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Demand For iPhone 5 Is Higher Than EVER Before!

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lots of demand for iphone 5

No surprises here, especially since Sprint will finally be selling them too!

According to a new survey taken of 2,200 consumers, 31% of people are very likely or somewhat likely to buy the iPhone 5!

To give you an idea of how impressive that is, only 25% of people said the same thing ahead of the iPhone 4 launch.

As far as existing iPhone users are concerned, a whopping 66% said they are very or somewhat likely to upgrade to iPhone 5!

Due to these impressive numbers, new estimates of iPhone sales for the 2012 fiscal year have risen from 105 million to 110 mil! Wowsa!

Will U get an iPhone 5 when they're released this October?

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5 comments to “Demand For iPhone 5 Is Higher Than EVER Before!”

  1. 1

    No I won't be getting the I Phone 5. I will wait until my contract is almost up and it is free or almost free one day. Apple is going to keep releasing a new Iphone almost every year or every other year. They probably have Iphone 11 sitting on their shelves already. All they do is add one or two more features that they easily could have had on the last phone but kept them off in order to add them later and make more money. People are so dumb buying into this crap & paying $600 + everytime a new phone comes out with two more features. Until the Iphone 4 billion can wipe my ass, I'm out!

  2. 2

    First of all, it's going to the the iPhone 4GS. There's no such thing as 5G yet.
    And yes, I will buy one. The iPhone is incredible and does everything. I have 108 apps, many of which were free. It is incredible for photography enthusiasts.

  3. 3

    Re: alana86 – Alana, the iPhone is not $600 with a contract. It's $200. You can get an iPhone 3G for $100 and probably get the 2G for free. But you plan to wait forever? No matter what iPhone you get, you will have access to thousands of amazing apps, many of which are free. You will have a camera and iPod and GPS. Is $200 a lot??? Frankly, you sound really cheap and not at all tech savvy. If you think the iPhone only offers a few features over other phones, you are clueless. Other phones are way behind on the apps, gui, retina screen, etc.

  4. 4

    no thanks I like mt andriod. Sheep.

  5. 5

    I do not love the IPhone. Apple is really brainwashing you Americans. Get a grip.