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Adios, Entourage! Here's What The Critics Are Saying On The Final Episode…

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deets on the final episode of entourage

We'll miss these guys…until the movie comes out that is!

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't seen the series finale of Entourage yet, you MIGHT want to stop reading now!

Entourage is officially over, and we were FLOORED by some of the events that took place during the series finale, which included the following:

- Ari quit his job so he could get back together with his estranged wife

- Eric and preggo Sloan made up with each other

- Vince went to Paris to get hitched

QUITE a big episode! Here's what some of the critics are saying about it:

"All good things must come to an end, [but the show] went out with a bang. In the final half-hour, the series creator/chief writer Doug Ellin resolved all of the loose ends leading up the last episode. Long live Entourage. I can’t wait for the movie."

- Jon Friedman, Wall Street Journal

"Some fans complained that Entourage grew stale, but actually it’s remarkable how fresh the series managed to stay given how temporal its setting. The show began in 2004 before the heyday of The Hills and gossip roundups by TMZ.com. The closest thing to Entourage was Curb Your Enthusiasm, which was also about Hollywood but focused on entertainment mandarins nearing the sunset of their careers."

"Sunday’s finale tied up loose ends by wrapping them around Vince’s largess: he engineered reconciliation between Eric and Sloan and even hired them a private jet to work on it alone. He invited Ari and his wife, best known as Mrs. Ari, to come with him to Paris. He helped Drama get a movie deal and saved Turtle from financial ruin. Devotion flowed both ways: Vince’s own happy ending was helped along by Drama and Turtle, who persuaded the skeptical Oxford-educated beauty Sophia (a Vanity Fair reporter) to give Vince a chance."

"People think that love can’t last in Hollywood, but in real life friendship is more capricious. Entourage nurtured the fantasy that some bonds are so precious that nothing, not even fame, money and sex, can tear them asunder."

- Alessandra Stanley, New York Times

"Does Vince deserve to find a nice girl and be happy like everyone else? Sure. But why so rushed? And why did he and Sophia have to prove their love by tying the knot (and hello? Would someone like Sophia, an intelligent woman who most recently dated a doctor from Johns Hopkins, really marry someone like Vince after a few days? I think not). After two crazy whirlwind romances and more one-night-stands than Wilt Chamberlain, couldn't the writers have just left it at, 'I met a nice girl! I'm crazy about her! We'll see where it goes' and let viewers' imaginations take the wheel."

"Much more logical was Vince's final save for Eric, and his subsequent letting-go of his best friend once-and-for-all. Deep down, the series was always about the friendship between these four guys, and seeing that friendship morph into something new and less codependent for Eric and Vince felt right."

- Kate Stanhope, TV Guide

What did U think of the Entourage series finale? Are U excited about the possibility of a movie next???

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8 comments to “Adios, Entourage! Here's What The Critics Are Saying On The Final Episode…”

  1. Bytch says – reply to this


    Your spoiler alert is shitty…. i saw the middle of the article before the beginning and you ruined it for me, asshole.

  2. 2

    umm wouldnt this be the time to use your stupid "read more after the jump" . or atleast put some space between your spoiler alert and the spoilers.

  3. 3

    Could you have not used your read more after the jump for this???? I don't get HBO and was planning on downloading the episode when I get home from work later. But well I guess I know how it ends now…

  4. gooby says – reply to this


    i've always been sort of torn about 'entourage'.. i enjoyed it but the series also reinforced the truth that motion pictures is an amateur profession. what it shows all of us - which was TRUE - is that all you need to do to be a top manager courted by the biggest agencies in the world is grow up with the actor who has power and attach yourself to him.. the brother of this powerful actor also secures huge representation through the "shine" of his brother.. want to get laid a lot? spin around in the orbit of this A-list actor… better yet, BE that actor. unfortunately, the show wasn't ironic or quite funny enough - but it DID give an excellent glimpse into this notion of 'money for nothing and your chicks for free!" who wouldn't want this lifestyle? without the bong-hits of course..

  5. 5


  6. 6

    Whyd I waste time watching it if you were going to boil it down to three sentences. And oh yea - it sucked.

  7. 7

    I agree with the last critic. It was all great, and the writers did a wonderful job tying up so many loose threads in such a short amount of time. But why did he have to MARRY Sophia?? It wasn't even enough time for the viewers to form an opinion about her! And that critic is right- I seriously doubt that a beautiful, educated, young lady who had previously dated a pediatric surgeon from Johns Hopkins would go and have a fly-by wedding with some actor.What really confused me though was that they started the last episode with Vince being all "WOW! Sophia and I just had the most wonderful 24 hours!" It even made me go to my on demand list to make sure that I didn't miss an episode, ya know?? But i'm still not going to knock it too much, though. I just really hope that the movie they've been hinting at becomes a reality. It's like what Mark Wahlberg said when asked about it: "Did my life end there?? There are plenty of things that happened to me after that point" (that wasn't a direct quote, but it was close enough).

  8. 8

    Re: Bytch – Your an obvious idiot! Try starting an article at the top istead of the middle…..Do I even need to say this?