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Madonna Is Not A Fan Of Hydrangeas!

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Duly noted!

Check out Madonna's priceless reaction as a fan gives her some hydrangeas at the Venice Film Festival (above).


P.S. We absolutely loathe hydrangeas too! Ha

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445 comments to “Madonna Is Not A Fan Of Hydrangeas!”

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  1. M: says – reply to this


    first she says her fan "doesnt know that " she loves what he did for her. and she was only talking about the flowers. those eyes roll doesnt mean anything .u dnt know if someone was talking to her about something else and u cant even undrstand what she says. who wrote the subtittles cant even understand what she says. and madonna always love what ppl give her. she always give everything to ppl. shes the only artist who gave more money to charity. she doesnt steal from charity like gaga did. and she is always making fun of everything .even from herself. like gaga said shes the st wonderful person she met. and she really is.this is just a reaction that we cant even know if its true. at least she loves her fans and give us all. from money to words. but sheis very funny

  2. M: says – reply to this


    from the words " but he didnt know that " u guys dont understand. she love what her fan did. she was just saing she doesnt like the flowers but her fan "didnt know that " just that. she isnt fake. she isnt rude. shes always very direct. she always was.but she makes fun of herself and all.shes wonderfull. she helps everybody. so what. this is funny.no big deal. shes not saying she doesnt like what he did …nooo. shes was talking about the flowers.she does everything to her fans and for the countries she visits. shes actually the celebrity that gives more money to charity than anyone else. so stop criticizing a person that helps and doesnt steal from charity like gaga did and doent throw gifs to the garbage like gaga an many celebrity does…. SHE SAYS HER FAN DIDNT KNOW THAT. AND U CANT EVEN UNDERSTAND WHAT SHE SAYS. DO U KNOW HOW MANY VIDEOS PPL SUBTITTLE IT WRONG??? millions. madonna autogaph her fans in that press conference.watch the rest of the video nd u see how love lly she is. at leats she isnt fake like the rest of celebrities. madonna is always direct ,true…. she even makes fun of herself. ppl should understand the diffference

  3. M: says – reply to this


    wh knows madonna know how serious she is. how true she is … and HOW FUNNY SHE IS. she even makes fun of herself. she os bossy yes but very funny. ppl who met her from gaga to adam lambert to katy perry says shes the most wonderful and down on earth person they knew. and we cant even understand what she says. and she is only talking about the flowers.she loved what her fan did and she says that her fan didnt know she doesnt like that flowers.she can be allergic.and we dont understand what she says. who wrote the subtittles. and at least she never puts her gifts in garbage like gaga does.

    she was always kidding but she loved what her fan did and she gives everything to her fans and to ppl who are poor.

  4. M: says – reply to this


    god bless amdonna for having an amazing heart. a person that really helps poor ppl and actully all the countries everytime she goes on tour she gives part of money to that country. she is not saying she didnt liek what her fan did.she was talking about the flowers. she says her fan didnt know that. she thanked to him.she is always kidding around. and at least she never throws what ppl give her into garbage like all the celebrities does. amdonna is serious and really helps who need. but she s a funny person.ppl who know her know she is always kidding but she has a huge heart and shes always helping who is around her.she was just talking about the type of flower not about the attitude her fan had. and she was there all evening talking to her fans and being nive LIKE GAGA SAID MADONNA IS THE MOST WONDERFUL PERSON SHE KNOWS. and everubody says even britney spears says amdonna is like a mum. madonna helps everybody,she was only talking about a flower. that flower can make her remember of an ex lover and she probably was saying she doesnt like that flowe cause of that. we dont know. we just read the subtittles .and she loved what her fan did cause she said her fan didnt know that

  5. M: says – reply to this


    madonna helps everybody,she was only talking about a flower. that flower can make her remember of an ex lover and she probably was saying she doesnt like that flowe cause of that. we dont know. we just read the subtittles .and she loved what her fan did cause she said her fan didnt know that …ppl should watch the all video to see she doesnt react like this.this is out of context. she loved what her fan did.

  6. M: says – reply to this


    madonna the celebrity who gave moremoney for charity in the past 15 years…..

  7. M: says – reply to this


    the only person (artist) who really helps poor ppl. if u knew madonna u would know how funny she is. and she is not saying she didnt like the present. she is only saying she doesnt like that type of flower.it can make her remind of something she doesnt want to remind. who knows. she says "he didnt know that" of course.her fan didnt know that. she is not rude.shes just comenting.we all do that

  8. M: says – reply to this


    Re: jjojjo – desperate of what dumbass. shes the only person who hep who needs. she was just talking about a flower. she wasnt talking about her fan attitude.she said she didnt know. desperate are celebrity who want to be madonna so much. madonna is a brilliant mind. shes very down on earth and she always worried with ppl around her and ppl who need. she helps everybody. she was just talking about a flower . shes the only celebrity who spend her own money with ppl who need. that gives more moeny to charity. desperate are ppl like u that are hypocrit. im sure someone gave u a gift and u didnt like the gift.u could love the attitue but not the type of gift. everybody who knows madonna says shes wonderful .inclued gaga. madonna is really wonderful. what a big deal saying she doesnt appreciatethat flower.was not about the gift.was the type of flower. at leats she doesnt steal from charity like gaga does. and she never throws away a gift like all the cwlwbrity does. she is a funny person she always makes fun of herself. so what. what a big deal. she loves her fans. and thats what matters

  9. M: says – reply to this


    love u M

  10. 210

    Re: M: – You're an idiot.

  11. 211

    Don't you just love the way she fights aging like a maniac? Love it…she's gonna get old just like Cher, Diana, Streisand did! It's called TIME…BITCH!!! You can date as many 24-year old kids as you want, but you're always gonna get OLDER…How I hate her NOW! Besides, I paid $140 for her Hard Fucking Candy show and sat as a far as possible from the stage. It might as well be A MONKEY performing and I'd not know the difference. Greedy FUCKING bitch!

  12. M: says – reply to this


    watch the all vide and see she didnt react like this.this is out of context.she said her fan didnt know that and she loved what he did

  13. 213

    She probably broke that person's heart.

    Her, and her music, stopped being likable years ago.

  14. 214

    Way to secure sales there, @sshole.

  15. 215

    What an ungrateful bitch. So self centered. This is why I do not like her! Ugh makes me sick.

  16. 216

    Talentless whore. She's nasty.

  17. 217

    She could at least pretend to like it! Cor, she didn't even attempt to look grateful… What a bitch.

  18. 218

    Re: M: – are you getting paid for that? GET A FUCKING LIFE!! (big L forehead sign)

  19. 219

    Re: Starfishthrower
    Seriously? That's your advice to people who leave negative comments? Get some therapy? Are you even qualified to give that advice, Dr. Phil?

  20. 220

    Why is this the most commented story lately? haha it's just flowers people! I gets kinda redundant when celebs are suppose to be all happy to fans & stuff. So to be real with them is the best medicine for them. Fans can be crazy. Plus if it was a REAL fan then he would have known better not to give hydrangeas to Madonna.

  21. rory! says – reply to this


    Ha, same.

  22. 222

    I guess the public will get real back at her when they don't buy her next single or see her craptastic movie.

  23. 223

    Re: M:
    Why are you constantly implying you know Madonna? You don't know her, and no one on here is convinced that you do.

  24. 224

    This is so rude! How can you support such behaviour towards a fan, Perez? It's pathetic.

  25. 225

    I hate her.

  26. 226

    What an evil wrinkled old twat.

  27. 227

    she is just showing her true colors! dark, and bitchiness! Perez stop kissing ass for bad behavior, she does not have you on her will!

  28. 228

    pretentious ungrateful BITCH!

  29. 229

    That's It! I'm selling my Sex books!!! What a witch!

  30. 230

    Ungrateful, stuck up bitch. Ugh…so sick of these Madonna/Gwyneth Paltrow types that don't appreciate anything.

  31. 231

    I wonder how many abortions Madonna has had over the year; there must be dumpsters filled with her aborted fetuses all over the world.

  32. 232

    Re: bobo99

    I'm gay and have never been a fan. Like someone else posted, she has more ambition than talent. She's a rude pretentious cun*t.

  33. 233

    I recently heard a story of a tourbus driver who asked her for an autograph for his daughter. Madonnas reaction : "I don´t speak to fucking truck drivers!"

  34. 234

    Madonna is finally showing her true self; no matter what she thinks she's done in her life she' really hasn't accomplished anything that matters!

  35. 235

    Wow… the passion behind the hatred of Madonna is crazy emphatic for an under the breath comment with an eye roll. She may be rude, and she may gross me out by dating people that give me more a Harold & Maude vibe, but the amount of comments really gave me better insight into the Madonna world.

    To M, the fanatic stan - let it go, it's ok you love and defend Madonna, but I doubt she gives a shit about her haters and probably is laughing her ass off at this post, if she even bothers to look.

    To the fanatic hater - be honest, most of you seem extremely glad to have a forum and justified reason to type your disdain or "loathing" of the great Bitch.

    And to the regulars who are just consistent and pointing out she missed her manners class and, well, has no class, I think I have become jaded to these objects of the paparazzi & blogs, because I wasn't offended by her under the breath snarky higher than thou comment…. now if she stood up and started beating him with it while screaming "NO MORE BLUE HYDRANGEAS… NO MORE BLUE HYDRANGEAS" well then I might hate on her too.

    So - thanks for the laugh this morning, and next time I see Madonna I'll know exactly what to get her. LOL

  36. 236

    it's not like he's going to give her a white rose dipped in gold. what does she expect

  37. 237

    Re: M: – I can't understand any of this. Perhaps you should take a little nap and try again to convince me that Madonna is Mother Teresa in spandex. Or maybe your time could be put to better use by learning basic spelling, grammar and computer skills. Just a thought.

  38. 238

    What an absolute b#tch. I used to be such a big fan of hers, but her music stinks now…and she looks wretched.

  39. 239

    Wow- I know Wayland Flowers passed away, but it's great to see his puppet Madame is still making the rounds! What a classic…

  40. 240

    Re: Itsmenotyou

    Why does she care, she already made the money off the initial sale.

  41. 241

    Re: M: – Everytime I see your nick I just completely ignore your whole comments. I just thought you needed to know, that way perhaps, next time, you wont even bother writing something almost nobody reads.
    You are one of those humans in the world who are very easy to brainwash.

  42. 242

    shes so overrated.that was rude

  43. 243

    "Priceless reaction?" More like the epitome of rudeness.

  44. 244

    Re: Trolololol – She can't pretend to like it because she is LOUSY ACTRESS!

  45. 245

    Sofia Loren said it best abought this skank " I feel so sorry abought madona she looks so lonely she has nobody"

    I hope ugly Lord-ass acts the same as this skank. Now that will be funny and sad

  46. 246

    people should get over the fact she may not like a flower …

  47. 247

    Wow what a dumb cu.nt! Someone with true class and love for her fans like Britney would never act like this.

  48. 248

    I hate this pompous bitch


    Lame ass poser

  49. 249

    She should have the hydrangeas shoved up her stinky ass.

  50. 250

    I adore hydrangeas … I loathe crass stupid idiots like Madonna and Perez. Perez would cream himself if one of the "stars" he ass licks sent him hydrangeas, so he's just a hypocritical fuckwad.

  51. 251

    She's a B***h!

  52. 252

    Re: jjojjo – nearly choked at the Mother Teresa in spandex, now I need to find a way to erase that dreadful image from my system.. lmao

  53. 253

    LOVE IT!! We need more imperial grand haughty bitches!! Queen Bitch!! XO

  54. 254

    It's pretty clear she's not too loved anymore! She alienated all her fans by being a raging C$NT!

  55. 255

    What a bitch.

  56. 256

    What a bitch! And…. her fake accent really sounds stupid. You're from Detroit you old bitch! Crawl back under your rock.

  57. 257

    For someone who gives herself such 'airs' - she has NO manners. What a b-word. I happen to LOATHE her affected accent.

  58. 258

    What a bitch. And why is she speaking with an British accent?

  59. 259

    This post has gotten mare comments than any you've done in a long time. Did you mean for your readers to respond this way, Perez?

  60. 260

    If a man did that we'd be laughing but because it's Madonna, she's a bitch. YES, she IS a BITCH!! Always has been and that's why WE LOVE HER!! Keep talking about class while you leave your comments on Perez Hilton's gossip site…keep talking about class while we watch crap reality TV!! Dear Madonna, Keep on truckin'!! You're true fans will love you no matter what and the haters are just so cute!! :-)

  61. 261

    the fan was making a nice gesture with the flowers, and she shit all over it by being a stuck up bitch. that is no way to treat a fan, dumb cow.

  62. 262

    Queen BITCH!! and hydrangeas are fuckin' ugly…unless your friends call you Lizzie or Tad and you live in East Hampton village!! Lmfao!! QUEEN BITCH WE LOVE YOU!! I wish she had shoved them in his fuckin' mouth!!!!!

  63. 263

    Re: MICHAELHOLLYWOOD – Really? "I gets kinda redundant when celebs are suppose to be all happy to fans & stuff." Fans are what make them money. They SHOULD be nice to their fans. If they're bitches like this to their fans, they won't have many of them!

  64. 264

    That was really bi*chy of her! That poor guy was just trying to e nice

  65. 265

    I think some of you are overreacting I mean if Madonna, the most famous female entertainer in the world can't be a bitch then who can?

  66. 266

    I liked Madonna since I was a little girl this is so disappointing and completely turned me off!!!! Omg the poor fan if they see this video thinking they did something nice then feeling embarrassed!!! And that stupid voice she said it in?! Also about the fan not knowing shit sorry they don't carry around your life story and facts in their wallet dumb bitch!! Perez fuck you its not at all funny think of the fans feelings ANd lets not forget how much you would think tis was cruel and ungrateful if another celebrity did this….like years ago when Megan fox didn't see the rose that fan was trying to give her…she was such a bitch then wasn't she? Fuck youuuuu

  67. 267

    The fact that she was pompous enough to say that in her fake british accent shows her lack of class. The right response would be to accept the gift gracefully and move on. She just went down a few pegs in my book.

  68. 268

    Hydrangeas are so beautiful, what kind of person doesn't like them? And loathing a flower? How's that even possible?

  69. 269

    what an ungreatful bitch, why did that person even bother, the bitch is known for hating her fans

  70. 270

    Queen Bitch!! Love ya Madge!! Fuck the creepy ”fan”!! Hydrangeas, UGH!! :-)

  71. 271

    Queen Bitch!! Love ya Madge!! Fuck the creepy ”fan”!! Hydrangeas, UGH!!!!

  72. 272

    Queen Bitch!! Love ya Madge!! Fuck that creepy ”fan”!!

  73. 273

    Queen Bitch!! Love ya Madge!!

  74. 274

    Love ya Madge!!

  75. 275

    Fuck that creepy ”fan”!! Hydrangeas, UGH!!

  76. 276

    and the fake accent hahahahahahahaha, she's such a trash

  77. 277

    She's definitely not a super sweet person but she wasn't being vile either. She said thanks and made that comment to the person next to her, not to the person who gave her the flowers.

  78. 278

    Re: POPSCIDICTATOR – Yikes I lost a TON of respect for you now that I know you are a crypt keeper fan.

  79. 279

    Re: TrannyTakesATumble – LMFAO!! I dont' care TTAT, I'll always love you!!

  80. 280

    This makes me love Madonna even more!! I wish she had shoved the hydrangeas down his feygot throat!! LolZ!! :-)

  81. 281

    What a DIVA!

  82. 282

    Madonna is now Queen BITCH!! Love it!! More of us should tell people what we REALLY THINK when we get a gift!! Next time I get somethin' from the well hung Dominican I'm gonna beat him over the head if I don't like it!! From now on I've been inspired by Madge to be really really honest and just throw a gift back in the persons face if I don't like it!! Fuck 'em!! lolZ!!! :-)

  83. 283


  84. 284

    he should have known. he calls himself a fan?? then he def. should have known!! lolZ!!

  85. 285

    Hydrangeas are so Lizzy in East Hampton!! So what if Madonna didn't like them!! I just wish she had spat in his face!! Front page all around the world if she had!! Instead she's gonna have to be happy with the most commented on story on perez in quite a long time!! :-)

  86. 286

    if he was a real fan he should have known, right?? she should have spat in his face. ;-)

  87. 287

    More of us should tell people what we REALLY THINK when we get a gift!! Next time I get somethin' from the well hung Dominican I'm gonna beat him over the head if I don't like it!! From now on I've been inspired by Madge to be really really honest and just throw a gift back in the persons face if I don't like it!! Fuck 'em!! lolZ!!!

  88. 288

    fucking hydrangeas!! i LOVED the look in her eyeZ!! It's like i'm fucking Madonna!! What is this shit?! LMFAO!! QUEEN BITCH!! I wanna be a bitch just like madge!! lmfao

  89. 289

    I so wish she had taken those hydrangeas and shoved them down that feygots throat!! No more wire hangers and no more fuckin' hydrangeas!! lolZ!!

  90. 290

    I've always loved her but now i really love her!! Next time please kick the fucker in the head!! Hydrangeas?!?! What the fuck was this nerd feygot thinkin'!!?? That's stinkin' thinkin!!

  91. 291

    Hydrangeas is such a great name for a little black girl!! LMFAO!!

  92. 292

    I'm gonna fuckin' change my name to Hydrangeas!! What do y'all think??

  93. 293

    This loser calls himself a fan??? Should he know that she hates hydrangeas?? lmfao!!

  94. 294

    Re: cap chick – Nobody cares what you think and certainly not Madonna. She didn't like the flower so fucking what ? She didn't throw it back at him, she said thank you and put it aside. End of story.
    You're a fucking miserable and pathetic bunch if you think that famous artists are public property and that they owe you everything. They don't, you like someone because they create something YOU enjoy, noone bought her records or went to her shows as a favor to her.

  95. 295

    Re: Deltatia – yeah she is pompous!! that's right. uh huh!! lol ;-)

  96. 296

    Re: Shelah – I would!! lmfao!! :-)

  97. 297

    Re: jjojjo – ah, shut it ya fuckin' poor person.

  98. 298

    Re: pollitosg – omg omg lolZ!! your comments are funny because they're stupid!! :-)

  99. 299

    Re: rosebud99 – I loathe rosebud99s!! lolZ!! :-)

  100. 300

    Re: LilSar – waka waka waka…you're useless.

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