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Dave Grohl Loves Adele!

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Dave Grohl Loves Adele

Dave Grohl has a theory about why music sales are declining, and it's a pretty good one.

He says that piracy and downloading can't be the only contributing factor — and that the quality of music and the talent of the musician plays a huge role. Basically, music these days kinda sucks!

“It’s the music. People are blown away that Adele is selling so many records. I’m not. That record is great! She’s got a beautiful voice, and people are shocked when they hear actual talent.

“Music should be more than ad placement, more than synthesised looping of a voice that’s been Auto-Tuned and an image made to look like a superhero or supermodel.”

He also thinks his band is doing better than ever, especially for live shows:

"We walk on stage with five instruments and no computers. It might not sound perfect, but we’ll rip your face off, and we don’t need someone to hit ‘go’ on the computer. The band’s better than we’ve ever been. We don’t have bad shows. We kill it every night.”

We totally agree that Adele is destroying numbers left and right because of her pure, amazing talent. She isn't some marketed brand. She's just up there with a microphone and her voice.

And we loved your latest album, Dave, and we're glad to hear that you feel in top form!

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35 comments to “Dave Grohl Loves Adele!”

  1. 1

    so true with all the electronic and rap crap and copycats its hard to even listen to the whiny songs that all sound the same . Last record i bought was billy idol white wedding and abba gold..in the 90s mind u i like movies not cds

    but even the radio the songs all sound like whiny and talentless crap…

  2. 2

    LOVE DAVE! He's the real deal.

  3. 3

    Perez, you're the biggest supporter of the no-talent, Auto-Tuned phonies that saturate music today! In fact, you shamelessly worship them on a regular basis, so please quit pretending like you advocate Dave Grohl's point of view. Thanks

  4. 4

    perez doesnt worship them he just pretends to..
    when they go down he kicks them to the curb like used condoms. watch and wait ..

    ok i forgot guy sebastian i did buy his cd .. hes very motown and has a fantastic voice

  5. 5

    I sing and am told time and time again that I am not part of that "cliche talent" group and actually have a decent set of vocal pipes! I actually just covered another Adele song on my youtube channel and would love to know what you think! You can find it by searching "Someone Like You Joshua Yeryk" :D

  6. 6

    Re: Prudefemme – Actually, you're right. Although I love Perez, it seems like the music that he's into is absolute crap. And whenever he does mention a semi-ok band, it sounds like he barely knows what he's talking about. On top of that, whenever he talks about semi-decent bands I think that he's only doing it for show, kind of like what he does with tv. He'll say every once in a while that a certain tv show is "epic", and what not, yet he's admitted in interviews that the only thing that he really watches is British X-Factor. It's like, why would you say that you like something when you really don't, or if you barely know about it?? It seems pretty juvenile to me, and I mean literally.

  7. 7

    Dave, you are THE man. Love you, the Foo Fighters and the music you've made with Queens of the Stone Age and other bands. My favorite episode of Top Chef is when the contestant chefs cooked for you and the band. Love your rider on The Smoking Gun too. Not as good as Iggy Pop's but a close second. I know you won't read this but I'm sending you love over the internet.

  8. @v@ says – reply to this


    Can't improve on what Dave Grohl said, considering that ring you hear is the ring of truth.

  9. 9

    Love Foo, Love Dave.

  10. 10

    Grohl is a God. He's right about the garbage out there now, Gaga, Perry, Bieber etc., and their airheaded, pimply-faced fans who idolize this crap. They've made the industry a joke. That's why there are so many classic rock stations, so people can escape the auto-tuned, electronic gay bar music that Hilton adores.

  11. 11

    Dave is so right. Music sucks nowadays. Everything sounds the same EVEN Gaga - don't get it twisted, her music isn't THAT original though i'm still glad she's out there adding different favor to the music scene.

  12. 12

    I agree with Dave. Perez most of the music you push on this site is exactly what Dave is talking about.

  13. 13

    Re: Prudefemme


  14. 14

    You hit it on the head.
    Often he coat tails it in every genre whether it music, movie,tv or politic. Adele for example. You can just tell that he was "forced" to like Adele. When he writes about her the tone is much different than when he gloats over Lady Gagaor. He's trying to be a power play in all things media but he fails. He's not be taken seriously.His audience will be 20 something chicks till they grow older and find his pink amatuerish, giddy ways -tiresome.

  15. 15

    It's good to know that once in a while a not so trendy piece of music or song is appreciated. As a nameless artist like myself, I find it hard to even get feedbacks and find out what others think of my music. I just keep at it and post it on my site at dorefa.com and hope for the best.

  16. 16

    Grohl - God-like Genius!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xo

  17. 17

    Im not normally a Perez hater.. but I find it VERY comical you have this post, and then a post of you being excited about Rihannas new album 2 down. Rihanna is pretty much the most talentless auto tuned person out there today haha..

    Oh the irony.

  18. SeeMe says – reply to this


    I love Dave. His reaction on VMA's to Brian May coming on stage was classic!!!

  19. 19


  20. 20

    Dave is a bad ass musician plain and simple. He is the real deal and there isnt much of that around now he's 100 percent right. I LOVED the expression on his face at the VMA's when Gaga brought out Brian May That says it all.

  21. 21

    Re: SeeMe – Greatest reaction ever right!!!! Loved it.

  22. 22

    I adore Adele and I love with all my heart the Foo Fighters. I'm going to see them in MSG in November and I saw them 3 years ago in Jersey and they fucking rocked the house. They not only played an encore, they played 3 fucking encores. They rock the shit out of the venues and they are one of the best bands I've ever seen live! Long Live the Foo Fighters!

  23. 23

    @lullzzzzz; Totally agree… Dave Grohl certainly knows what he is talking about, considering his first commercially successful band only started one of the greatest musical movements of our time (ever hear of Nirvana?) :P He has seen the ebb and flow of music flow from crap, to substance, then right back to crap. Such interesting insight.

  24. 24

    Re: Hilton Is A Self-Sucker – - Oh honey, I couldn't have said it better myself! So sick of hearing nothing but pop crap in heavy rotation on the radio that I too have switched to the more classic rock stations! Unfortunately, the young kids the music industry targets have such low expectations they think it is normal for "artists" to auto-tune and lipsynch their way to the top!

  25. 25

    You know, Dave, there was a time when people were tired of hearing grunge on the radio all the time, too. I do get his point, but there has always been a backlash against what's popular at the moment, from disco to 80s synth-pop and hair metal bands, from Michael Bolton & Celine Dion to boy bands. That's why it's called pop music..it comes and goes with each generation. It may not necessarily be good to some, but it doesn't mean it's always bad, either. But the really good music will stand the test of time.

  26. 26

    Word! Dave Grohl hit the nail on the head.

    The problem with today's music IS the computer. Today any idiot can fipple around in a computer and call it a song - usually it's a new beat to an old hit with some moron rapping in between the refrain parts. Real musicians who would know how to make a melody doesn't seem to exist anymore.

  27. FS says – reply to this


    Perez, I would think your wifey CrapGa would fall into the category of “Music should be more than ad placement, more than synthesised looping of a voice that’s been Auto-Tuned and an image made to look like a superhero or supermodel.” You're such a fucking loser to brown your nose by agreeing with Dave's truthful opinion only to put crapga on a pedestal when all she is, is a rip off artist, with no emotion or depth.

  28. 28

    Re: DarkAdaptedEye – Very legitimate points.

  29. 29

    Dave is right, Adele IS Amazing!!!

  30. 30

    It seems like Adele has become the standard now to which everyone is being compared. I like her, but don't love her, but I'm almost about sick of hearing her songs as I am the auto-tuned ones Dave is talking about. The thing is, every label out there is probably right now searching for their own Adele, so it's possible we'll get saturated with a lot of Adele sound-alikes and clones and then people will get tired of that, and then some other type of music will come along.

  31. 31

    Re: perez posse member 777
    Abba Gold…that's right! :) There's some even some better compilations out there for their music.

  32. 32

    The problem with music today is there's just no soul to it. It's all mass-produced for the masses, and all the really good stuff that there is out there, you have to really search for it. I watch a lot of old YouTube videos from the 80s, and even further back, and I see a lot comments from 13-21 year-olds who say they hate the music of their generation and wish they were born earlier.

  33. 33

    david grohl…0 adele….100

    when i hear foo whatevahs i change the station. he is lucky to be ONE of adele's peers let alone make a comment like his opinion on her makes her in some way….

  34. 34

    DAMN RIGHT. Adele is blowin all your faves out the water with thaa raw talent. Go foos, GO ADELE!

  35. 35

    Re: mickie – Luckily, your opinion doesn't matter anyway due to the fact that you spell the word "whatever" with 2 a's.