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Madonna Is Not A Fan Of Hydrangeas!

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Duly noted!

Check out Madonna's priceless reaction as a fan gives her some hydrangeas at the Venice Film Festival (above).


P.S. We absolutely loathe hydrangeas too! Ha

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445 comments to “Madonna Is Not A Fan Of Hydrangeas!”

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  1. 101

    Re: MikelJoshua – who cares if shes allergic she acted like a pompous bitch about it..

  2. 102

    I acted like that when I was like 8 yrs old. I think they are pretty. If a fan gave me those I'd lick their face off. It's the thought that counts. She's lucky anyone brings her anything.

  3. 103

    Was there really anyone who thought she was a genuinly nice person with a big heart and loads of empathy? That would be a delusion, not an illusion. She has seldom even *tried* to hide the fact that she is an entitled, narcissistic control freak. Or in short: a bitch.

  4. 104

    WOW! That man probably couldnt offord anything else..He probably went out of his way to get them..maybe he bought her those flowers instead of PUTTING GAS IN HIS CAR!!! what a bitch! Madonna has been there before, obvously fame and fortune has made her a worthless human being who cares nothing for other people (unless it makes her look good)

  5. 105

    She lacks any compassion. Which many would say is your measure as a human being!

  6. 106

    For God's sake, the woman did not spit at the fan, she just said that she did not like the flowers. Chill, haters, chill!

  7. 107

    Wow what grace. Class act

  8. 108

    waht a fucking bitch

  9. FS says – reply to this


    I loathe carnations but that wasn't very nice of her to say out loud.

  10. Jai says – reply to this


    What a bitch. The polite thing to do would have been to graciously accept them and then give them away to someone else who would enjoy them later. Madge is a dried up old crone who needs to stop inflicting her shitty film making on the world.

  11. 111

    Re: MarcTennisNJ – did you have to scream it moron?

  12. 112

    Re: maxie pad – If you can't understand how rude she was, then you have no manners, either. If you get a gift you don't like, you smile, say thank you and then shut your mouth. You obviously never learned etiquette or good manners if you think Madonna's comments weren't rude.

  13. Laury says – reply to this


    How Perez keeps kissing that old hag's pompous ass is beyond me. And don't give me that "She's da QUEEEEEEEN!" bullshit. She used to be. Not anymore. Now she's just a middle-aged woman pathetically trying to convince herself that she's still "got it". I've always hated her attitude, and now I hate her even more.

  14. 114

    Re: MikelJoshua – really? i didn't hear her say anything about being alergic. are you her doctor? pfft…. dumbass

  15. 115

    Re: chelcieyes9 – I'm pretty sure she was the same self-centered, rude, classless person before fame & fortune, too.

  16. 116

    I always knew that she's a stuck up bitch! When you think about it then you realize that she could never sing very well, her voice is mediocre at best and her songs?! She's in biz like 100 yrs so obviously she had some hits (just look at talentless Katy Perry). The only reason people worship her is because she had some scandals back in her day. Madonna is a joke and I hope that she doesn't make another record while running in leotard…

  17. 117

    Re: DRAMA PRINCESS – YES! Atleast she thanked him. If she was a real bitch she would've just not accepted it. Atleast she said thanks. Everyone acts like every time they've received a gift, that they have always been TRULY appreciative. If everyone was like that, then maybe this world wouldn't be as shitty as it is.

  18. 118

    'No wonder her mother killed herself; who'd want to be a mother to that monster?

  19. 119

    What a hypocrite and a bi-atch. I agree with the comment about how pathetic she is humping a 24 yr old while her daughter is closer in age to him than herself. She sits up there and poses for pictures thinking she is fooling everyone with how "youthful" she looks. It only adds to how truly pathetic she is. Her face is so botoxed, and that bitch has had cheek implants. She looks like a freakin alien. I can't believe no one else has mentioned it. YES HER FACE LOOKS STRANGE BECAUSE IT IS PUMPED FULL OF SILICONE, but she expects everyone to believe it is just natural. Gag me. It is as fake as she is. One things for sure honey bunny, karma is a bitch and you have a bucket full of shit heading straight for you. You deserve whats coming….

  20. 120

    Thanks for giving us yet another reason to "loathe" this narcissistic bitch.

  21. 7897 says – reply to this


    Re: mvvvvvvv – Yeah, Madonna is the Queen. QUEEN OF KUNTS !!!!!!!!!!!! She is a rotted kunt !

  22. 122

    I love Hydrangeas! And Madonna made rides to high school fun in the 80s….

  23. 123

    Re: sandraaa123 – people like you add to the s h i t !!!

  24. 124

    To the people who are disgusted because its unfathomable that someone could loathe a flower need to grow up. People can loathe anything, its called personal preferences and everyone has them including yourself.. And there are flowers that I absolutely loathe myself sometimes based purely on looks and sometimes on the scent. . .

    Regardless, if offered something I dont like I would decline or accept and keep my comments to my self. . She shouldn't have mentioned anything at that moment, but then again its not like she threw the flower back at the person and declared him an imbecile and treated him like crap to his face, but that is what people seem to acting like she did. She smiled nicely a few times and even said "thank you"

  25. 125

    This is why I love Madonna. Can't stand Gaga…I love my fans, my fans this, my fans that. So desperate to be loved.

  26. 126

    Um….ungrateful bitch.

  27. 127

    Re: Liebchen – To people like you who "don't get it"- You obviously have the same appalling lack of manners that she does. She's crass, she has no class, and she's a pain in the ….. and so are you and anyone on here who makes a feeble attempt to defend the indefensible. Not showing gratitude to those who have admired you, made you rich, and may be young, is frankly disgusting!!!

  28. 128

    I like Madonna but I think she was a total bitch. Its a fan giving you a gift…..note to M: better manners to those who made you as rich and famous as you are. Being that rich doesn't exempt you from good manners.

  29. 129

    Even if Hydrangeas were'nt my favorite flower I would have to say what a rude bitch!! Be grateful somebody wants to give you flowers!!! Gaga would never!

  30. 130

    I hate how she expects that everyone know her likes/dislikes :| At first I thought she was going to handle it like a lady, but that was extremely rude. Not to mention ungrateful.

  31. 131

    And there you have the reason that I absolutely loathe Madonna. Friggin bitch. Ungrateful. Why is she still relevant? (Oh, and Mario, no one cares what you like and don't like. I'm sure no one is giving you flowers or anything else.)

  32. 132

    One word - Bitch!!

  33. 133

    What a selfish, classless vulgarian. It was a GIFT. What the f? Was she raised by wolves?

  34. 134

    Re: DRAMA PRINCESS – You stupid idiot….doesn't matter WHERE or WHAT she was doing. Fact of the matter is her rude comment is now viral, with every possibility that the gifter will see it. How do you think he/she will feel when they read these comments she made? A women with class and polish would never make such a comment in public. I'm guessing you have neither class nor polish. Idiot!

  35. 135

    Re: paulina=dan radcliffe fan #1 – I guess Perez thinks its cute to treat your fans like shit. Perez, you gonna roll your eyes at people that buy your book? Is that the kinda person you aspire to be? If so, you need lessons in good manners too.

  36. 136

    135 comments and less than 10 feel what she said and how she acted was ok. Fact of the matter is manners dictates that you make negative comments about gifts in the privacy of your own home; NOT in the presence of cameras and press. You would never see this coming from Angelina Jolie's mouth, and I can guarantee you, based on Madonna's comments that when bitch got up from the table, the flower didn't. That is truly sad.

  37. 137

    F. U. Madonna

  38. DFM says – reply to this


    That is one of the meanest things I have ever seen in my life. So rude. I can't believe someone would do that right in front of people. So unthankful.

  39. 139

    I think its funny, according to another website, that the critics used the word "loathe" to describe her film. What goes around, comes around, Madonna. Bad karma on you.

  40. 140

    Awe that was sad and rude!

  41. @v@ says – reply to this


    The meaning of a pink hydrangea is 'you are the beat of my heart.' The man who gave it to her was slim from the back, dressed in a very nice suit, and sounded very well spoken, while she dates some 24 year old. Just saying. She needs eyes to see.

  42. 142

    Re: Liebchen
    You're absolutely correct. People can loathe anything. And right now, people are loathing her attitude.

  43. 143

    its Unanimous, She is an ungrateful Bitch. Looks like her luck has finaly ran out!

  44. 144

    good to know how well she appreciate her fans. who cares if you hate the flowers, be glad someone took their time to get you something out of appreciation. she could've at least waited until she went backstage, she behaved like a 12 year old brat.

  45. 145

    she's so bratty.

  46. 146

    What a bitch! I hope she loses everything and has to get a real job and making the amount of money we make. She will keep losing fans. I haven't been a fan of her for a very long time. It is no wonder all the men in her life leave her.

  47. 147

    I'm assuming she thought that stage whisper wouldn't be loud enough to hear but obviously you can. Yes, she said thank you BUT she still showed her pompous ass. She's also quite obviously had some facial work done because just a year or so ago, she was looking haggard as hell. Have some manners, "Madge"! Perez, you'd agree with anyone if you thought it made you look better in their eyes. For the record, hydrangeas are gorgeous, especially those that fade from blue into pink when you mix the soil.

  48. 148

    How can you hate a flower?? haha

  49. 149

    Wow. Not impressed with this show of arrogance. And how can you hate hydrangeas? They're beautiful.

  50. 150

    this is not a lol. I don't care if she loves or hates whatever. If someone picks something special out for you be gracious. not a douchebag cnt

  51. 151

    ohmygod this bitch…if anyone like Chris Brown ever did this shit youd be allllll over his ass! fuck you, you hypocrite.

  52. 152

    i love hydrangeas.

    i think she should be more appreciate of "any" gift.

    it is rude of her to reveal her thoughts.

  53. 153

    what a bitch!

  54. 154

    I see that almost everyone is in agreement here and I don't wish her movie well because it's her fans who pay for her lavish lifestyle because they buy her stuff. I hope those fans see what an ungrateful bitch this woman is!

  55. 155

    I love Madonna..such a bi*** but it works!

  56. 156

    Well, I think those flowers are boring, common, seem to not smell good and thats it. Its not hideous but aint as beautiful as others. Loathe or not, the fact is that, Madonna wont say anything to your face… but be sure that she will say something behind your back!!. This has show it, for those who are like "well, she at least shows it"… yeah, SHOWS IT ON THE BACK OF HER FAN.

  57. 157

    I love Madonna but that's so wrong. How can U NOT love/like flowers?

  58. 158

    Since Perez also "loathes" hydrangeas, I hope one of his "fans" attending his book tour brings him one. I wonder how he would handle the situation…ass.

  59. 159

    First off she wasn't a bitch to him. She smiled and said thank you twice. And regardless this is hilarious

  60. 160

    Hah! what a freebitch. She can do that, being at her status (plus she didn't say it to his face, AKA manners). I love her.

  61. 161

    I can't stand her.

  62. 162

    It would be one thing, if say, hydrangeas wilted early or had an obnoxious odor, but they have neither (unlike a stinky carnation)… so kind of surprised by the random hydrangea hatred.

  63. 163

    Madonna! See you next Tuesday! Really…I've always been a huge fan, but she still acts like the 80s Madonna…she's phoney and now…hope Gaga continues to steal her stuff! Must really piss Madonna off!

  64. 164

    Are you kidding me? What a nasty bitch. And what's with the fake pommy accent!!

  65. 165

    Ugh! What a fucking bitch! Hopefully everywhere she goes someone will give her a bouquet of hydrangeas.

  66. 166

    How incredibly ungracious!

  67. 167

    What a fucking bitch. Someone offers her a gift and she acts like a petty ass. I've never liked Madonna, she is completely over-rated and basically a pedophile. What a piece of trash.

  68. 168

    WOW! What a fuckin ungrateful fuckin bitch! And you Perez are agreeing with her behavior… She was rude, disrespectful and low class

  69. 169

    ungrateful b-i-t-c-h. How about not everyone knows what you like and don't like, believe it or not the world does not revolve around you!

  70. 170

    P.S. Lose the accent, you're from Detroit. I don't care where you have lived since then. What a joke of a person.

  71. 171

    though madonna is this huge celebrity she really doesn’t have any manners, its rude for her to be ungrateful and i hate how society is now making it acceptible to portray such behaviour, if you don’t like something you’re given deal with it later instead of being rude.

  72. 172

    Seriously — its a flower - she doesn't like it. It wasn't meant for the fan to hear it - nor any of you big drama queens. Get over it. LIke you always liked something that someone gave you. If someone gave me something that I disliked, I would react the same way. It's honest, and she did it with a sense of humor. Get over it.

  73. 173

    "How can he not know that?" is she serious? Does she want him to know how many boy toys she's had and be able to list them alphabetically, chronologically and by age too? I don't care if she dislikes something or not, but her ego is definitely unwarranted.

  74. 174

    You know, the thing is that yes sometimes we receive gifts that we dont like BUT when grandma gives you an ugly sweater you dont let her know how much you loathe it. She could have been more sensitive to her FAN, i mean was he not suppose to notice her behavior and her comments? What a let down. Madonna plz stop acting like youre above your fans, without them youre nothing. Simply unacceptable. I thought all that Kabbalah she does was suppose to help her be a better person, thought wrong.

  75. 175

    oh and Perez i doubt you absolutely loathe the flowers as well, ridiculous brown nosing.

  76. 7tizz says – reply to this


    Directing must be a pretty easy gig if Madonna can do it. He success in films is what - one?

    But then again, directing is mostly about the people you hire.

  77. 177

    The fan was gone - the camera was rolling unbeknown to anyone. It wasn't meant for the public or anyone else to see. She reacted like any human being that dislikes something - that proves she is human. Let it go.

  78. 178

    What a bitch…I mean that fan spent money to buy her flowers. Sorry he didn't know what your fav flower was you dirty whore. Go work out some more Skeletore and release that attitude.

  79. 179

    wow what an ungrateful bitch

  80. 180

    LOL OMG the comments on here! Its obvious she was not being rude to the person that gave her the flower, that person was thanked sincerely and she smiled at them. The comment was made to someone besides her and was not meant to hurt anyones feelings now of course some douche put this out there so now you all can have another great reason to continue hating her. Well congrats and BTW I don't think this comment has all of a sudden made you hate her. You have always hated her and she could never do anything to change your mind about it so just fuck off already.

  81. 181

    I think they are beautiful, specially the blue ones :)

    And Perez;
    I went to your nitwit LA event late just because I had free tix.
    And when you grabbed Gavin Degraw's ass you embarrassed not only yourself but the whole gay community. It was so typical of the flamboyant aggressive homosexual behavior that myself and most of the free world loathe.

    Who wants to see that shit? Or have it done to them by ANYONE.
    I bet poor Gavin was mortified.

    How would you like it if some straight person with an agenda was groping you? You'd probably vomit. That is how straight persons feel when gays make advances.

    Perhaps if you gays would keep your obnoxious lusting over obvious heteros to yourself and troll amongst each other (no, you aren't going to convert them and being a whining misogynist doesn't help your case.) in polite society then you'd be more accepted.. something to think about anyways :)

  82. 182

    Wow madonna.. way to be a fucking bitch.. that is pretty fucked up no matter what you think about that type of flower.. it is the thought that counts but obviously YOU didn't know that.. what a ungreatful bitch….}:

  83. 183

    she is a fucking wrinkled ugly ass has been. ungrateful bitch!

  84. 184

    and yes she is just a skank from Detroit!

  85. lolli says – reply to this


    oh perez, you are just pathetic, no lol… madonna? please u from detroit cut it out, lol i cant

  86. 186

    I actually have loved Madonna Always and appreciate she is living up to her DIVA status she has earned, Why the F not? Be the Diva you have a reputation for being, keep it real. Keep doing what you do, you made me LMAO and I want more, XOXOX.

  87. 187

    You're lame. I hope your puppet cheekbones and your movie about a Nazi sympathizer keep you cozy at night.

  88. 188

    I agree Zephyr - these are some of the meanest, unhappiest people I have ever seen. They took what happened out of context and try to judge someone who is so beautiful and creative. To every single person who spews all this negativity, reach inside your soul (if you have one) and think before typing away insanely cruel and insensitive things. It all comes back to you. Your unhappiness and your ugly little monsters from within. I don't think you will ever be happy, no matter what anyone does. Why does it matter what Madonna does? Why is it that important to you? Why pick on someone so unique like her, is it because you yourself were picked on? There are some real good therapists out there :) They are waiting for your phone call. Or an angry text!

  89. 189

    How Rude and Crude Madonna! I have always like been the biggest Madonna Fan and followed her career, but this action was tacky! I think she is more arrogant than ever and she should be more polite, especially at her age, with album sells dwindling, in fact, i may not buy her next cd, but will definitely buy a hydrangea plant instead! GREENPEACE!

  90. 190

    Re: Starfishthrower – You need to blow that out your ass.. it is just an opinion from what they saw.. good god already.. and that whole thing about making rude comments because you were picked on, is so over used and bullshit. Some people are just assholes.. get over it.

  91. 191

    Wow, how rude. The fan was just trying to give a nice gesture–shouldn't matter what kind of flower it was!

  92. 192

    Re: Vigilant Phantom – Therapy Vigilant Phantom - Therapy - you need to get some help.

  93. 193

    Re: Vigilant Phantom – By the way - I see your point. There are just a lot of angry people out there (you call them assholes) I call them angry. People should just be more caring thats all.

  94. M: says – reply to this


    lol this is funny. she said -2 but he didnt know that " she thanked . she can be allergic to the flowers but she said he didnt know that.she wasnt a bitch. she just had a reaction like we all have when somoene give us things he dont like or we are allergic. big deal. she was nice with him and said " he didnt know that " she wasnt rude at all

  95. M: says – reply to this


    Re: cap chick – shut up woman…. are u ppl insane?? madonna is not rude to anyone. she thanked her fan and she probably doesnt like it but she said " he didnt know that" she wasnt rude . she is never rude. she just had a reaction. shes probably allergic. so big deal. she wasnt rude to her fan at all. and madonna never disrespect us.its funny cause gaga had many things like that and perez never post it.

  96. M: says – reply to this


    Re: bev7894 – shut up.madonna is not a bitch .madonna is the most inependent woman an the most hard working woman i know.she just ahd a reaction.she wasnt rude to her fan. im sure u had a reaction like that too. it happens. shes probably allergic to them. what a big deal. and who wrote that …. who said that subtittles are true?? this is funny .madonna always help ppl.her fans and ppl who need her. shes not a bitch.shes just strong and very very funny, she is always kidding around. u didnt know the rest of the video.madonna is one of the most serious person in the businness.shes a single mum of 4 that takes care of everything,from her family to her work life and charity. ppl should thank madonna for being the person who gave more money to charity all over those years.without criticizing her for this. this is funny nothing more. shes not fake like gaga that is one thing in front of her fans and another to other ppl. this is a funny thing AND SHE SAID TO HER FAN " HE DIDNT KNOW" SHE WASNT RUDE.

  97. M: says – reply to this


    OMG IF U KNEW MADONNA U KNOW SHES ALWAYS KIDDING LIKE THIS…. this isnt serious. shes always amazing to her fans and in the video u see her saying " he didnt know" that her fan didnt know she doesnt like that flower.but she apreacheates what he did.but come on ppl. a woman that always do everything for other ppl who need.this is just funny. u didnt watch the rest of the video. shes always kidding around. but shes always there to help. like giving money even to fans who need. rude is a person like gaga that is fake as hell and then steals money from charity in japan….for example. madonna is kidding.some ppl think shes a bitch but when that ppl meet madonna they change their mind quickly. shes so funny and down on earth. shes just kidding but she appreaciates this a lot…. like she said " her fan didnt know it " that she doesnt like that flower.this is funny

  98. 198

    I had to make an account to comment on this… I'm absolutely stunned at everyone's reaction to this… it's been blown completely out of proportion.

    I think it's unfathomably hypocritical to complain about Madonna being a bitch by calling her 'pathetic' 'whore' 'trash' 'c**t' and telling her to 'drop dead'. You're all just as bad.

    She didn't kill anyone, she just didn't like flowers. Good lord.

  99. M: says – reply to this


    just a ridiculous person could think this is rude.this is funny.shes always kidding with stuff. she said her fan didnt know that it happened to all of us. when someone give us something u dont like. she thanked and she said he didnt know. at leats shes the person in the business that helps more who needs. and everytime she tours in a country she gives money to help the schools ad hospitals.no other singler does that. she isnt rude. she is nice and down on earth like everybody that knows her say. even GAGA SAID MADONNA IS THE MOST WONDERFUL PERSON SHE KNEW. mdonna is very nice,everybody says it. but shes always kidding around. no big deal

  100. M: says – reply to this


    omg ppl wake up.SO WHAT. MADONNA MAKES FUN OF ALL.SHE LOVES TO BE FUNNY. SHE EVEN MAKES FUN OF HERSELF….. this is not a big deal. and she said that her fan didnt know she didnt like that flower. she loved her fan atitude-and all of us had this reaction too. when someone give us somthing we didnt like it. she is funny but at least shes the only person who really helps who needs,from her fans to poor ppl .everytime she can she gives money to charity. at leats she doesnt steal from charity LIKE GAGA DID IN JAPAN.

    madonna is just kidding around.she loved what her fan did. and she said her fan didnt know that, whens omeone give us something we didnt like it we react the same way. if u knew madonna u know she never lies. she isnt fake. she thanked him….she loved what he did. she never said she doesnt. and she makes fun of herself all the time. ppl who know her say shes very down on earth and even gaga said shes the most wonderful person she met.MADONNA IS REALLY WONDERFUL AND SHE GIVES EVERYTHING SHE HAS TO PPL WHO NEED. but she makes fun of everything. she kids around all the time. what a big deal.come on. what her fan did she loved it. she was just talking about the flower. so what.at leasts he isnt fake like other stars that put fans pgifts on the garbage like gaga does

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