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Good! Woman Who Hit Reese Witherspoon With Her Car Ordered To Retake Driving Test!

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Sounds like a fair penalty to us!

Earlier this week, poor Reese Witherspoon was hit by a car while jogging around her neighborhood. The driver, an 84-year old woman was cited by the police at the scene, and is now being forced to retake her driver's test.

Within the next 30 days, by order of the Santa Monica police department, the woman must complete a full re-examination as well as take an eye exam and provide official with a list of all the medication she's taking.

Hope she's an early bird. She's gonna be standing in a lot of lines!!!

[Image via WENN.]

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15 comments to “Good! Woman Who Hit Reese Witherspoon With Her Car Ordered To Retake Driving Test!”

  1. 1

    Age limits on driving are long overdue. If you cant drive until you reach age 16, then there should be a revocation age, maybe around 75. 70 is too young to stop and 80 is too old to keep driving.

  2. 2

    You seem a little too mean-spirited about this to me.

  3. auds says – reply to this


    Hallelujah! Age limits for driving are LONG overdue!!

  4. 4

    Those of you talking about Age Limits for driving, we'll see how you feel about it when you get to that age. It's not like you are gonna be young forever :) Just sayiiiing

  5. yeez says – reply to this


    I'm all for requiring retests after a certain age, but to argue that every single person over 80 is unable to drive is ridiculous. People age differently and have different levels of ability. She could have just as easily been hit by a 16 who was texting and not paying attention.

  6. 6

    Be nice. This is the grandmother of a friend. She feels terrible about the accident and is absolutely mortified. While I think the police action and retaking the driving test is just, being mean is not.

  7. 7

    Most people should be banned from breeding..Lets implement that as well..

  8. 8

    Re: jeanmarie – I agree. Have a little sympathy for the elderly. It is such a difficult time for an older person. Losing independence can be very humiliating. I agree that there should be more testing with older drivers, but it should be handled with compassion.

  9. 9

    Wonder what the consequence would be if it had been Lindsay driving. So it's not a case of you get away with every thing in California. It's just different rules for different people. Got it. I'm sure the 84 yr old woman is sorry and not trying to figure out lawyers to say she didn't do it. Glad Reese is okay though.

  10. 10

    Ok this is what was said on E,

    Even though the 84-year-old driver broke the law by failing to yield to Witherspoon as she was running within an unmarked crosswalk, causing the accident, a source told Us Weekly that the 35-year-old actress opted not to take the woman to court .

    Now I might be crazy but aren't all crosswalks marked? And if it isn't marked that would me Reese was jaywalking and at fault.

  11. 11

    Frst off, her legs look great…you can tell she is a runner….secondly, glad she was not hurt…lastly, yes elderly should take a driving test regularly!!! If you recall, the elderly man who caused the Santa Monica farmers market disaster was not tested either…sad.

  12. 12

    Re: NookiesWARe: NookiesWA – You should be the first one

  13. 13

    Re: Mrs. Gosling – Sigh, The fact that you think you can say whatever you want to an adult is breath taking..Where are your parents little girl? Shut the fuck up kiddo.

  14. 14

    Perez is being very mean about this! What happened to equal rights etc.? Also younger people cause way more accidents, they should have to retake their tests too. Lastly Reese Witherspoon probably did something reckless on the road, making it easier for that accident to take place.

  15. 15

    Why doesn't the stupid bimbo job on a track or in a damn gym. That should teach her a life lesson. Stupid ho…there are CARS on the freakin road!