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Chaz Bono: People Without Gender Dysphoria Aren't Going To Catch It From Watching Me Dance.

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ABC News interviews Chaz Bono amidst all the critics bashing his presence on Dancing With The Stars.

As he explains his focus has just been on the dancing, he genuinely fails to see what the big deal is about his gender.

…because, really, what IS the big deal?

Chaz insists he's just in it for the dancing, no political agenda, and that people who don't watch the show because of him, well, he thinks that's just crazy.

And we completely agree.

We also concur with his mother, Cher, when she says the vast majority will love him. A-MEN, sistah! A-MEN!

Watch the full interview above if you haven't already. His reactions to the questions are so sincere!

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65 comments to “Chaz Bono: People Without Gender Dysphoria Aren't Going To Catch It From Watching Me Dance.”

  1. 1

    You go Chaz!!! I'm cheering for you!! (and Nancy Grace)
    Can hardly wait to watch it.

  2. 2

    not a man. will never be a man regardless of what ever frankenstein apparatus SHE has sewn on or how many hormones SHE overdoses on. Genetically female always. looking thru the world thru female eyes always. its unfortunate she hates herself so much.

  3. 3

    If you read the posts, mario, not just here, but on other sites, some people do not understand exactly what Chaz's GENDER IS. "He' has said it is a mind thing in interviews, but people do not recognize sex and male/females like that. NEITHER does the law is most states. Chaz still has some female parts and it is confusing to many-like my teens. And that 'pregnant man' who is yelling because CHAZ ruined any chance for him/her to be on the show…. He/her is a man from the waist up, from the waist down, FEMALE.

  4. 4

    I hate (or should I say 'absolutely loathe') the use of the term 'political agenda' whenever a gay or transgendered person is in the spotlight. It comes across so negative, as if they have some evil plan. The only thing on the so-called agenda is equality and an end to discrimination. Nothing to be afraid of. As far as Chaz on the show - I agree completely with his statements that it is a dance show - nothing more. Go Chaz!

  5. 5

    I choose not to watch. I HATE… this dumb show anyways. It isn't very good anyhow. Chaz will go home first though just you wait and see.

  6. 6

    tolerance and acceptance is NOT the same thing. Alternate lifestyles are not okay! I'll tolerate your delusions but i'm not accepting of them.

  7. d.f. says – reply to this


    Re: jamesG – i was going to comment but you said it so well i stand by you and say, YOU ARE RIGHT!

  8. 8

    Re: jamesG – You are so correct JamesG I am with you all the way!!!!

  9. 9

    Re: Shelah – I will tolerate your hatred…but I will not accept your hatred. YOU BIGOT! Go fuck your bible.

  10. 10

    SONNY just thanked God that he's already DEAD!

  11. 11

    I was getting a bit sick of the whole chaz bono thing recently. however, he seems like a really nice guy who just wants to be part of this show. he's not pushing any "agenda" or trying to raise the profile of transgendered people. he's simply there to dance. if his gender is confusing to people, then they need to mind their own business. it's nothing to do with them at all. most of us are lucky, as we're born in the body we were supposed to be born in. however, if most people had any idea of the commitment and pain that transgendered people had to go through in order to achieve the body that they feel they were denied at birth, they would think twice about how they judge them.
    for somewhere that is so economically and technologically forward, america is a very ideologically backwards place. it's worrying that people can believe an old story book and push the "agenda" of an entity whose existence is yet to be proven, but deny the existence of transgendered and gay people (something we know that exists). america needs to stop looking for the answer in the bible - a book that was written when we believed the world was flat, the sun revolved around us and poor crop harvests were the result of witchcraft - and accept things that are happening on its doorstep instead of trying to resist them.
    i will be in the US on 19th september and i will watch DWTS to show my support for Chaz.

  12. 12

    Re: jamesG – There is also the mental aspect. It is a complex situation that you are not only over simplifying, but also adding an attitude of derision and disdain. How about a little compassion?

  13. 13


  14. d.f. says – reply to this


    Re: whatthe321 – such language. aren't you glad you live in a country where you can show your ignorance and say what you said about the Bible and not worry? say that about the Koran (Evan in this country) and see how long you'll be walking. i concur with shelah's statement and i don't follow any Bible or Koran. what should i go fornicate with? not myself. that would be impossible. i know you can use your brain and think of a more intelligent rebuttal come on i dare you. i have faith in you sonny. i really do.

  15. 15

    Re: d.f. – oh go fuck her bible then and shut the fuck up. I will tolerate you but I will not accept you.

  16. 16

    Re: d.f. – Oh and another thing….If you don't have a bible or anything like it then go fuck a rose bush and get some thorns stuck in you ass. THEN EAT SHIT AND DIE!

  17. 17

    Re: amycakes86 – Could not have been said any better. It is had for any of us to understand, not having gone through it. And it is a shame people aren't more tolerant of that which they can't understand. I always knew I was a heterosexual female and that makes it hard for me to understand what someone like Chaz has had to deal with. But my sympathies are support are with hin and I am happy seeing that it looks like he has finally found some peace.

  18. 18

    Re: whatthe321 – spoken with true ignorance and intolerance…lol… dumbass! And by the way, what do you have against the bible? AND where in any of my statements did i mention religion? However, since you went there, I may be going to hell when it's all over and done with, but i'll be laughing all the way there listening to the gays try to explain themselves to GOD!… LMAO

  19. 19

    I continue to be amazed that this ie even an issue. Like he says, he's dancing, nothing else. As far as it being too much for children - boloney! Children are wonderful, smart, loving, accepting creatures! Give them credit!

  20. 20

    This is the most disappointing set of comments I've seen in a long time on Perez.

    "Alternative lifestyles are not okay," Says who?! And which kind are the "not okay" kind…please, I'd love to know.

    "not a man. will never be a man regardless of what ever frankenstein apparatus SHE has sewn on or how many hormones SHE overdoses on" Go fuck yourself, his life experience is now that of a man, and gonads/sex organs/ etc. shouldn't matter…why do you care which "gender" he refers to himself as. Why does anyone care?!

    Whatthe321 I understand that you're probably 15 and feel extremely comforted by the anonymity of this site, but you're a troll…and you're not even a funny troll.

    Shelah, you are the last sane person on here, because the show is an absolute piece of shit.
    They all use the show for free fitness training anyways.

    Furthermore, if Chaz wants people to not care about his appearance on the show, perhaps he should stop talking about how he doesn't want people to care about him being on the show…and then the people who care, should just not watch the show…it seems pretty simple.

  21. 21

    Shelah, I take it back…you're ridiculous too.

  22. 22

    I think she (Chaz) is missing the real point, it is that no one wants to watch a fat disgusting slob with stupid facial hair waddle around and try to convince anyone it is dancing… what a pig

  23. 23

    Chaz craves all the attention/criticism/press. I don't feel any compassion for her because she purposely did it to herself. Why do I have to accept it/her? I don't! I won't be watching DWTS because of her. And furthermore! She's not the first transgendered person in the world. Why should she be making all the money/notoriety off of it? She's no "Trail Blazer".

  24. 24

    I know he's the child of Sonny and Cher - but why is he a "celebrity"?

  25. 25

    He's JUST DANCING - big deal.

  26. 26

    You go, Chaz! You have a tremendous amount of courage and fortitude. Not many people could handle what he has.

  27. d.f. says – reply to this


    Re: whatthe321 – i still have faith in you. you can do it. you respond with intelligence.

  28. 28

    Lets be clear here for one moment.

    No matter how you look at it and everyone can call Caz a HIM, it will not change the fact that CHAZ is a WOMAN.

    Plain and simple.

    Go study the humane body, educate yourself and then come back to me Perezita.

    This has nothing to do with her/him personally and I really do not care if she is a he or she or if she/he dance on DWTS. Also, I already explained to my kids about it and they dont care as well. Kids see and understand things way different than us adults and we should guide them in the best way possible.

  29. 29

    GEORGE S is the one showcasing the issue. Just let people on DWTS try to DANCE.

  30. Mtl23 says – reply to this


    Last I checked I lived in America, it is supposed to be the land of the free, and religion and state are supposed to be separate. If people don't like how someone else lives their life, then don't be friends with them. People should be able to be whatever makes them happy. He is not hurting anyone. Also he looks like a man, so I don't see how kids will be confused unless the parents tell them he used to be a girl. Some of you people sound like you live in the dark ages.

  31. 31

    I truly feel sorry for that poor girl who has to dance with that disgusting circus freak. What an abomination of nature. Sickening…

  32. 32

    How can a dancing show confuse children. Unless you point your finger and shout "girl!! girl!!" how will small children even know? People are people. I'd rather sit and talk with Chaz then Madonna, or Paris, or Lindsay any day. We all deserve a right to be WHO we are without judgement. Are all of you people judging Chaz worshiping yourself as a false idol? Cause MY bible says only God can judge me! Good luck to Chaz, and all the competitors. And to the haters.. i'm sorry your world is so very small.

  33. 33

    I will not be watching dwts because of it. I'm all for equality but I will never consider her a man I don't know what ABC is trying to pull with by using Chaz in this way.

  34. 34

    No problem with your gender situation. Just not looking forward to the giggling fatness. Doesn't matter what sex you are, fat is gross.

  35. 35


  36. 36


  37. 37

    I don't have to tolerate or accept anything, I'm not a fcukin sheep that just goes along with the herd, I'm an independent thinker and people could label me whatever they want because I don't give a fcuk.

  38. 38

    It's not a man or a woman, it's just a pig in pants.

  39. 39

    here lies the problem…if Chastity gets voted off first, she will then cry "america just doesn't understand" and she will blame the 'haters'. there is no winning here, we, as a society are damned if we do accept her and damned if we don't accept her. I for one, will watch only b/c I just love watching brooke burkes 'deer in the headlights' look as she awkwardly interviews the stars and dancers and boy does she like to talk about herself…"remember when derek and I won? remember???". have mercy.

  40. @v@ says – reply to this


    "People without gender dysphoria aren't going to catch it from watching me dance." Lol!
    Chip off the old block. Cher used to come out with the same gems year after year. Props.

  41. 41


  42. 42

    I'm completely over this.. not at all because of the transgender issue, but because the media is making such an obnoxious spectacle of it. Why on earth is this "confusing to children"? They wouldn't know this difference if everyone wasn't talking about it. Would it make everyone feel better if they still considered Chaz a female and had him partnered up with a male dancer? That would be far more confusing, I think. Chaz is human. Chaz is somebody's child. Regardless of his current anatomy, he still has feelings just like everyone else. This could easily be somebody is your own family or your child. It's pathetic to know some of you have so much hatred for somebody you don't even know personally. Get a life. Move on.

  43. 43

    way to go Chaz!!1 I am Cheering for you!!! good luck!

  44. auds says – reply to this


    I don't know what these "family" people are talking about, kids won't be confused! Chaz looks like a dude and you don't need to explain anything to them! If you don't want to watch, ok, but I think Chaz is the only person even worth watching on the show this season anyway. I wouldn't be surprised if this show got even more viewers from the BS "controversy" nonsense. If people just kept their mouths shut & didn't walk around making a big deal out of things, no one would care either way!

  45. 45

    sad she is a man

  46. 46

    Re: amycakes86Re: rosebud99Re: saintlovRe: smasher003 – I agree with you all - very well said.

  47. 47

    ew. that is the most disgusting human being i have ever seen. that's gross. what is that a guy or a girl? that's sick.

  48. 48

    Good grief people get a grip! Unless a parent points it out that Chaz used to be a female or unless the children follow the news how are they going to know? It isn't like Chaz is going to be doing pole dancing or stripping down to his undergarments, he will be fully clothed as a male and, like I said, unless the kids are told they aren't going to be able to tell what gender Chaz was born as.

  49. 49

    My problem with Chaz Bono being on DWTS is not the fact that he's transgendered, but because I don't see him as a celebrity, just as Sonny and Cher's troubled child who had a tough ife, while still living a quite blessed life. This is just personally, but I am not completely ignorant to the fact that he is a celebrity in his own right, as I do know he has been a very vocal advocate for the LGBT community helping in the fight for rightful rights.

    While I don't see him as a celebrity, I still think it's quite commendable of DWTS to have him on the show. I think he'll bring much needed attention and information to those who need it, be them ignorant and bigoted or those going through the same thing.

    If it doesn't effect your personal life, really, what the fuck does it matter? I like how they use children as the issue. It's the parents job to influence and steer their childs lives into the right direction. A television show isn't going to change that, and if it does, GOOD! That person can then grow up and learn to be happy with themselves. They want to talk kids, yet they're ignorant to the fact that a lot of the reason why television does show people or characters in the LGBT community is because kids are turning to drugs, kids have self-esteem issues, and even worse, kids are dying, be them a target of a hate crime or suicide.

    Power to him!

  50. @v@ says – reply to this


    If your kids are confused, Look up & explain the chromosomal aspects of transgender dysphoria to them. There. Easy. Or hang on to the hate.
    Some groups are actually calling for *Christians* to not watch, 'no excuses.' Yeah, because good Christians turn their backs on people because they're different. :roll. Isn't there some passage where Jesus helped a leper at the side of the road, or washed Mary Magdalene's feet?

  51. 51

    Go Chaz! I'm happy to see you focused and ready to perform. To the haters, get over it!

  52. 52

    Re: DemiLovatoTheFatWristCutter – I beg to differ. I would say the correct definition of "sick", would be both your behaviour and mentality. You are not well.

  53. 53

    Re: @v@ – Yes! Lovely point in the first sentence. Everything I have observed makes me strongly believe that this is not purely psychological, as in any type of disorder, but also physical. That their brain is indeed structured similarly to the opposite gender of their body, which recent research has shown indications of. Hormones and genetics may play its part as well. I can't even image the horror and torture of feeling like you're trapped in the wrong body, and instead of people sympathising, they mock you and are disgusted by your misfortune. But it does not shock me, and that's a sad fact.

  54. 54

    Re: saintlov – smartest person in this comment page. Who cares if Chaz is a he/she or a he-she, why are people so upset about this?

  55. 55

    WOW but HOES likes Kristin Cavahoochi should be applauded?!

    Please … Chaz isn't the problem here … it's America's perception of what is right and wrong.

  56. 56

    Why should we have to accept someone that couldn't even accept themselves? Gays are one thing, but to go to the extreme levels this woman did is pathetic. And since you like to quote Gaga so much, you were born this way.. AS A WOMAN!

  57. 57

    I don't understand why this freak is even on the show. He/she/it isn't attractive. It's not a celebrity, what movies has it been in? The only reason that I can imagine is because it's a freak. Like a traffic accident people just want to stop and look out of morbid curiosity but if there's another reason for the life of me I can't come up with it.

  58. 58

    I don't think Europe, Asia, or even Latin America would have a problem with a transgender on a popular dance show. Next news story please thank you.

  59. 59

    I don't know…I've grown up watching Chastity on television and for the record - Cher has always referred to her child as Chaz so that's not new. I don't watch DWTS nor will I just because Chaz is dancing but I wish him well.

  60. 60

    honestly, everyone is making such a big deal of this and that children will be influenced by watching chaz on TV. he is right when he says that all he is doing is dancing. he is not pushing his beliefs onto others, he is just a normal person who is on the show to have fun. its sad that people are so upset over nothing. good for him for not letting the haters get to him.

  61. 61

    I think most of the Bigots out there wouldn't be so hateful if their own child suffered from Gender Dysphoria and had to see firsthand what these individuals go through; the isolation, depression, rejection, disgust with their own genitals, shame, the embarrassment and so on.. Some transgendered individuals have the physical structures in their brain that resemble their desired sex even before hormones. IT'S NOT THEIR CHOICE TO FEEL THE WAY THEY DO BUT IT IS THEIR CHOICE TO LEAD A LIFE THAT MAKES THEM HAPPY. If there were more "FREETHINKERS' in the world, it wouldn't be as hateful as it is.

  62. 62

    Re: jamesG – HE doesn't feel like a woman, so how can he see the world through female's eyes?Re: jamesG

    If the thought of exposing your child to a man who was born a girl repels you, DON'T TELL THEM HE WAS ONCE A SHE. But your kid should be exposed to this situation eventually, why can't you use this as a controlled way of introducing the concept? They're going to meet a woman with a man's voice eventually.

  63. 63

    it's wrong for Chaz to be on DWTS but it's okay for Toddler & Tiaras to have 3 year olds dressed as hookers? We have failed as a society

  64. 64

    You may not agree with the choice that Chaz made to change his physical gender, but you don't have to watch it. I don't like many programs but you know what I do, I change the channel. There are programs shown at all times of the day, on all sorts of channels that are not my thing so I turn the tv off and read a book. I personally have no problem with Chaz. If he's happy so am I and in regards to DWTS, it's a boring program that I wouldn't watch anyway. I can't understand what it must have been like to feel so confused all your life but I can understand wanting to do something about it. For those who claim that it's all just a physical thing and that he will always be a she-you're just plain wrong. There is certainly more to it than that. Think about the children who are brought up as girls and then one day it is discovered that in fact they are physically boys but were mis-identified at birth. It's a rare thing, but it happens. Do these girls suddenly have to start acting like boys? Is that fair, right, easy? There is so much more to gender than anyone can really know. Humans are complex and therefore we all deserve the right to be listened to, sympathised with and be cherished for the person that we really are, not the gender, race or creed. Reading these comments has reminded me how far the world has to go before I will ever want to bring children of my own into it.

  65. 65

    I really don't get this. "It will be confusing to kids". Really? To watch a man dance on a dancing show? When you look at Chaz, there are no mixed signals of anything. He is a man, any kid will see that. He has a complicated back-story, yes, but that is not what he will be in the show. And it is none of our business to make a topic out of what he has in his pants or not. He is a man, and he is on this show, as a man.