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Details On Chezza's Visit To Afghanistan!

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Wow! We really have to commend her!

She gave this trip her all!

We reported yesterday that Cheryl Cole flew to Afghanistan yesterday, to not only film a special tribute to the members of the Army, Navy, and Air Force for the Pride of Britain Awards, but also to boost morale of the troops on the 10 year anniversary of UK operations in the war-torn country, and today, we've got some our first pictures of the British pop star - dressed in full army fatigue!

Ch-ch-check out some photos (above)!

Apparently, Chezza was flown into Helmand, the most violent part of Afghanistan, and immediately handed the aforementioned uniform, an SA80 rifle, and took part in a mock gun battle, which included her helping carry an injured soldier, as well as climbing aboard a Scimatar 2 light tank and firing a 30mm cannon, driving a Jackal armored fighting vehicle, and firing a grenade machine gun!

Task Force Helmand chief, ­Lt. Col. Tim Purbrick, revealed:

“She was not afraid to get her shoes dirty. When everyone heard she was coming we did not know what to expect as she’s a huge star. But whatever ­preconceptions we had went out of the window as soon as we met her. Her smile is infectious, she was up for doing everything we suggested. She was like one of the lads. She was a little taken aback by the noise and general chaos and was a little shaken but she gamely carried on. I’m sure plenty of celebrities probably would have rather just observed but Cheryl was in the thick of it.”

And Chezza herself said of the mock-exercises:

“I went into the room and heard an explosion. It was scary. I was terrified. I’m not ashamed to say I screamed and uttered a few expletives. I always had admiration for what the guys do out here, but seeing them here at work is awe inspiring. I’m delighted to be here to recognize all the hard work they do. Every one of them is a hero in my book.”

Give yourself some credit, gurl!

Not everyone would have willingly gotten their hands dirty - and especially not with such a good attitude!

So unbelievably brave!

And we're sure you can't even realize how appreciative all of the men and women out there are for your visit!

You should be very proud of yourself!

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25 comments to “Details On Chezza's Visit To Afghanistan!”

  1. 1

    And this is why I like her.

  2. 2

    Why is Pez-Head so far up this chicks ass? I mean really, numerous posts about her a day? Perez is going to make the US hate her before she even makes her music debut here. I am already tired of seeing her and hearing about her and she hasn't even promoted or marketed here. Perez ruins peoples careers thats a fact. Put Chezza or whatever the eff her name is back on the shelf, try to get her to sell quickly, because she is about to reach her expiration date.

  3. 3

    I usually hate her and while I do think posing for pics in an army uniform is ridiculous, I do think it's a nice thing for her to do and I'm sure the guys were thrilled.

  4. cknee says – reply to this


    so fucking sick of hearing about this girl! Perez, no one in the US even knows who the fuck she is! We don't want to hear about her! STOP

  5. 5

    She so hot, no doubt she can r(a)ise their moral to new heights.

  6. 6

    Why do you write about her all the time??? She just doesn't seem important at all.

  7. 7

    Re: cknee – You do realize Perez gets millions of UK readers right? You do realize that UK tabloids and gossip publications are overflowing with news about US celebs like the Kardashians, etc? Not EVERYTHING has to be about the US all the time. And I say this as someone who doesn't really care for Cheryl and also as someone with friends and family in the US.
    ANYWAY good for her, and love to our British troops. Nice SA80 Cheryl.

  8. cknee says – reply to this


    Re: Red Panda – I could honestly care less about what goes on in the UK, i have an opinion and i'm entitled to it, now shh

  9. 9

    The chav looks fucking ridiculous..

  10. 10

    Re: Red Panda – And you do realize that pay-for-play is very real. She wanted to be a big star over in the US so undoubtedly her PR team splashed a lot of dosh around for favourable coverage and a higher profile amongst a populace that has never heard of her. Unless Afghanistan has a lot of the English army, I very much doubt they gace a shit about her.

    This site used to be great; now it's lame and late, chock full of celebs nobody cares about and the constant gay rights agenda. This is my last post here, and my last visit.

  11. 11

    I could care less about her…And I am not American or english…I speack english and I am BRAZILIAN!! And I love THIS SITE since from the very beginning…It's ridiculous people commplaint about the english readers…Go to english sites to read about Cheryl whatever is her name…If I want to read about Brazilian I read "tedoumdado.br"…It is about brazilians.If she was like simon Cowell,ok? Everyone knows about him ,Mick Jagger,Beatles,KATE MOSS,NAOMI,BOY GEORGE,OKAAAAY…But , my BELOVED PEREZ she is Local celebrity…WHO CARES ABOUT HER ? Please STOP!!!!

  12. 12

    Re: cknee – I think you mean you couldn't care less…

  13. 13

    This is a joke. I'm sure all she did was shake a few hands, then pose for all these publicity shots. And, really, they set up a mock gun battle for her? Because lord knows the troops just had nothing better to do than be forced to entertain her entitled ass. I say this about all the celebrities who do this so-called charity work…if you really cared, you'd be donating some of the money you're getting from these publicity shots. I'm sure these troops could use funds, supplies, etc much more than a handshake.

  14. 14

    Re: Deadwing – of course Afghanistan has a lot of English troops, do you actually read any news at all? And @cknee why do Americans always use the phrase "couldn't care less" wrong? They always say "could care less" which is the exact opposite of what the saying means

  15. free says – reply to this


    The former 'sweetheart of the nation' needs all the positive PR she can get right now after loosing those jobs- it's a marketing ploy

  16. 16

    As much as I dislike her music, I have to respect her for this. She is pretty and lovely in manner and would have been a delight for the troops. She appears to have a very good heart, regardless of her ability in media.

  17. 17

    Re: Deadwing – "Unless Afghanistan has a lot of the English army…" Yes, they do. America aren't the only country involved. You see in the UK we receive news regarding the entirety of the forces in Afghanistan, including Russia, Australia, New Zealand, our own troops, and of course the States. The fact that you didn't seem to know whether the UK were there or not is a little bit shocking, but I don't think it reflects you, but rather reporting in the US.

  18. 18

    Is she there to give them all blow jobs? What a trooper indeed.

  19. 19

    VOMITS…do you really have to pose with the gun and a helmet??? If you really want to help the soldiers, YOU DONT HAVE TO BRING IN YOUR PHOTOGRAPHERS AND PR PEOPLE!!! Lame!

  20. 20

    ROFL @ The front lines part…….PLEASE this girl was never near the front lines or in any danger what so ever…The military had to go WAY out of their way to accommodate her.

  21. 21

    she is a has been a FLOP!

  22. 22

    Re: cknee
    Right so you want people to respect your opinion that you dont care about the UK, but tell anyone that disagrees with you to 'shh'. The site is international and alot of people in the UK come on it, I dont care about aload of the american stuff on here that i have no idea who they are or whats going on but i dont get pissy about it. To summarise, you get a big 'fuck you' all the way from the UK.

  23. 23

    Re: marizz – Cheryl is not a local celeb, she is very famous here in Ireland the UK and the rest of Europe! This site does not just cater for the US but the UK, Europe, Australia etc. If you don't like her that much skip over her the article about her and don't waste your time commenting about her! PS its Perez's site so he can fucking write about who he wants, if you don't like I'm sure you know what to do!

  24. 24

    Re: studboyo – Aw, you must be new here. Cheryl's famous alright. Famous for all the wrong reasons.

  25. 25

    I wonder how much she got paid for this visit to Afghanistan? ..This is just a photo op to try to increase her profile. Its a publicity stunt.