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Redmond O'Neal Has Tested Positive For Drug Use In Rehab.

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We were afraid that this would happen.

Redmond O'Neal, who was sentenced to a year in a West Los Angeles rehab facility after pleading no contest to felony heroin possession several weeks ago, has tested positive for drugs, and the dirty test is being reported to the court, which could land him in serious, serious trouble.

According to an insider:

"Someone snuck drugs into the rehab facility on Saturday for Redmond. He was given a drug test after he started acting suspiciously, and it came back positive for drugs."

Such a shame. Especially because Judge Keith Schwartz basically told him that this was his last chance, and if he effs up again he will be sent to state prison.

Well, whatever it takes from him to realize that this is a matter of life and death for him at this point, and that he needs to stop - even if that means serving a prison sentence.

He's blown enough chances.

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13 comments to “Redmond O'Neal Has Tested Positive For Drug Use In Rehab.”

  1. 1

    All I can say is Ryan O'Neal is your father!!! What chance does a kid have with that maniac as a dad! He has visited Redmond against recommendations not to. He doesn't give a shit about anything/anyone but himself. ALL his children are a mess. Imagine all the stuff we don't know…

  2. 2

    I Feel sorry for this guy. Don't think anyone really loved him. His parents were to busy with their own lives to give a damn. He's obviously in a lot of emotional pain and until that is fixed he'll just continue to destruct.

  3. 3

    isn't it amazing that some of the easiest places to get drugs are REHAB AND JAIL?

  4. 4

    Look at his face! He does not look happy. I'm sure his mother wanted better for him. But, he has to want it first! All that money and this young man still can't stay off of drugs. Do what you have to do dude! Good luck!

  5. 5

    When was it that Ryan visited against the doctors' advice?

    The most pathetic thing in this whole mess is that Ryan was his drug buddy - like Lindsay's "mom"ager but Redmond and Ryan are even more unemployed, if that's possible.

    What an f'ing mess.

    At least Farah's safely in the ground so Ryan can't keep trying to promote his own sorry ass thru her corpse.

    Jail might be the only thing for Redmond - just as it's worked for others. At least they might have a better time protecting him from Ryan (or Ryan's too chickenshit to go to a prison to visit his son).

  6. 6

    The 12-Step religious cult & its "Higher Power" VooDoo is a 100% FRAUD & SCAM!

  7. buck says – reply to this


    awe…you sound bitter that religion didn't work for you…to bad for you i guess, better luck next time.

  8. 8

    I feel really bad for this guy, I think he is so very lost and maybe Farrah was distracted but she was all he had. I would ask a judge to put aside the celebrity, look at the dysfunction and see this kid was raised to know nothing and do nothing. He is a lost soul who with the proper guidence can rehabilitate, use his inheritance for good and make something of himself. Redmond, reach out to Donald Trump, let his mentor you and although a lot of people think Donald is a publicity hound, he has kids who love him and he will help you

  9. exBFF says – reply to this


    all you people feeling sorry for him. that's the kind of support system that allows him to think he can continue to get away with it. He's had so many chances and blown every one. Write this loser off.

  10. 10

    Que coisa mais triste. A culpa disso é das amizades que não prestam e da família que não deve dar o devido apoio. Mas o principal culpado é o pai que deveria dar mais amor ao seu filho Redmond. Ryan poderia ir junto com Redmond após a rehab para um local bem longe de Malibu e das péssimas amizades que eles deves possuir. Redmond deve precisar desesperadamente do amor do pai, mas acho isso difícil vindo do narcisista Ryan o´Neal.

  11. 11

    Re: jpatterson113 – Ryan o´Neal deveria dar mais amor ao seus filhos, principalmente Redmond. Eles deverias ficar longe de Malibu por um tempo para tentar colocar as coisas em ordem. Ryan é demente.

  12. 12

    Ryan O'Neal DID NOT BRING DRUGS TO HIS SON RED in rehab! Ryan is trying to protect HIS & FARRAH'S SON by making sure he was OK & settling in at the center. Ryan has EVERY RIGHT to check on HIS SON at the rehab center. NO Dr. should be allowed to ban him from contact with HIS SON. Ryan O'Neal is an INTELLIGENT parent who knows only too well how FUCKING DANGEROUS it can be to give any rehab center or institution carte blanche over HIS SON. Redmond should NEVER be ISOLATED from HIS ONLY LIVING PARENT RYAN O'NEAL. Someone at the rehab center is apparently trying to set up Ryan O'Neal & Ryan's team of lawyers should find out WHO slipped Redmond those drugs.

  13. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Ryan & Farrah Rule – Good post.