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Teen Mom Gets Off Easy In Assault Case!

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She's off the hook - at least until she effs up again!

Jenelle Evans of Teen Mom, who was charged with affray after beating down a chick in March, was sentenced today to 30 days suspended jail time and 12 months of probation, on top of a $100 fine, required anger management courses, and 24 hours of community service!

According to her attorney:

"It came out that it wasn’t Jenelle being the aggressor and Ms. Truett as the victim. It was presented as a bad decision on everybody’s part and I don’t think there was a single victim in the case.”


We just hope she can keep herself out of trouble during her probation!

We've all seen how good she's been at doing that in the past!

Learn your lesson, gurl!

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8 comments to “Teen Mom Gets Off Easy In Assault Case!”

  1. 1

    Teen Mom is detrimental to our already failing society!!

  2. 2

    She has had it tough. Her mother is a piece of work. Janelle's a good kid who just needs some love. She said her mother never tells her that she loves her. All her mother ever does is YELL at her. It's really a shame. Her mom is raising Janelle's son, but when he gets older, you can just see the writing on the wall……lots of yelling and blaming by grandma, and he'll end up in drugs or jail. Grandma is really a bad role model. So sorry, Janelle.

  3. 3

    This kid needs to just be a kid and stay out of the spotlight. She needs time to grow up so she can be a good parent.

  4. 4

    She could be KStew's lil sista.

  5. 5

    Re: Cassielyn – I agree about the mom part. From how it appears, it seems that her mom is just as trashy (if not more so) than she is.I've only seen a couple of episodes, but all of them showed Janelle's mom trying to start a fight even when Janelle was being OK. And didn't she even call Janelle a mistake, or something like that?? But the worst thing I saw her mom do was say something like "Well you wouldn't have this kid if you would've kept your damn legs closed." I mean really- who in the hell talks like that?? I know they live in an OK middle-class home, but that statement just screamed "trailer trash" to me. Don't get me wrong- Janelle's no saint, either. But in this case, you can see that the apple obviously didn't fall very far from the tree.

  6. 6

    classy people

  7. 7

    She's doing her best, give her credit. Jenelle is in college, signed up for dance classes, passed all her drugs tests, is job hunting and looking after her kid. Give her credit where it's due, she's come a long way.

  8. 8

    I am so SICK of people in this country always blaming T.V!! Teen Mom didn't tell her to whoop that's girls @$$.. America has really got to stop blaming t.v, movies, music it's called ENTERTAINMENT and that's what it's there for to ENTERTAIN!! P.S OUR SOCIETY IS FAILING BECAUSE PEOPLE ARE NOT BEING REAL PARENTS ANYMORE If people would be PARENTS and not FRIENDS with their kids they would probally have more control over them!! Go back to your bible people Spare the rod spoil the child!! IJS