, recreating careers. That show, while people may go in and you may not have heard about them much or recently, I mean look at Jennifer Grey – people’s careers are revived on there. I don’t know that this show [Melissa & Joey] would have happened if I wasn’t on it. I think it showed ABC Family that there was still a draw for me. So I feel that it helped my career in a way. People are really shocked by it [the newest cast], I guess. They’re getting a lot of reality stars which is interesting. I think there’s a blurred line right now between celebrity and star. Celebrity used to be star used to be talent, used to be based on something. Now, celebrity is based on whoever’s talked about and whoever’s most ridiculous. People are always like, You’re a child star who made it through, and how did you do it ? And you’re like, ‘You just don’t hear about the good ones.’ There are a lot of good ones. ABC Family has a lot of them — Candace Cameron, Molly Ringwald — these people that are still working, have families, have a life, but have managed to stay out of the public eye and maintain some sort of integrity. But they’re boring, so you don’t hear about them. Someone should do an article on the most boring people in Hollywood and then you’d find us. But I keep saying, I’m like one controversial issue away from a movie career. Like, if I just had a DUI or a drug bust or acted erratically on an airplane, the next thing you know, Paramount is knocking on my door and I have a five-picture deal.”

Ha! She makes some pretty HIGHlarious points!

Who sees a Funny or Die spoof of her as an adult Clarissa saying the exact same stuff? We do!

It would be AH-mazing!

Thanks for speaking out, gurl, and really putting a lot of the nonsense surrounding Chaz in perspective! It was only a matter of time before they cast a transgendered person - and we couldn't have thought of a better choice!

Everyone needs to RELAX and get used to it!

God forbid they see a real-life one and, GASP, realize that they're just a person too!


[Image via WENN.]

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44 comments to “Clarissa Explains It All - About Chaz Bono's DWTS Stint!”

  1. 1

    I think the one who needs to relax is you Perezzzzzzzzz. She was right on many things. And the honest truth is that she is ACCEPTING Chaz for who is and thats the reason why she said theres nothing special about that participant, like, theres no challenge at all !.

  2. 2

    I wish the trangender thing wasn't such a huge deal. That your just fab for Cher! My deal is, He is very large (Kirstie was but girl could dance)for dancing and just getting on the stool when being anncounced on pre- show seemed very difficult for Chaz. DWTS should of put him on the couch.

  3. 3

    As long as Chaz's doctor doesn't have a problem with it, neither should anyone else. The only problem I see is that his weight may be a liaibility. Maybe he'll become a big dance fan and find a way to keep the weight off.

  4. 4

    I don't have a problem with transgendered people. But, it bugs me that he's asked to go on the show without really being a "star". Yes, I know who his parents are, but that doesn't mean he has the credentials.

  5. 5

    I like MJH. Met her years ago at the Kentucky Derby. Sweet gal.

  6. 6

    I love MJH - and she's spot on. Although I do have one problem with Chaz - when did simply being the child of a celebrity start making the child a celeb? Id be more impressed if the celeb in question on the show was Cher, not just one of her kids.

  7. 7

    My problem is, which I have communicated to the show, is that I don't want to watch a show that is during primetime and has been traditionally a family show, to bring the whole freakshow that is Chaz Bono's life right now into my home. I will not watch anymore, and many Americans won't either. I don't want to have to explain alternative lifestyles to my children. They should be allowed to be children free of sexual issues or sex for that matter. If you advertise as a family program, then you should be ready to rue the consequences of idiotic choices. Since Chaz is only famous for being transgendered, the show is being held accountable by its watchers, and that is the controversy.

  8. 8

    I think the controversy exists because of one factor, DWTS is advertised as a family show. Its during primetime, it's been mainly free of controversial issues, and it's been fun. Now, they will add in a character who is only famous for being transgendered. This means that there will be talk about it (which there already is) and controversy (again, already there). That brings issues into a family home that are unwanted. I don't want my children to have to deal with alternative lifestyles, and sexual controversy, even sex. They should be allowed to be children. So, I'm done with DWTS as are many Americans. That is the controversy surrounding Chaz.

  9. 9

    Re: pythia – Exactly. Co-sign.

  10. zoey says – reply to this


    I say what is the effing big deal about some actress' opinion ? I don't expecxt anyone in the entertainment industry to get it …

    "Family Show"…..was the reason we loved it ! Meaning …the "whole Family "could watch !

  11. zoey says – reply to this


    Re: La Garse


  12. 12

    If your argument is that he shouldn't be on because he's just the son of a star, what about Bristol Palin? And trust me, I did NOT care that she was on, she has obviously built up her own celebrity. Not to mention, she became famous more so for being the knocked up daughter of a vice presidential candidate whose tumultuous relationship with the baby daddy caused lots of drama.

    Yes, this is a family show, and maybe the issue of "transgender" might be something that parents don't want to communicate with their children yet. I get it. But, it's a non-issue. Chaz is going on as the son of a famous couple. There is nothing to discuss.

  13. 13

    it seems to me that people will use any reason to justify their moral and religious beliefs. i don't see how children would know that he is transgendered unless you tell them or make a big deal out of it. i have two kids, 5 and 8 and all they would see is a boy dancing with a girl! if you have teenagers, maybe you should be teaching them about love and acceptance, not prejudice. it is your right to have whatever opinion you might have, as it is my right as well. if you do not want to watch it or let your children watch it that is perfectly ok. however, i have a problem when you try to dictate what EVERYONE watches because you don't like it. please drop the double standards! the show will be fine without your viewership. where there is controversy there is an audience. DWTS execs know this maaaan! lol

  14. 14

    Re: pythia – How would your children know it was a "freakshow" unless you pointed to chaz's genitals and said you know boys and girls not only is there bad dancincing but there is a vagina in those pants.

  15. 15

    There was a time, not to long ago, when "Star" meant Robert Deniro or Meryl Streep. I guess now it's "The Situation" and "Kate Gosselin". No, this country isn't a complete fucking mess. Not at all.

  16. 16

    Re: smilesalot – I said his life is a freakshow, meaning all the controversy stirred up and being talked about. Read before you comment.

  17. 17

    Re: pythia – DWTS hasn't once made it a "Sexual" issue, as you've stated. It's the blogs, such as this one, that have polarized the crap out of a non issue and made it one. DWTS will not be mentioning "sexual" issues regarding Bono, period. To think that DWTS will somehow do that is not only ignorant, but naive as well. I am, guessing however, that you're a Bachman follower.

  18. 18

    HILAriouS! if you type "The situation", the is an embedded link, If you type Meryl Streep…Nothin', nada. Damn, we really are a fucking mess.

  19. 19

    Re: pythia – Chastity was famous long before she came out of the closet, what are you talking about? With that said, who on that ridiculous show is really "famous"? Snooki? Comon now.

  20. 20

    Hopefully this show will help Chaz lose weight. He's in the fast-lane heading towards type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol. I don't think the hormones he's taking are helping either. I've seen this in real life too many times.

  21. 21

    Re: pythia – You actually contacted the show? LOL This is the real world honey, you can try and protect your kids as much as you want but they will eventually figure it out. If you don't like it, don't watch it. I don't like religious dogma, so instead of whining over it, I don't practice it. It's as simple as that. Change the channel and get on with your narrow minded life.

  22. 22

    Yup, you're right, DWTS will be "just fine without our viewership."
    I have decades of experience in shutting down the Libs craziness into my home.
    Vanity Fair, Time and Newsweek and the NY Times, CNN, ABC,NBC,CBSnews and MSLSD didn't need me either.
    These organizations have no sorrow for me, walking away from them.
    DWTS is just one more on the shitpile of rejects, I've said "NO" to.
    I'm just one person. I'm used to being ignored. Well, until I joined the Teaparty.
    DWTS will be just fine without my viewership. Enjoy.

  23. 23

    Re: luvs2tango – Don't forget the Disney Company. They own ABC.

  24. 24

    I love how Melissa fondly refers to the "ABC Family". It's clear she is a member of this cult. Are we really to believe that she came up with this statement all on her own without help from Disney PR writers? I could care less if Chaz Bono is on DWTS. I don't watch the show. What bothers me is that putting Chaz on the show is an intentional stunt on the part of the network. Is ABC a proud & loud supporter of the transgender community? It strikes me that they are in a subliminal way, making fun of and exploiting Chaz.

  25. 25

    my how we love2rant! delusional as ever luvs2tango.

  26. 26

    i don't watch dancing with the stars by the way :p never have!

  27. 27

    Re: poodlewithamohawk – Only Fox and Friends is left. He must be a Marxist.

  28. 28

    People who do not like it can either turn the channel or get off their own lazy ass and go out dancing at a place they approve of.

  29. 29

    First off, I love Melissa & Joey on ABC family! It's hilarious and Joey is still hot, bald head and all :)

    And She's right on her points. Nowadays, anybody can become a celebrity (ie. Kim Kardashian, Heidi Montag, pretty much all reality tv "stars"), but years ago, people actually had to have talent to become a real star. And who cares if Chaz Bono is a transgender? I mean, I know he's being criticized, but just let him dance and judge him based on that alone and not based on his sex(gender). Equal rights for all :)

  30. 30

    Re: pythia – since when do you speak for america? you don't have to explain a DAMN thing to your kids all they're going to see is a man, not someone who used to be a woman! dumbass

  31. 31

    Oh dear, actually Melissa is right - and Perez is right, too. You should look closely, this show drew most of its attention, because it was so great - partly of course with the desire to see former or other c-list celebrities. Of course the audience was curious, if people succeed or fail. It was a mix between the love for dancing, just enough sensation and a lot of empathy for those who struggle to entertain or maybe really win the show. But since the pressure from those who make the biggest money out of all this celebrity issue is increasing, they began playing on deeper emotions and sensations. Here they are using ideals surrounding special people to get an "ok" from one part of the audience and leave them blinded in admiration and hope for better times, for those surrounded with a stigma (before) … while in reality they are really playing with the desire for sensations, feeding it with issues great for exposure and ridicule - all this at the same time with the same people.

  32. 32

    Re: pythia – you are you to say americans won't watch.talk for yourself.So of what i understand it was ok to watch when bristol was on that show you know being a teenage mother but it's not ok because chaz was a women.People should know better it's ok to get boob job,a nose job,facelift and all that shit because we're not happy in are body but when someone feels like there not in the right body and change that people make a big deal out of it.You know what don't watch the show it's your decision.And so you know he is NOT A FREAKSHOW.you should teach your kids on how to be tolerant maybe if people would do that instead of judging by the difference we all have this world would be a little better

  33. 33

    Chaz is still a woman, people, a she not a he.

  34. 34

    Pythia- I don't think someone's life should be labeled a "freak show"- their are alot of people just trying to find love and peace in this world -let them be. It's entirely possible that one of your own children could grow up to be a "freak'-

  35. 35

    as she said noones a star on there anymore so who cares

    whatever happened to her i loved her show

  36. 36

    re lisha77 lolololol

  37. Bevi says – reply to this


    It's DANCING! Everybody is allowed to dance! I've said it before, I'll say it again. It's about dancing, not sex. Chaz, at the moment, looks like no woman I have ever seen, so how can kids get confused unless you point things out to them? It's about dancing! Can Chaz dance, can Chaz dance well, can Chaz stick around or get voted off? Like everybody else who dances on that show. I think it will be great for Chaz because he can't help but lose some weight if he doesn't get voted off right away.

  38. 38

    um.. i'm pretty sure she's most famous for being uh SABRINA. you're a fucking dickfucker perez.

  39. 39

    Re: pythia

    Fuck you and your "family show" stupid cun*t.

  40. 40

    Re: adg100 – They did make it a sexual issue by inviting him on the show, thus causing conversation. Since he is not a star for anything but being transgendered, and the son of famous people, that shows they did want the controversy. Generally controversy sales, in this case they have lost at least one viewer.

  41. 41

    Re: Poindexter-X – And that confirms all of my statements. When all you have left are personal attacks, then I know my arguments are valid.

  42. 42

    If anything, the ones blasting DWTS' producers for inviting Chaz on the show are BARELY one step up above Fred Phelps and his bunch of inbreds from the Westboro Baptist Church.

  43. 43

    I think ChaZ is disgusting. Even Cher hates her/him. It's grotesque. And why the fuck is IT so FAT?!?! UGH!!!!

  44. 44

    Chaz is large, maybe DWTS can help "him" trim "his" fat. I'm not sure how will he move for the "Tango" or "Pace Doble"? Ambulance should be ready outside the building, in case "he" dropp himself on the floor. Let "him" dance, who knows he might be voted out and not be able to go to the second round. At least we can see how a large size person dance it will be something to watch.