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Do You Know Who Died On The True Blood Finale?

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If so, read what they have to say about their gruesome deaths. If not….


A few weeks ago, creator Alan Ball warned us that there will be blood. He wasn't kidding.

Several HUGE characters met their end in last night's finale, including TWO of the show's original cast members. Jesus was stabbed in the gut by Lafayette/ Marnie. Nan Flanagan was given a swift true death by Vampire Bill. And in the shocking final moments of the episode (unless you read the books…), werewolf Debbie Pelt shows up to shoot Sookie, but ends up blasting Tara's brains to bits when Tara steps in to save her friend. In a rage, Sookie grabs the shotgun and blows Debbie's head off, before returning to Tara to cradle her dead friend.

So, to recap, only Jesus still has his face intact.

So what is to come for these characters? Well, if we had to guess, this will be the last any of us see of Brit Morgan, Jessica Tuck and Kevin Alejandro. The trio are taking the news in stride however, with Jessica even explaining that she feel fortunate to have made it this long. As she explains:

"I was supposed to be in the first couple episodes, and I last for four years — so I am forever grateful for the time I've had on the show."

But what of Rutina Wesley's Tara? Will she be back for season five? Sure, have her head was missing when we last saw her, but in Bon Temps, there always seems to be a vampire around that is willing to save you with their blood. Could it be possible that Tara will return as a vamp? Maybe even a ghost? Or is this really the end for Sook's BFF. When the question was posed to Rutina, she coyly explained:

"I don't know what they have in store for next season. I haven't seen any scripts, so I have no idea what's going to happen. I'm either at death's door, or I'm gone. That's scary for an actor, but if my time has come, then my time has come — and what a way to go, saving your best friend's life. It's pretty cool that everyone's going to be going, 'Is she, or isn't she?' I'm excited and terrified all at the same time. I could be a ghost, I could die — it's in the hands of our wonderful writers and the creative mind of Alan Ball."

And if we know Alan, we know he's got more than a few tricks up his sleeve. Here's hoping he's got something extra juicy saved for Tara.

Did U enjoy last nights finale? What are U hoping will happen in season five?

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17 comments to “Do You Know Who Died On The True Blood Finale?”

  1. 1

    lady gaga?

  2. 2

    Hi dolls! As this TV show has NO RELATION to the AMAZEBALLS books just do yourself a favor and read the books. Honestly - you'll be so much happier with the story line the BRILLIANT Charlaine Harris has created. So much better than this HBO SHIT!

  3. 3

    Re: Realness – LOL!

  4. 4

    uh…Tara clearly still "had her face" when the credits came up. but i dont think its a huge shocker shes gone.
    but i am shocked about jesus. i liked him. poor Kevin…he should have stayed on southland.

  5. 5

    Re: xoxo_anonymous – lol i dont think Perez actually watched. He wouldve known that. Im soo pissed about Jesus. He was great on the show. I think he'll come back in some capacity though, and I dont think Tara is dead..Sookie will end up using her fairy magic to save her

  6. 6

    I was a bit disappointed at the finally is season. All season long we dealt with Marnie only for her ass to be killed the first 15 minutes and then they take Jesus? He was one of my favorite characters on the show then all the sudden they stabbed him gone. I honestly think they wasted too much time on Jason and Jessica doing it. If that wasn't enough to piss me off Debbie shoots Tara? She's one of the main characters that closest to Sookie who is not a vamp so I hope they bring her back to life in any form.

  7. fiera says – reply to this


    I was shocked by the season finale. I had a feeling Jesus was going, but Tara?? That was a shocker. Is Russell coming back???

  8. 8

    Tara better not be dead!!!!!!!!!! Or else I'll start watching The Vampire Diaries and i fucken HATE the vampire diaries!!!!!

  9. 9

    I'm glad they killed off Jesus, he was effing annoying all season long, no offense. I mean is it just me or did he not seem into Lafayette AT ALL!! Based on their lines I assume they are supposed to be soul mates or something but i never really saw the connection. Anyway, Tara should be brought back, that was a bad ass way of killing off Flanagan, and I wonder what's going to happen to Sam next season since he pretty much has nothing else to do.

  10. 10

    Man, if it wasn't for East Bound and Down, i'd TOTALLY end my HBO subscription in a heartbeat. I don't really have the attention span or the time to watch too many of their movies.And although their documentaries are OK, they never update the ones they have On Demand. But to be honest, I don't think my fiance' would ever let us give it up do to the fact that he's OBSESSED with Boardwalk Empire. Like, I remember a couple monthes ago Perez put up a preview of the new season. And even though my fiance' hates this site (as well as my obsession with it), he was all "Oh My God! GIVE ME that computer, RIGHT NOW! I NEED to see this!"

    But when it comes to premium channels, Showtime's where it's at with Weeds and The Big C. Hell, I even like Dexter some, and I normally can't stand shows like that!
    Anyways, although True Blood is very popular and has an extreme amount of followers, I've never really had the desire to tune in. I don't know- vampires just aren't my thing, and Anna Paquin's gums freak me out beyond repair.

  11. 11

    Jesus, well, he's not that interesting. but getting rid of the Flanagan lady was a very bad move, and getting rid of Tara was the worst of all in all seasons. tony merlotte is gonne too, such ridiiiiiculous decision. and now, apparently they'll bring that booooooring, king vampire that was buried in concrete for next season… honestly, what a bad bad turn for the show.

  12. 12

    Re: wwefan01 – He admitted in an interview a while back that the only show he ever gets around to watching regularly is "The X-Factor".

  13. 13

    I'm glad they got rid of annoying Tara, needy Tommy and Debbie HAD to go! It will be interesting to see what direction this goes from here. I was sad to see Nan go, I liked her.

  14. 14

    don't forget tommy aslo died this season. :/ and tara will be back. :-)

  15. 15

    I don't think Tara is gone…it will end up being a premanation of Snookie's or Layfaattye or something. If she is gone poor Layfayatte lost his man and his one sane family memeber cousin. I'm glad Debbie gone…I'd wished they get rid of Snookie…

  16. 16

    I don't think Tara is gone…it will end up being a premonition of Snookie's or Lafayette or something. If she is gone poor Lafayette lost his man and his one sane family member cousin. I'm glad Debbie gone…I'd wished they get rid of Snookie…

  17. 17

    I don't think Tara is gone…it will end up being a premonition of Snookie's or Lafayette's or something. If she is gone poor Lafayette lost his man and his one sane family member cousin Tara. I'm glad Debbie gone she got on my nerves…I'd wished they get rid of Snookie…