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Gucci Mane Is Wicked Violent

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Gucci Mane Snuffs Girl In The Face

We never realized to what extent until now though.

We've lost count of how many times Gucci Mane has gone to prison. It's always been for a multitude of reasons, but more often than not, the charges against stem from his inability to keep his cool. Yesterday, Guccie was sentenced to 6 months in prison for pushing a woman out of a car. That might seem a surreal action for someone to take, but with Gucci, its par for the course.

Just check out this video from a few years back. (above) At the 2:11 mark, you'll see Gucci sucker punch a different lady HARD in the face. There was no mistake of his intent, no chance that this was just an "accident". He barreled his fist right at her with a enough force that we're surprised she was even coherent after that.

Sad … and disappointing. Violence is never the answer and letting your rage get the best of you - that's just weak.

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21 comments to “Gucci Mane Is Wicked Violent”

  1. 1

    wow.. she's dumb talking a bunch of stuff at the end instead of calling the police..

  2. 2

    It's her fault for not getting off the stage when he asked and acted like she's better than everyone else and can do what she pleases. I wouldn't ever hit a woman, but I don't blame him for doing it.

  3. 3

    I understood every fourth word coming out of her mouth. WTF is America coming to? Enunciate your words. Speak correctly. Get ahead.

  4. 4

    Ghetto scum behavior on parade.
    Thank goodness fo Hennessy, coke and ho's.
    It amazes me that this is actually a successful marketing tactic.

  5. 5

    100% her fault, get the fuck off the stage….

  6. 6

    Not surprised…that is a perfect example of black culture….whores, sex, violence, thugs, no education. And the rest of America is eating that shit up and is emulating that backward culture. Disgusting animals.

  7. 7

    Very sad, when white guys do this, we call them white trash and inbred, but sadly, we expect this as normal for black guys.

  8. 8

    Wow, ghetto as hell, these are some real winners.

  9. 9

    that's disgusting behavior that has absolutely nothing to do with race.

  10. 10

    Re: Goobster – Wow….that's your logic? You are really gonna stick with that? You dumb f…uck…..there's a thing called SECURITY…a group of man to secure an artist on stage…. A REAL MAN, NOT A BITCH ASS LIKE HIM OR YOU, WOULD'VE HAD SECURITY REMOVE HER ASS… THERE'S NO F..UCKING EXCUSE FOR A MAN TO HIT A WOMAN UNLESS HE'S A BITCH AZZ…. Now go put your panties back on bitch….

  11. 11


  12. 12

    I think I understood about 1/4 of what she said, but damn he his DISGUSTING!!! To hit a woman like that, being a man, just shows what a bitch you are! I will never buy anything that he comes out with. I hope he gets beat and becomes someones bitch in jail!

  13. 13

    I hope gucci gets his asshole ripped open by a 500 pound dude every night that he's in prison.

  14. 14

    Re: Goobster – You're probably that dude that stands by, watching a woman get hit and laughing with your friends.

    I wouldn't ever cut someones dick off, but I wouldn't blame the person who did it to you. You had it coming. Etc.

  15. 15

    If a white guy did this they would be crucified

    But it's alright for black rappers to be women abusers. Like Chris Brown.


  16. 16

    Who is this ugly tool?

  17. 17

    Decline of society.

  18. 18

    Those folks are uncivilized poorly socialized individuals.

  19. 19

    Gutter trash, both of them.

  20. 20

    Well she's black, she probably deserved it.

  21. CyN78 says – reply to this


    whata piece of shittt!!