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More?! Okay! Extended Details From Ryan Murphy On The Roles Of Glee Finalists!

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What?! Our dissertation on the premiere episode of Glee wasn't enough for you? You want to know MORE about what's to come? Sorry to disappoint you, but we're fresh out of SPOILERS, but we can talk a bit more about what Ryan Murphy had to say about the Glee Project winners joining the show. How does that sound? Great, let's do this!

As we previously reported - SPOILER ALERT - the premiere episode featured one the finalists in a very amusing way. Lindsay Pearce made a surprise appearance in the episode as the leader of a rival show choir and her number was so show-stopping, Lea Michele's Rachel Berry ended up having an existential crisis in the parking lot. There was rain and tears and drama. It was magical.

What is so interesting about this scene though is that it was shot even before The Glee Project finalists were announced. Ryan explained:

"I wrote the part before we even met Lindsay … It was a little weird because we were shooting it before the final episode of The Glee Project aired, so we built that big conference hotel set on the stage and sort of cloaked her under a blanket — not actually, but we were nervous about that getting out. So we kept delaying it. Once we thought of that, I made the number bigger."

Bigger AND better. Seriously, wait till you see this girl in action. She wasn't one of our faves on the TGP, but she definitely made a lasting impression on her first time out. We're looking forward to seeing her again at Sectionals, which Ryan revealed will be her second episode.

As we mentioned before, also joining the show during competition time will be Alex Newell who "will also be used sort of like Lindsay," heading up a show choir competing against the New Directions.

Of course, getting more focus will be the show's actual winners, Damian McGinty and Sam Larsen. Both boys will be getting major arcs, which Ryan teased during the screen. For Damian, Ryan shared some story and some praise, saying:

"Damian comes in episode four, which Adam Shankman is directing, which we're shooting right now. He is a foreign exchange student who is shacking up with Brittany and she of course believes he is to be a leprechaun with magical powers … On his first day, he was shoved into a locker 25 times, but without saying what the song is — his first take in his first song, the crew gave him a huge ovation. He did great with the acting."

Ryan added that Damian will in fact be a sophomore, just as the original cast was when they joined the show, so its likely we'll have this Irish laddy around for two more years. As for Sam, as we mentioned that he'll be coming to the show later in the game, probably closer to the spring. And yes, he will be a "relative of Puck's", but we're not sure yet how closely related.

Gleeks, is this all cool with U? Are U enjoying how the Glee Project kids are being incorporated?

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2 comments to “More?! Okay! Extended Details From Ryan Murphy On The Roles Of Glee Finalists!”

  1. 1

    DAMN!!! Who is the one on the left??!! Chowwwww……! I think I'll start watching Glee again lol..

  2. 2

    I don't think you watched the glee project. But I'm a little worried it'll be cheesy but am so anxious to see Damien and would be awesome if he staaaaaaaaaaaaaayed for as long as glee goes!!!

    That's Sam on the left