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Dr. Phil Opens Up About His Exclusive Interview With Casey Anthony's Parents!

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The show is less than a week away, and Dr. Phil has got A LOT to say about it!

During a recent interview, Dr. Phil opened up about the season premiere of his show, in which he interviews Casey Anthony's parents George and Cindy (above).

Here's Dr. Phil on his interest in the Casey Anthony trial:

"I spent 15 years as a trial consultant and founded a company called Courtroom Sciences Inc. We spent years involved in all kinds of trials and we did trial strategy, witness preparation, jury selection, jury monitoring, and so when you see a case like this, I always pay particular attention to it. And then secondly, when I had my children — I have two boys, Jay and Jordan — it truly changed who I was. And that was the last really big event change in my life until I had a granddaughter. And she is about the age of Caylee. And I would sit there looking at that, not just as a professional but also as a grandfather with a little girl. So when this came up, it became intensely personal for me. I watched it and studied it."

And here's Dr. Phil on why he pursued an interview with George and Cindy Anthony:

"I think people were really unfulfilled by the verdict. We don't know what happened, but here's what we do know: This precious, innocent little girl woke up one day, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed like we've seen in her pictures. And by the end of the day, she was dead. And no one has been held to account. Is there any way that's OK? Does that not bother any rational person that no one has been held to account for this? I know this is really on people's minds; they're really passionate about this."

"And at the same time I got to say, because of my professional background and my personal life experience, this one mattered to me. This one had hooks to me. It was interesting to my viewers; it was interesting to me personally. And I intend to do what I can to find out what happened here. I don't think what was said in court is necessarily what happened. The people closest to this little girl, aside from her mother, the people who were in her life and around the key players in this were Casey Anthony's parents, and I wanted to talk to them, and that's probably not the last people I intend to talk to."

And here's Dr. Phil's "takeaway" from the interview:

"I interviewed them for nine and a half hours across two days. That's a long time to talk to somebody. I organized it in a certain way to talk about different sections of what was going on. And I felt that at the end of it, that they had very candidly and in an unfiltered way told the truth and the reality as they believe it to be."

Certainly sounds like it should be QUITE the episode.

CLICK HERE to read the full interview with Dr. Phil about what will surely be a very intense show.

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2 comments to “Dr. Phil Opens Up About His Exclusive Interview With Casey Anthony's Parents!”

  1. 1

    Dr. Phil is a loud mouth, high maintence diva bitch. even his staff doesn't like him. I feel sorry for his stepford wife. I bet she would love to escape him.

  2. 2

    I don't want to see any more Anthonys on TV. Dr Phil may have watched the trial and mean well, but the Anthony's lied on the stand. They know they lied, so they aren't telling the truth now either. They know that their daughter killed their granddaughter. This sucks, but it doesn't help anyone who watched the trial heal from this experience by their continued lies. I think that Cindy choked Casey on the night of the 15th, and told her that she was going to teach Casey a lesson by taking her away. I think all the lies are covering up for Cindy because Cindy thinks she pushed Casey too far, and she killed Caylee. Cindy, no one is responsible for what happend to Caylee, except for Casey. Any parent in your position might choke their daughter too, if they stole $45,000 from them. Just buck up and realize the situation for what it is. Stop living off your granddaughter's foundation. Move out of state and get a job.