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Boo Tennessee! Gay High Schooler Threatened With Suspension For Trying To Start Gay-Straight Alliance Club

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This is heartbreaking. We hate to hear that there are still people in the world with such ignorance in their hearts. Just devastating.

Nathan Carroll, brave young gay man in Tennessee, is being threatend with suspension from his high school because he tried to start a Gay-Straight Alliance group. After being tormented and teased by his classmates, Nathan thought it was time to have bring some education to his school, so that he might find more acceptance. Instead, he found more hatred and homophobia than we can even stand.

Watch this boy's story in the video (above).

Here's hoping he and his friends find a way to fight the ignorant powers that be and make a real difference in the community, for themselves and others like them.

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32 comments to “Boo Tennessee! Gay High Schooler Threatened With Suspension For Trying To Start Gay-Straight Alliance Club”

  1. 1

    ACLU ACLU ACLU!! This is in direct violation of these students rights. We have a GSA at the school I teach at, it is a wonderful program that promotes tolerance and unity. The fact that students started a counter petition is FUCKING DISGUSTING! Those students and their parents live in a world where ignorance truly is bliss, and again, the idea of someone being different must mean that they also must be hated. What the hell is wrong with the South?

  2. 2

    I recently moved to a small town in Tennessee and find the people here to be very uncultured and hateful. They are all smiles on the outside but you better be a straight christian with a stick up your but or you will not be accepted.

  3. 3

    I live in Tennessee so this is not shocking news. Luckily, I live in Nashville which has a nice balance of liberal and conservative.

  4. 4

    Now before I say what I'm going to say know that I am all for gay rights. Many high schools now have very specific channels you have to go through to start any sort of club. My high school had them, and I know others do. This is so a 'pro-hitler' or 'anti-gay' or 'pro-bullying' or any other group like that can't just be formed. If you do not follow those protocols and get caught then you can be suspended and that is that. Now, if this boy really did go through all of the proper protocol and is getting suspended, shame on the school. However, if he thought he was above the rules of starting a club and is now making it out to be a 'they are anti gay!' story to avoid getting into trouble, then I have more issue with it. And honestly, I tend to think it is more the latter, because well I don't have faith in teenagers that much. But with all the hysteria that will surround this as it is a good story to latch onto, I doubt the full truth will come out. There are always three sides to every story. The truth, what he thinks happened, and what you think happened.

  5. yeez says – reply to this


    This is what the gay community should be complaining about and fighting against. Not picking apart what every single celebrity/politician says to see if you can find traces of homophobia where there is none.

  6. 6

    I live in TN as well. There are people here that are cultured. But most of what everyone is saying is right. Most people around here are backwoods and believe in lynching. I may be straight, but I get the shit end of the stick for not being Christian. So I can at least say I halfway feel their pain. It will probably take till I'm VERY old for any gay tolerance in TN. :( .

  7. 7

    I live in memphis and in my school pretty much every other person you met was gay. And no one was bothered by it.

  8. 8

    Did some of you and MARIO LISTEN TO THE VIDEO???? Nathan Carroll wasn't threatened with suspension for 'being gay', it was all about the petitions. Both sides doing the petitiions, and with High School kids, and BULLIES, who by the way he is fighting against, IT CAN GET UGLY-sign MY PETITION, NO? ARE YOU GAY?… not good. They do not have a school club because, from this video, they do not have a school sponsor for the club. Meaning TEACHER to oversee the club. If you don't get $$$ from the school, you fundraise, sell candy, wash cars. etc. It seems to be about an overseer unless, shocker, the news and Carroll left something out. Are ALL THE TEACHERS ANTI GAY? OR are they really to busy? or do they feel the task too daunting (the fact that the kids are talking about bullying, threats, etc. and some lead to suicide-might not feel qualified)

  9. 9

    You know MARIO, put your $$$$ where your grief is. Talk to this kid and find out if all he needs is an adult from the school to sponsor the club and VISIT THE SCHOOL. Pledge some $$$ to it, it does not take a lot. They are meeting outside the school now. They have to realize that no matter what, they will be picked on. Bullies are bullies, they rarely change. They are the ones that have to realize that what the bullies say does not mean ANYTHING TO THEM. The Bullies always have to find someone to pick on, the weakiest available…

  10. 10

    Are any of em cute?

  11. Eula says – reply to this


    @mexgirl if you don't like Tennessee get the hell out.. At least one of the states of this nation has the balls to say we don't accept the GAY population….And yes we still uphold all the christian believes….So if your gay stay away and if you don't believe in our heavenly father you can leave now…

  12. 12

    Re: Eula
    How eloquent and enlightened.

  13. 13

    Re: Eula – Wow are you trash! Maybe you should get into a time machine, go back to the 1950s, grab a hood and a torch and start hanging some people from trees. Its people like you that make this country look bad you piece of shit.

  14. 14

    Re: cruhhjackus – "Most people around here are backwoods and believe in lynching." Wow, that's definitely in my top 10 most ridiculous things I've ever read. I'm a southern lady, born and raised, and I know of noone, and I literally mean noone, who "believes in lynching." "Backwoods", mehh, depends on your definition, but lynching, you're crossing the line.

  15. 15

    ha aha ha..lets get on with important things and keep the gay indoctrintation away from kids.

  16. 16

    Re: Eula – Hey Eula, what would Jesus do? Do you have any Christian based clubs or organizations (prayer groups, Bible study groups) on campus? Do you practice abstinence? Hypocrisy, thy name is Eula.

  17. 17

    Re: Eula – whoa now, back up. I live in Tennessee and I, along with most people I know, am very accepting of gays and their rights. Don't speak for the whole state please. You're making us look like trash, and you're making yourself look stupid. So I think YOU should "stay away"

  18. 18

    Re: rickraton – And she's right.

  19. 19

    Re: dryan1971 – If she's right than you are an even bigger piece of shit for agreeing with that racist, hateful rhetoric (big word I know, youll probably have to look that one up). Perhaps you could find something more useful to bide your time other than hating blacks and gays. Here are a few suggestions for you and your friend Eula (hitler)-#1-finish high school, #2-find a computer, look up where the closest bridge is located to your trailer, and go jump off of it, #3-go to your local McDonalds and beg them to let you get your job back emptying the garbage and cleaning the restrooms, #4-cancel your membership fees to the local KKK and invest that money in body wash and running water, because I'm sure you look and smell like a total piece of shit. Now if none of those suggestions are adequate enough for you and your fellow close minded, ignorant, uneducated, hateful bigots, then pack up your shit and move to a country that is more accepting of hateful shit like that, like Iran.

  20. 20

    isnt it illegal for them to not allow a club like this?

  21. 21

    lawl, liike u guys expected something different from tennessee
    the gays dont have to live in that state

  22. 22

    Seriously…. how do you educate someone on something that that do not like. Can you "educate" a kid to like liver or can you be "educated" to like bestiality or how about being "educated" to enjoy rape. If you do not like something, if it makes you want to puke, no amount of "education" will help. People think it is all a matter of educating the public that if they understand it will make it all better but they don't get that most people find the thought of a man finding another man's hairy ass attractive sick

  23. @v@ says – reply to this


    Schools will always firstly choose to boot the hot potato issues and try to stay apolitical to keep the waters of the learning institution smooth. Even though ideas such as this could be supported instead, it creates a hornet's nest; but these kinds of situations do create unique learning opportunies. The schools are answerable to the school boards, and as such, staff are gainfully employed and also like to keep their jobs.

  24. 24

    Re: Bagman
    I bet you have a nice yummy hairy one yourself…….what a tease you are.

  25. 25

    Re: Bagman – You don't have to "like" gay people to treat them with dignity and respect. Apparently you missed that memo. Maybe that's because you need education on homosexuality.

  26. 26

    Re: Bagman
    Clearly you have contemplated the hairy man ass. Finding it not appealing it is most likely that you are actually a bottom. A catcher, not a pitcher, so to speak.

  27. 27

    Re: MariMookie – You apparently don't live where I live then. I am very accepting of gay culture and lifestyle (my best friend is gay) But there are still some serious trailer trash around here that still believes in that stuff. Take the wool off your eyes, because it's still there.

  28. 28

    Re: MariMookie – lynching is old school. the new way of doing it is beating people to death. same concept. herp derp. discrimination is discrimination.

  29. 29

    Re: lisamp – It's not worth arguing with someone who can't figure out the reply to this button.

  30. 30

    Re: xx_remix – Pretty much.

  31. 31

    duhh, it's fucking tennesee. (i like in on the border of north alabama and tenesse btw)

  32. 32

    First, I live in this town went to this high school and also know this boy. I graduated the year zach piccione did. He is the one who originally wanted to start the gsa. Now he was NOT threatened with suspension. It plainly says further action will be taken and that goes for both parties. Second, its not that we or the school were anti gay it is that no one will sponsor the club. Which is the first step in trying to establish a club. If you don't have a sponsor you can go no further. This boy is nothing but a drama queen and thinks that the whole world is against him and wants tomake a mountain out of a mole hill. He told the principa that he would start the club his self. But he can't without a sponsor. I remember him from high school he is always in the middle of every problem. And he is always the instigator. I do not believe that there should be a gsa. But for those of you who believe were all toothless uneducated hicks its not because I'm uncultured and want to lynch gays. Its because its unsafe. I believe it is an abomination against god yes but I don't discriminate. I have a friend who is openly gay and we are very close ( he also is very against this gsa because he was never bullied and none of his gay friends were. He also knows what nathan is like) so think what you want about our little hick town but until you live here and know the TRUE FULL STORY….you don't know a damn thing