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Did Jackie O HATE Martin Luther King Jr.???

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Yikes! Sounds like we're REALLY going to learn a lot about Jackie O during this show.

During ABC/Diane Sawyer's upcoming two hour special entitled Jacqueline Kennedy: In Her Own Words (above), we'll learn about Jackie's feelings towards Martin Luther King Jr.…and they are complicated ones.

Here's what Jackie O had to say about MLK Jr., months after JFK's assassination:

"I just can't see a picture of Martin Luther King without thinking, you know, that man's terrible."

Apparently, FBI director J. Edgar Hoover had arranged "secret wiretaps," which supposedly revealed that MLK Jr. "tried to arrange a sex party while in town for the March on Washington," and he "made derogatory comments during the president's funeral," both of which did not sit well with Jackie.

Here's what civil rights leader/MLK friend Rep. John Lewis had to say about Hoover's wiretaps:

"He did everything possible to make Dr. King look like somebody from another planet. I cannot believe that Dr. King ever said anything in a negative manner about President Kennedy. He admired, he loved…the Kennedy family."

"He was so moved by the speech that President Kennedy had delivered on June 12th, 1963, when he said the question of civil rights was a moral issue."

Here's what Jackie O's daughter Caroline Kennedy had to say about her mother's feelings toward MLK Jr.:

"Obviously J. Edgar Hoover had passed on something that Martin Luther King said about my father's funeral, to Uncle Bobby and to Mommy. And obviously, she was upset about that."

"It shows you the poisonous … activities of J. Edgar Hoover, and the idea that this is going on at the highest levels of government is really twisted."

"If you asked her what she thought of Martin Luther King overall — I mean she admired him tremendously."

What do U think? Did Jackie O really hate MLK Jr.? Or was she just a victim of J. Edgar Hoover's "poisonous activities?"

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