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Madonna Is Not A Fan Of Hydrangeas!

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Duly noted!

Check out Madonna's priceless reaction as a fan gives her some hydrangeas at the Venice Film Festival (above).


P.S. We absolutely loathe hydrangeas too! Ha

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445 comments to “Madonna Is Not A Fan Of Hydrangeas!”

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  1. 401

    attention TOOTIE, you can learn something here: ”Madonna pleases herself. Which is still as radical for a woman as it always was. Good on her.”

  2. 402

    attention Miss Podge, you can learn something here: ”Madonna pleases herself. Which is still as radical for a woman as it always was. Good on her.”

  3. 403

    attention Sophia Loren, you can learn something here: ”Madonna pleases herself. Which is still as radical for a woman as it always was. Good on her.”

  4. 404

    live in Italy,the flowers have been given by a TV programm,LE IENE,and they knew that Madonna loathes hydrangeas.It was intentional.

  5. 405

    Re: longlivremadonna – I KNEW IT!! That's why the ”journalist” followed her out and asked where the flowers were!!!!!

  6. 406

    Re: longlivremadonna – I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a STUNT

  7. 407

    Both Perez and Madonna are complete bitches: Perez for not calling her out (ass-kisser!), and Miss Thang for just being plain rude. I've been a fan for a long time and have become more and more uninterested in her as time passes - she's getting creepier by the day. She seriously owes that fan a PERSONAL apology!

  8. 408

    Re: EtaTude – It was a stunt you turd!! The ”journalist” was trying to set her up and he got the real bitch madonna who couldn't give a shit about what any loser thinks of her!! if you were a true fan you would celebrate this moment!! Lmfao!! You're no longer welcome in Madonna's world, get lost fuck nut!! Lolz!!

  9. 409


  10. 410

    Re: POPSCIDICTATOR – It's sad that it seems you don't have anything better to do… What, 30+ comments? Get a job.

  11. 411

    Re: Moogle80 – 30 comments?!?! More like 2000 comments!!!! And I do have a job!! I work for Perez Hilton and I get paid to get under the skin of sheeples like you!! LMFAO!!

  12. 412

    Re: POPSCIDICTATOR – ah and delusional too. Good to know.

  13. 413

    Re: Moogle80 – whoa!! a snappy comeback!! i like it like it!! Lmfao!! :-)

  14. 414


  15. 415

    Re: ipookie – Scratch that ITCH!! ya fuckin' loser!!

  16. 416

    Now everyone knows what a total bitch she is. I've never been a fan. She's a talentless no good piece of shit.

  17. 417

    Re: tellall – Everyone always knew she was a total bitch, dickless!! That's why we LOVE her!! QUEEN BITCH!! That's right, nub rubber!! LMFAO!! :-)

  18. 418

    No one cares about her horrendous movie. It'll bomb big time.

  19. 419

    Re: tellall – LMFAO!! She's a bitch, dickless!! Nothin' bothers MADONNA!! LMFAO!! Keep rubbin' your pimple dick!! :-) Bow to QUEEN BITCH, small one!! LolZ!!

  20. 420

    Madonna is a talentless skank. She's a bitch to her fans. She has no class. She can't act. She can't sing. She can't dance. The reviews are in. She can't direct either.

  21. 421

    Re: tellall – She's is a bitch!! QUEEN BITCH!! You sound a little nervous…usually your comments are stupid but now they're stupid AND tenative!! LMFAO!! Bow to the QUEEN BITCH, pimple dick!!! :-)

  22. 422

    Madonna is a talentless old whore. Everyone can see that she's a bitch. She's nasty. She's mean. She's a c'unt.

  23. 423


  24. 424

    everyone here is saying how much of a bitch and rude person she is and forgetting how rude and bitchy their own comments about here are!! LOL No sense of irony at all!

  25. 425

    Aw I love Madonna but this is so mean!

  26. 426

    Hydrangeas 1 - Madonna 0.

  27. 427

    LOL. Madonna is upstaged by hydrangeas. ROFL! She's even dethroned by flowers! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! She's such a fucking loser.

  28. 428

    No one wants to hear shit about her new film. Oooops… HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  29. 429


  30. 430

    Seems a bit extreme to "loathe" a flower–but everything with this woman always seems to be extreme. Besides, it's not that she doesn't like them–it's all in how she handled the situation. Shame on her for being so rude and tacky, especially with the press present to capture it on film. Just goes to show that all the money in the world can't buy you taste, class, or good manners.

  31. 431

    Also, props to Perez to sucking up to that egomaniacal hag–you never fail to disappoint. How do you breathe with your head stuck so far up so many butts?

  32. 432

    Re: Hey Gurrrl – lol too freakin funny

  33. 433

    Re: mvp – me too when she was a much younger lady she was real.now she is just a snooty bitch and her fans dont matter at all.she forgets who made her.we the fans

  34. 434

    [re=5863498]Re: M:[/re so where have you been.she was caught on camera being an asshole to a fan.he even said how much he loves her.and she thinks the mike is off and makes a rather cold remark about his gift.did you ever wonder about the boy who loves her now feels.well did you?get your head out of your big ass lady.and we all know you have a hard on for maddona

  35. 435

    Re: goodtasteishardtofind – I never said the person was a true fan, I haven't got a fucking clue whether they were or not! I was responding to a couple of people saying a true fan would know she hates hydrangeas! So, get your facts straight before commenting in future! As for your inane remark about the gift, its considered good manners to show gratitude for gifts of any type, Madonna (or anyone else for that matter) can happily slag them off in the privacy of their own home, to do so on a show where you are being recorded is the height of fucking stupidity, as has been proven by the massive backlash to her ingratitude. You are obviously a Madonna stan and I have no time for stans of any description so don't bother replying to me anymore, I have no interest in your opinions ;o)

  36. 436

    you people are such hypocrites!!! like ya'll never been rude or rolled your eyes at something you dont like…THE BITCH IS ALLERGIC TO THE STUPID FLOWERS, and as she said "he obviously doesn't know that"…but had he done his research he would have known better, IMBECILE!!! gaga told french people to kiss her ass and stormed out while the tv host was still talking to her right after a performance on some french tv show and no one said shit about that…get over it!! she's not a hypocrite, she said what she felt,ITS CALLED BEING REAL something La CACA LACKS OFF!!! #ops u didnt know i couldn't speak my mind!!>>>HUMAN NATURE.

  37. 437

    Ok Ive always loved Madonnas performance art, very talanted, but her personality has always pissed me off a bit. I mean cmon, hes a fan, thinking of you, admires you, even if u hate the flowers (which is fine), you could keep that comment to yourself and just smile. Like when someone does something nice for you like that its hte thought that counts. That was so unnessessairy =(

  38. 438

    Wow… Just wow… If this is how she treats the PEOPLE (FANS) who make her then the hell with her new shite album and concert. That was like beyond rude and i'm sure the other person must of felt hurt that his idol was such a biotch to him.

  39. 439

    Re: oxceranoid – She' QUEEN BITCH!! Bow you fuckin' cock worshiper!! lol

  40. 440

    Re: The bomb
    "THE BITCH IS ALLERGIC TO THE STUPID FLOWERS, and as she said "he obviously doesn't know that"…but had he done his research he would have known better,"
    Yeah, I'm pretty sure Madonna's allergies are available for public research. Do you also know the brand of toilet paper she uses to wipe her ass?

  41. 441

    Perez, WTF? You would piss and moan about this if it were a different celebrity. Do you have any manners? OH DUHHH, of course not, you're perez hilton, the biggest douche in hollywood; next to madonna of course. MADONNA, MUST YOU PUSH YOUR FAKE ACCENT, SNOBBY ATTITUDE AND CHICKEN SKIN LOOKING ARMS IN OUR FACE? Can't you be like most celebrities and at least ACT like you aren't in love with the smell of your own farts? Poor stupid B!tch, you have lost TONS OF FANS because of this. It shows your true d bag, chicken skin, fake british accent ways. And to think I used to be a HUGE FAN!

  42. 442

    Rumor has it Madonna loves her TickleMe Plant " It really does move and close its leaves when Tickled!
    or just search Tickleme Plant

  43. 443

    Re: Nikkicat85 – Madonna love the TickleMe Plant for sure and how it moves and closes when Tickled

  44. 444

    Re: Deltatia – Madonna loves how the TickleMe Plant moves and closes its leaves when Tickled!

  45. 445

    Re: cap chick – Madonna loves how the TIckleMe Plant closes its leaves and lowers its branches when Tickled!

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