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The Casey Anthony Seizure Theory

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Cindy George Anthony Butterfly

Even though the jury found their daughter not guilty of murdering their granddaughter, Cindy and George Anthony aren't done seeking answers.

And rightfully so!

In an effort to explain little Caylee's death, they've come up with a new theory — Casey Anthony might have had a seizure.

It's reported that when Cindy went on the Dr. Phil Show, she told him Casey suffered gran mal seizures in 2005 and 2008. So she believes it's very possible that Casey was incapacitated during a time when Caylee could have drowned in the swimming pool.

Cindy also believes seizures could be to blame for Casey's difficulty to "sort fact from fiction."

Hmm, interesting thoughts. Interesting thoughts.

The interview airs September 12 so you can get the full story and come to UR own conclusions then!

[Image via AP Images.]

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29 comments to “The Casey Anthony Seizure Theory”

  1. 1

    Oh god, it doesn't matter if she had a seizure or not. If the kid drowned you call 911 you don't throw her in a trash bag with duck tape on her mouth. 100 out of 100 people try to save the child, It's actually even worst if she had a seizure because that means that she is not negligent in the death even more of a reason not to throw the kid in a swamp. DUH, DUMBASS Anthonys!

  2. 2

    Here,s a fact..casey was dancing on table tops/partying ,having a great time.from the moment the child left the planet..cindy & george prefer to think anything other than the fact that they raised a cold blooded killer…the end..

  3. 3

    I dont buy it for one second!

  4. Wheel says – reply to this


    I guess having a seizure also causes you to research cloriform to put your kid to sleep so you can go out whoring it up!

  5. 5

    They need to quit making excuses for their daughter and except the fact that she killed her child in cold blood. No one wants to accept that their child is not perfect but come on, she is a murderer! Hopefully, Dr. Phil gets through to them a little, but doubtful.

  6. 6

    Re: bre_faz – So true.

  7. 7

    I refuse to watch anything where they are being featured, or read any books that have anything to do with them. The whole family knows what happened to Caylee, they are all just covering up the truth.

  8. 8

    Monarch mind control and ritual sacrifice,note the Monarch butterfly in the picture above. George sold them both.

  9. 9

    I have a family member with seizures. There ARE serious issues with memory. HOWEVER, we've never experienced said family member coming out of the seizure, realizing her child is gone & then not doing anything about it/partying for day's on end. Give us a break already & stop making excuses for your adult daughter from what is obviously NOT RIGHT. RIDICULOUS!

  10. 10

    They've basically insulted, maligned a whole community of individuals who already suffer from such a terrible health issue. People with epilepsy, etc don't need another stigma added to their already devastating condition (the fact that they're not capable of taking care of their own children, etc). My family member does a more than wonderful job as a parent. It's the parents of other children & other adults who are scared of her/her condition that make things difficult. Disgusting!

  11. 11

    George and Cindy are TRAAAAAGIC!

  12. 12

    This is ridiculous. We all need to face the facts. Casey murdered her beautiful little girl, and Casey's parents are obviously in denial. The hard thing to watch as n outsider is her parents putting themselves through all of the public scrutiny, because this is going to be a fight that they WILL NOT win. Too sad.

  13. 13

    Re: bre_faz – Spot on! They can believe whatever gets them through the night.

  14. 14

    In my opinion this is total bullshit, so when she woke up from her phantom seizure then she decided to duck tape her mouth and throw Caylee into the woods like trash. These people need to shut up and go away, they made enough blood money on this child and their so called " Missing Children's Foundation" in my opinion is also total bullshit, Caylee was not a missing child she was a murdered child! They have not worked in 3 yrs. Enough said.

  15. 15

    I wouldn't say it covers the whole theory but I can see how it'd affect her. I'm an epileptic and I know I can be dazed for hours after an episode, and I don't even get grand mals.

  16. 16

    During the 3 years in jail and then during the whole trial did we ever see or hear about Casey having any seizures. I am sure that if she did it would have been in the news and even used as a defense in the trial. IT NEVER HAPPENED. She murdered her child fully knowing what she was doing. PARENTS ARE DELUSIONAL.

  17. 17

    Re: TORTEZ
    Dude, put the pipe down.

  18. 18

    Please tell me Dr. Phil eats them alive…

  19. 19

    I'm sorry, this is total bullshit. Yes, NotSoGay you're 100% correct, you call 911 no matter what the circumstances are! Also, my 3 year old son just had a seizure last week and I've spoken to MANY doctors since then (including a pediatric neurologist) and they made it very clear that seizures would most likely not cause any damage to his learning or behavior. Yes, he has lost bits of his memory from that day but that's all. So, no, it would not effect her ability to separate fact from fiction! Seriously, these people need to get a clue. Your daughter murdered your grandchild. Making up crazy stories like this will not bring Caylee back, nothing will.

  20. 20

    As a certified sufferer of epilepsy, I really don't give a damn if she had a gran-mal or not, she should have had proper supervision. Exactly when is this horrible event going to become a non income producing event for this family? NEVER????? Dr Phil the whore monger, needs to stop this insanity.

  21. @v@ says – reply to this


    Well, gee, we'll never know because the bunch of you didn't report a damn thing for a freaking MONTH, and one or more of you sneakily and criminally buried the little girl in some wooded area incognito. It couldn't get any fishier in here, so I have to go open a big, honking window.

  22. 22

    No, no, no! It was seizures at all. She was abducted by aliens and received regular anal probing. You see, it wasn't George or Lee who molested her afterall, it was aliens. For GODS SAKE, what version of the "truth" is this now? What a giant steaming smelly load this is. The entire family should be injected with truth serum. That's the only way a single one of them will EVER tell the truth!

  23. 23

    Re: natncodyRe: natncody – Typing error there. I meant to say NOT seizures at all.

  24. 24

    Re: natncody – I meant to say NOT seizures

  25. 25

    OMG this is the stupidest theory I've ever heard. Children don't just die everytime mommy has a seizure.

  26. 26

    A family member has had severe grand mal seizures since the moment of birth. He graduated from high school, has worked all of his life, is happily married. He is kind, lovable, HONEST and wouldn’t hurt a flea. He chose to not have children but he is a fantastic uncle, brother and son. Put that in your sneaker, Cindy.

  27. 27

    if that was true trust me baez would have used it

  28. 28

    And I suppose the seizure theory explains everything: Caylee just HAPPENED to have died during this supposed seizure.

    And also somehow managed to get duct taped, wrapped in the Winnie-the-Pooh blanket, 2 plastic trash bags and a laundry bag; and THEN transported 2-3 blocks and dumped in the swampy area where her remains were finally found.

    Cindy didn't think this latest attempt to exonerate Casey through very well, did she?

  29. 29

    So, if she had a seizure, why didn't she just say so? Would have spent less time in jail probably and this thing wouldn't have been all over the news.