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Chatting With… Jersey Shore's Deena!

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She's one of the stars of MTV's #1 show, and Perez recently sat down to chat with Deena Nicole to answer our questions and answer YOURS too!

We chatted with the Jersey Shore star about meeting Lady GaGa, her encounter with Beyonce, what we can expect from the upcoming episodes of Jersey Shore, fighting in the house, hooking up - and much more!

Check out HIGHlights from our interview… after the jump.

Watch our chat in full (above)!

Perez Hilton: You met Gaga [at the VMAs]?

Deena: I met Gaga, she touched my –

Perez Hilton: Or Joe Calderone. Joe Calderone.

Deena: Yes. He touched my boob.

Perez Hilton: Hey, I think I saw a photo.

Deena: Never washing it again.

Perez Hilton: Any other fun moments? Anybody you met that you were looking forward to as well?

Deena: Yeah, it was crazy because Beyoncé showed me that she's like the most like beautiful person inside, and out. She was walking, stops everything she was doing, and [watch above]

Perez Hilton: Beyoncé said that?

Deena: Beyoncé.

Perez Hilton: Who knew.

Deena: And I was just like oh my god. I was like almost going to cry. It was like this crazy. Ne-Yo like stopped like while he was on the red carpet and came over to us and was like, he shook all of our hands, it was just like so surreal. I was like, oh my god, I never thought on my life. You know it's crazy.

Perez Hilton: So you know the shows back, and its been getting great ratings. There's still several episodes left. Can you give us a teaser of what we can expect?

Deena: Definitely crazy, and we were all out of our element –

Perez Hilton: In Italy.

Deena: In Italy. And we definitely did things that we probably wouldn't have done if we were in our own element. It was crazy.

Perez Hilton: Did you find any hot men in Italy?

Deena: I found a couple hot men, a couple hot women.

Perez Hilton: Hey.

Deena: So you know, I was just testing the waters.

Perez Hilton: Now what was the reception like when you were there? Were the locals friendly?

Deena: Actually the locals were a lot more friendly that I expected. I mean, of course like you put us anywhere, and there's people that love us, and there's people that hate us. So I mean, sometimes we got ice thrown at us or whatever. But a lot of it was coming from the college kids that were from like the U.S. So actually the locals were a lot more friendly than the people from the United States, it was crazy.

Perez Hilton: They were not friendly towards the Jersey Shore?

Deena: Some of them were. But there was always a couple that you know have it –

Perez Hilton: They just want to be on TV on the show.

Deena: They're probably like, lets start a fight with them. I'm like, okay, we got to.


Perez Hilton: Well then that wrapped but you went back to the Jersey Shore. Now I want to hear something from there. What can we hear about the return to the Jersey Shore?

Deena: [Watch above.]

Perez Hilton: Well going back to the Jersey Shore now, is it kind of a little bit less real?

Deena: No, not at all, I love it. I still, as soon as I got out of filming, I went down the shore I went to DJ's and I felt like I was in the exact same places when I was everybody else.

Perez Hilton: And you live near there?

Deena: I live actually like 20 minutes. So –

Perez Hilton: And you still live near there?

Deena: I love it. I love Jersey. I'm such a Jersey girl.

Perez Hilton: You don't want to move to Manhattan?

Deena: I like driving, and like the open roads, and I like the shore. And I think I'm just like content in Jersey. Manhattan is fun to visit.

Perez Hilton: Now, you had auditioned or applied to be on Jersey Shore for the first season. But you didn't make it. Why? Did they ever give you a reason?

Deena: Actually, the –

Perez Hilton: There's the drama, there's something that we, what is it, what is it? You looked over there at your woman.

Deena: No, I actually was an original.

Perez Hilton: You were?

Deena: And my grandmother got sick. And me and Nicole didn't know each other. So it kind of, after she was better and everything, I got the second opportunity and it worked out.

Perez Hilton: Did you feel like going into because all the other people already knew themselves and were on TV, that you had something to prove?

Deena: No, I was just like, you know what I was supposed to be here from the beginning so I'm just going to be myself. Like you know something got me there to begin with so I'm just going to be myself. And I knew Nicole, so that was kind of like an easier going into it. She kind of explained to me how everybody was. So I went in, and I was like, you know what, I'm just going to be myself. And if they like me, they like me, if they don't, whatever, I don't really care.

Perez Hilton: I have some questions for you that some readers sent in.

Deena: Oh I love this part.

Perez Hilton: I love it too. Somebody wants to know what's Deena's dictionary on your website?

Deena: My dictionary is, it's like me and my friends have like our own language. It's funny in the house now, everybody's starting to talk like me, because like I'm just like, I'll be like, I just talk in like my own type of phrases, and I've just been doing it for so long it just naturally comes out. I have what is another word, backpack is for like a guy or girl that's on top of you, like always like in the club, like always following you around. Like, oh my god, I have a fricken backpack on my –

Perez Hilton: So it's not a literal backpack? No?

Deena: No, it's not like a real backpack. But sometimes I'll be like, look at this ultimate Jansport, like what's he doing? Like — so that's like one. And then we also, I have so, I call like slutty girls hammer heads, like hammers; me and my friends do. And then I'm actually this a lot, especially, I'm the shell or slop tart. When you drink so much, you fall, or you're a little bit tipsy, and you're like –

Perez Hilton: What do you make with that whole controversy with Abercrombie and Fitch or faux controversy, and "The Situation" telling him, "We'll pay you not to wear our clothes?"

Deena: I'm just like, you know what, like, I honestly never wore Abercrombie and Fitch anyway because I have curves, and their large is like a baby small. So I can't fit in Abercrombie And Fitch. And even if I wanted to, like they just don't fit me right, because I have curves. So to me, I was just like whatever, I don't really care. Like they could do whatever they want.

Perez Hilton: Oh, Deana, spelled differently wants to know, would you ever go back to being a dental assistant?

Deena: You know what, I would. If this didn't pan out for me, I mean, I have the dental assisting under my belt. And I was actually planning to go to hygiene. But I don't know at this point if anybody's going to let me work on their teeth. So I don't even know if I could go back to dental assisting. If I can, I totally would.

Perez Hilton: Jiggy Topmate, wants to know, was the whole Mike and Ronnie fight staged?

Deena: It absolutely wasn't staged. Actually nothing on our show is staged at all which is crazy, people probably think so because we're all nutcases. But it is not staged. I was sleeping, and I thought it was just a Ronnie and Sam fight, so I was like looking and like uh, all right well whatever — and then, because they fight always. And this point, it's like okay. And then all of a sudden I heard Mike screaming, and I was like, all right, this is new to the mix. And I was like, all right, Pauly I think we've got to get up there. And it was just, it was insane. And I never saw Mike act like that before. So it was pretty crazy.

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