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Madonna Is Not A Fan Of Hydrangeas!

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Duly noted!

Check out Madonna's priceless reaction as a fan gives her some hydrangeas at the Venice Film Festival (above).


P.S. We absolutely loathe hydrangeas too! Ha

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445 comments to “Madonna Is Not A Fan Of Hydrangeas!”

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  1. 1

    Pompous ass!

  2. 2

    You know what Princess… You are a joke to bash a fan like that!!!! I stopped liking you a long time ago with your attitude… And I used to be a big fan…. How pathetic are you???? I feel sorry for you actually…. Money is NOT everything!!

  3. 3

    you are stupid for not liking a FLOWER! if she said she eats shit for breakfast would you start that diet too?

  4. 4

    bitch - give her a kick in the ass next time

  5. 5

    What a bitch, its not like she was death allergic to them. Would, placing them on the table, been the end of the world?

  6. 6

    What a bitch!!! OMG! What a bitch!!! :S

  7. 7

    Can u believe her?! What a stuck up bitch! If i was there i would shove the fucking hydrangea up her old ugly ass! Drop dead already . . .

  8. 8

    I love hydrangeas. Madonna, not so much. She's become a parody of herself, she looks like just what she is, a middle-aged woman desperately seeking youth. If she had some manners and some charm, she might not look so ridiculous. But let's face it, anytime a 54 year old woman is humping a 24 year old boy while trying to raise a 14 yr old child, (plus some African children she seems to have no interest in whatsoever) she's already stretched pretty thin. I guess being gracious to someone who admires her is just a little too much to ask. Cow.

  9. 9

    if anyone else had done this perez would have called them out and trashtalked them, but because its one of the people he likes (aka the people he never talks shit about, like Gaga and Madonna) he makes it no big deal. stop being so biased.

  10. 10

    get over yourself - you're a whore from Detroit

  11. 11

    I don't even want to watch the clip, because that will probably only make me loath her more. I have no ounce of respect for her.. snobby bitch..

  12. 12

    a.) what an ungrateful bitch, and b.) that pretentious pompous accent of hers, ugh, HATE.

  13. @v@ says – reply to this


    Wow. Someone was kind enough to bother to give her a flower. Maybe there's a reason that some people can't keep a relationship growing.

  14. 14

    I agree with the other comments. How do you loathe a flower? I have a couple of favorite flowers, but there are none that I hate. Seems very pretentious and unappreciative.

  15. 15

    Just because it's Madonna doesn't make this "funny" or "cute"– it is just down right rude and ridiculous.

    P.S. You spelled "loathe" incorrectly, which means even the person who wrote the subtitles on the youtube clip is smarter than you. Also, I'm pretty sure you had no idea what a hydrangea was before you saw this clip. AND, if Madonna is trying so hard to pass as British, she should love hydrangeas because they are such an iconic part of traditional English gardens.

  16. @v@ says – reply to this


    The people around her aren't likely impressed by her comment; and neither am I.
    Ungracious. No need whatsoever to say something like that.

  17. 17

    I was in Cape Cod over the summer where hydrangeas are everywhere! I and all of my traveling companions thought they were beautiful!

  18. 18

    I rarely post twice, but you need to think about when you mom died, and you were poor, and not this pathetic idiot you have become. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY NOW THAT YOU HAVE KIDS!!! Otherwise you shouldn't have had kids!! Grow up, have a REAL relationship with someone NEAR your age, and strive to be content and happy without being arrogant… and RUDE TO YOUR FANS!!! You piss me off!!!!!

  19. 19

    She always seemed like a bitch. More ambition than talent!!!

  20. 20


  21. 21

    Uggh! She's never had any class, and makes it worse with the phony English accent!

  22. 22

    What an asshole!

  23. 23

    What a bitch…..now the guy will see this….

    nice ass kissing Perez…..brown nose

  24. 24

    Re: blackcatwildfox – you mean the people that approve of gay people….

  25. 25

    Ya know, they're always comparing GaGa to this Whore…I have no respect for Gags, but I think even she would show more gratitude and humility that Madonna did here!

  26. 26

    And I officially don't like Madonna! How incredibly rude. She doesn't deserve such a lovely flower.

  27. 27

    It's not even like "it's not my favourite flower" or "i would prefer something else" or "i am allergic" or "it reminds me of something bad" or "i just don't like them" or "i hate them"… the stupid bitch said "I LOATHE THEM!" It's a freaking flower for crying out loud! Take it, show some appreciation, put it in front of you and shut the fuck up! Is it that hard???!!!!

  28. 28

    what a bitch

  29. 29

    Can the fake British accent you arrogant diva. I used to be a fan, not anymore.

  30. 30

    and her movies suck and she wears depends and she pays children to date her so youll show the pictures with them and pretend shes attractive to anything but gays

  31. 31

    Yes, I can´t believe Perez tweeted this as a funny thing! What a stuck up bitch! When the world ends and our nature dies your money and fame will be worth nothing! Remember when you were trapped in the London airport just like any other mortal on the volcano storm? Your plane, nor your jewerly nor your platinum bla bla bla will safe you! Stuck up bitch! A flower is a flower! A fan is a fan! And after this, you are lucky to have at least one! Perez what´s wrong with you!!!!? :S

  32. 32

    That old bitch! Go away, it's not working for you anymore. Pedophile as well!!

  33. 33

    Is it just me or the bitch is talking with the fake british accent again ???

  34. 34

    Don't you just LOVE that FAKE British accent she uses ? I mean, for Gawd's sake, Bitch is from MICHIGAN ! Michigan Trash ! She really is a piece of work ! Talk about insecure ! Gawd help those poor kids of hers, especially the Ugly Daughter Lourdes !

  35. 35

    And, boy, is she looking weird. That 1940s 'Veronica Lake' hair-do is not exactly flattering ! She is looking old ! F*cking younger guys just ain't the Fountain of Youth she thinks it is !

  36. 36

    wtf are hydrangeas? Anyways, she's obsolete. Go do arms for 2 hours at the gym, grandma.

  37. 37

    yeh I hate it when some one does something nice for me too. How can people obviously not know stuff? I guess it's just one of those things sent to test those humans who are better than others! A real horror show!

  38. 38

    if this was anyone else (besides lady gaga) you would totally bitch them out..

  39. 39

    wow perez if this was anyone else you would have called their behavior "deplorable" but since it's madonna you just kiss her ass. madonna is a bitch and you know it!!!!

  40. 40

    How can anyone 'loath' a flower … ? She is really starting to look FAKE ! 'Memba, Madonna, ya wipe yer arse just like anyone else…and when yer gone, yer remains will disolve just like anyone else's !

  41. 41

    What a NASTY K-U-N-T BIATCH!


  42. 42

    Madonna a.k.a DOUCHEBAG! :S

  43. 43

    Kabbalah teachings forbid this type of flower

  44. 44

    She and her fake British accent can go f**k themselves!

  45. 45

    I've been completely repulsed by Madonna ever since watching her documentary Madonna:Truth or Dare. The critics warned it was poison, and it was. She treats other people in such disgusting disrespect. I see from this video that nothing has changed, she hasn't grown up one bit. The only laugh from me came from fake British accent. Guess that's what trashy girls from Detroit must do!

  46. 46

    One can 'loathe' dirty politics, rap music, french provincial furniture…HOW can one 'loathe' a flower ? ! ? She is looking awfully shallow !

  47. 47

    Thank Gawd Madonna is rich, otherwise her kids would have to put up with teasing in school that their mother is a TALENTLESS NASTY WHORE!

  48. 48

    Douche bag!

  49. 49

    Is this what Kabballah teaches ? Be arrogant, ungrateful condescending, and rude ? Sorry…not my kind of religion !

  50. 50

    How utterly ungracious and classless. I will take great satisfaction when - as all of her attempts with the movie business - fails miserably. Karma, baby.

  51. 51

    "I absouletly loathe hydrangeas" please you old hag…that's rude!!! gurl!!! just smile and say thank you keep it moving!!! not nice of you…but then again do you even have any true friends to tell you that..Im sure the critics are going to say to WE " WE ABSOUTLELY LOATHE ANY MOVIE MADONNA IS INVOLVED IN" bang!!!how u doin

  52. 52

    so shes an ungrateful bitch is this something new? she thinks shes invented everything and the world owes her thieving ass credit.

  53. 53

    people, you all don't realize it shows in the clip she is in a press conference. she's seating there infront of the press people. we don't know if it is over or still ongoing. i am sure she would put it on the table if only its not that huge. it shows that she tries to put it somewhere behind/under the table( not throwing it). what do you expecting from her to do. hug and kiss the person who give it? didn't she thanks him? was that not enough? i don't see any wrong with her reaction…..she was just surprised.

  54. 54

    Try to be natural like a Flower Biatch!!! Oh right, you can´t! You loathe them!!! Maybe you should get a plastic one! That will suit you better!!! :S

  55. 55

    LOL. That was funny.

  56. 56

    she's trying to speak like Ecclestone girls

  57. 57

    I have mexican hydrangea in my backyard, and yeah they are stalky and smelly, BUT, they attract bumble bees, butterflies and hummingbirds, so I LOVE hydrangea

  58. 58

    Well, I don't like the smell of Blue Cheese but Madonna keeps standing down wind and refuses to take a shower….thanks Madonna

  59. 59

    Is her daughter going to do porn, like Madanna did, to "GET INTO" the business?
    Madonna screwed her way to the top of the manure pile…..SHE STINKS!

  60. 60

    How incredibly rude! It was bad enough that she couldn't appreciate the incredibly sweet gesture…. but she acted like the poor guy was supposed to know she didn't like hydrangea's! Really Madonna??? What goes around comes around…..you ignorant, evil bitch!

  61. 61

    Love Madonna but that's so fucking rude. Yuck…

  62. 62

    so refreshing to see so many people loathe the bitch as much as I do. Maybe he knew she hated them - that would be the best - give her a bunch of shit she hates & pile it high!

  63. 63

    A simple thank you would have been sufficient!

  64. 64

    Stinkweed is Gaga's favorite flower. Her favorite aftershave is Brut.

  65. 65

    Re: jjojjo – Stretched and thin but not pretty is exactly how I would describe this piece of garbage. She's slut who forgets where she came from. No business raising children or humping them. Her movie will fail in a major way and we'll laugh and laugh.

  66. 66


  67. 67

    I loathe wrinkly hands, plastic faces, and faux accents, but that's just me.

  68. 68

    lol she loathes the flowers not the fan jeeeeez you guys make it seem as if she threw the flowers right in the fan's face and demanded them to be escorted out of the room.
    She said thank you, twice even and put them under the table and had a candid moment, sinc e when was madonna "fake" about her emotions like some other lady pop star i know cough….she looks great tho still youthful, not like recent pictures are making her seem.

  69. 69

    Hey Hilton, your book has already sunk to #9,064. Congratulations on another resounding failure.

  70. 70

    What's up with her and the phony british accent!

  71. 71

    Through the years I have realized that Madonna is a big joke that has in my opinion did more harm to the gay community than anything else. WHY she is a gay icon I do not know. Unlike GaGa that has used her fame to try and make REAL change for the community, Madonna just used the community for shock value to promote herself. Madonna is self absorbed and this clip shows her attitude towards her fans…

  72. 72

    ok Madonna FANS…..this is your Idol…..keep buying her records as she laughs all the way to the bank!!!!

  73. 73

    pinche puta! que asco! what a effin' bitch. I cannot believe her reaction, if she acts this way in front of people, can you imagine how rude she must be behind the scenes.

    It is a shame we can't just throw her CD's in her face and say we loathe her music and movies as well. She is getting shitty reviews for this film, so it serves her right.

    I hate GaGa….but at least we know GaGa won't be a bitch like madonna….

  74. 74

    Re: Be-Atch – LOL! How CAN you loathe a flower?

  75. 75

    Re: @v@ – Ha! Agreed. Whether she figured he wouldn't be heard or not, the ugly sentiment remains.

  76. 76

    Love you Madonna…..you make me laugh!

  77. 77

    I 'loathe' that Crap Clothing Line - 'Material Girl' - suppossedly designed by Madonna's UGLY daughter, Lourdes !

  78. 78

    Re: DRAMA PRINCESS – Then you are without class too!

  79. 79

    Madonna is the QUEEN — all bow down……

  80. 80

    Can you IMAGINE what Michigan Trash says when the microphone is turned off ? She is the ultimate Bitch…no wonder every guy leaves her ! Guy Ritchie couldn't stand her 'tude ! She has to buy her toy boys, who will put up with ANYTHING as long as Sugar Mommy is paing the bills !

  81. 81

    Advice to Lourdes : RUN ! You are 18, no ? You are an adult…RUN !

  82. 82

    Wonder how many Monarch alters she has now.

  83. 83

    I loathe lilies. I'd say thank you then toss them at the first polite opportunity.

  84. 84

    How does one loathe a hydrangea? It's a flower! Geez, Madonna.

  85. 85

    ha! what an arsehole

  86. 86

    She's a sad, completely damaged person, without an ounce of compassion for another human being. But I don't feel sorry for her. She's had enormous success, but ZERO growth!

  87. 87

    What an ungracious b8tch.

  88. 88

    Doesn't Madonna's daughter Lourdes have a Mustache, and she has to shave it daily?

  89. mvp says – reply to this



  90. 90

    I don't know which is worse. Madonna or Perez being a kiss ass.

  91. 91

    hence the reason I dislike her……. rude, thinks shes better than everyone…and of course perez picks the ppl he likes… hell gaga or her could do something completely ridiculous or downward evil and he would worship them to the end… PATHETIC MADONNA! (AND PEREZ!)

  92. 92

    what a spoilt nasty old woman

  93. 93

    That was bitchy, after he said "I Love You" come on.

  94. 94

    She's allergic you retards! But of course, you all know nothing and are here to judge and criticize her solely based on the fact she used the word 'loath' and a simple, but common, facial reaction. Get over yourselves.

  95. 95

    WOW. I guess I was naive to the fact that Madonna is such a bitch. I've always liked her in her younger years..but wow..I had no idea she was such an ungrateful, pompous C***. Note taken. I wonder if the person who gave her the flowers has seen this video? I would ask for them back. EW she disgusts me now. Talk about loathing..It is her I loathe.

  96. 96

    How sad that she couldn't see that someone was being nice to her. Complaining about a gift is something you learn not to do around seven years of age. What a rude jerk.

  97. 97

    Do you think celebrities like all the gifts fans really give them? At least her reaction was honest. This is why I love her she is a bitch but she owns it.

  98. 98

    WHAT A BITCH!!!!!!!! her prents never tought her manners!, the poor guy who gave her this may now be crying you selfish bitch

  99. 99


  100. 100

    and you think it is funny perez! you always screw up you are an idiot

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