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Hear It Here! Blake Shelton's Version Of Footloose For The Remake!

| Filed under: Music Minute

Blake Shelton was given the task of re-imagining the classic Kenny Loggins jam Footloose for the remake of the classic movie and we have to hand it to him … it's not half-bad.

Here's hoping we'll be able to say the same when the movie comes out!

Check out the video (above) to hear The Voice coach's version of the song!

U like?

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28 comments to “Hear It Here! Blake Shelton's Version Of Footloose For The Remake!”

  1. 1

    I sadly don't like it. The original song was so much better and Shelton sounds like he is just singing his way through it without really letting "loose". Hopefully the movie will be way better than this.

  2. 2

    country just dont cut it

  3. 3


  4. 4

    the Hough girl is not a good actress. The movie will tank.

  5. 5

    I like it a lot..Im not sure about the movie, no one can do it like Kevin

  6. 6

    I still like the original better. Why are there so many remakes? Have they completely run out of ideas?

  7. 7

    blake shelton is sooo annoying

  8. 8

    It's not bad. But it's such a iconic song it'll never catch on. Same thing happened with Arthur, they redid the theme song there and they did a good job, but it's wasn't as iconic as the original. Kenny Loggins is still out there, they should have asked him to update it.

  9. 9

    this is by far one of the worst remakes of a song to date. after watching the extended trailer for the movie, i will say, that it looks awful. the original has one of the best soundtracks to date, and it sure didn't have 1 ounce of country. i predict that this soundtrack has its highest sales at wal-mart. 2 things bumpkins can't live without, wal-mart and country music.

  10. 10

    Seriously? Didn't a contestant from American Idol covered this and sounds exactly like this.

  11. 11

    Remakes are not for people who love the original. Remakes are to introduce a new generation to a great story. I love this version of the song! Blake does an amazing job and he's not too bad looking either;) Miranda Lambert is one lucky lady.

  12. 12

    i dunno…i dont mind it. its pretty good.

  13. 13

    Re: joey joe – that comment makes you sound like an ignorant ass hole.

  14. 14

    Hated the original, this one is even worst!!!

  15. 15

    Another Hollywood FLOP!

  16. 16

    Not a fan of country.

  17. Coqi says – reply to this


    Stop fucking with my childhood. This generation needs to come up with their own iconic entertainment.

  18. 18

    Blake Shelton can do NO wrong in my eyes. Enough said.

  19. 19


  20. 20

  21. 21

    Re: LE BAMBI LOU BOP SHE BOP – I completely agree with you. I love the original, and although I think Blake is a great guy, the chorus was an anticlimax. Like you said, it was sung without really letting "loose". Not enough energy or "spirit".

  22. 22

    He played it really safe, didn't he? I like it, though.

  23. 23

    I love Blake Shelton, but this just isn't doing it for me.

  24. 24

    Re: lalaaly55 – - Why can't the new generation just appreciate the originals? Nine times out of 10 they are so much better than any remake.

  25. 25

    Another remake that I'll not be seeing.

  26. 26

    sadly I don't like it either. It's like he's sleeping through it or something. I guess the 80's rocked harder then the 10's

  27. 27

    This cove doesn't even come close to capturing the energy of the original. Perez, you know you'll think the movie is "amazeballs" when they start paying you to advertise on your site. SELL OUT!

  28. 28

    i like it but agree that it doesn't quite live up to the original. he has a lovely voice though.