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Summit Entertainment Trying To Sue Twilight.com

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Summit Sues Twilight Website

Summit Pictures has filed a lawsuit against Twilight.com, which was registered all the way back in 1994 (predating all the books and movies), because they feel like it's confusing consumers and hurting their brand.


One look at Twilight.com and we can tell immediately that it isn't official — and because it actually links to Amazon to point people in the direction of buying the books and movies, this seems really ridiculous.

It just looks like a giant company whining that they don't own the rights to what could be the official site. A giant company mounting legal battles because they don't control EVERYTHING that has to do with Twilight.

In the meantime, Summit says in its complaint that the false implication of Summit's endorsement of Twilight.com constitutes unfair competition, is likely to confuse consumers, will injure the studio's reputation, and will result in irreparable damage. The studio is suing for copyright and trademark infringement and demanding gains, profits and advantages from the defendant.

It appears he registered the website all the way back in 1994, predating the rise of the Twilight books and movies. Summit has been attempting to shut down his activities since at least 2009. According to the complaint, Markson responded to a cease-and-desist letter by denying Summit's claims.

Honestly, it looks like bullying and is actually kind of pathetic.

We wonder if any court will side with the behemoth after actually seeing the site. It looks like a harmless fan site!!

What do U think? Does the studio stand a chance?

[Image via AP Images.]

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6 comments to “Summit Entertainment Trying To Sue Twilight.com”

  1. 1

    This site is parked. This means that the owner of the site makes money any time someone goes directly to the link in their browser, or clicks on the links posted on the site. This person is making money off of people going to this site, but since it was registered before the books came out, he is one lucky sob. ICANN laws will most likely protect the owner.

  2. 2

    Sounds a bit like how Lady Gaga recently put the heavy on Tumbler, until they took an account off some innocent fan and turned it over to her. You wouldn't read about it in one of Mario's blogs though of course. Good luck to the person who innocently registered that domain years ago. The studio should have to pay them shitloads if they want the account. Next, they will be trying to trademark the word "twilight" and expecting a commission every time someone uses it in a different context. It all reminds me of Nazism to be honest.

  3. 3

    Summit is a shitty studio that much like AMC cannot deal with a successful franchise. These guys are suing anything and everything that even mentions Twilight..Its ok, Grats on your single somewhat successful franchise..10 years from now Twilight will make you no money and everyone will know what a greedy bunch of jews they are.

  4. auds says – reply to this


    It's just a parked page where the owner is making money off every click people make on it. Summit should just offer the owner a payout and buy the domain name.

  5. 5

    Re: MMSEllen

    Not going to lie, if a was a fan of someone and i was contacted by the creators of tumblr saying that Lady Gaga wanted my tumblr for her own, i would be ecstatic. You should relax.

  6. 6

    If the copyright lawyers have any brains, then they've learned their lesson from the debacle with the World Wildlife Fund's lawsuit against what is now World Wrestling Entertainment.