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EXCLUSIVE! Ryan Murphy Screens Glee Season Premiere Early – And We Got To See It! MAJOR Spoilers Ahead!

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Don't hate us because we're beautiful. Hate us because we know every glorious detail about the season premiere of Glee!

Yes, it’s true. We were one of the select few asked to join creator Ryan Murphy yesterday for a pre-screening of the third season premiere. We thought we could make it until September 20th, but our will was broken after we learned the song list for the episode. Plus, we’re no match for the allure and charm of Darren Criss.

So we went. And we watch … AND WE LOVED IT! And now, we want to share every little detail we learned with you. But first, we have to issue this imperative SPOILER ALERT:



And Then There Were 12 11 10 11 10:

So, as the season kicks off, the ranks of McKinely’s Glee club have dwindled significantly. Sam (Chord Overstreet) has moved away - but trust us, you won't miss him (more on that in a bit). Lauren Zizies is also out, as we previously reported, breaking up with Puck and leaving the club to preserve her badass rep. Speaking of badass, Quinn has also left the New Directions to go in a, well, very new direction. She's got pink hair, a questionable tattoo of her new "idol" and is hanging under the bleachers with a group of "skanks" that we're secretly hoping are all show tunes lovers because they were so unbelievable funny we want to see more of them. There's a glimmer of hope for the club when Kurt's BF, Blaine Anderson, finally decides to pack away his Warbler blazer and transfers to McKinley (SQUEAL!!!) But then comes the devastating blow: Santana gets the boot. Her bitchy, Sue-scheming ways have finally landed her on the outs with Mr. Schue, who shows her the door after she admits to trying to sabotage the club's recruiting tactics. However, Ryan assured us all that she'll be back, but when is yet TBD.

William And Emma Sitting In A Tree:

Wemma fans, good news and bad news. Good news - these two teachers are shacking up! Bad news - these two hotties are NOT shacking up, if you're catching our drift. Someone is playing hot and cold and it's setting someone's curly cues on edge!

Sue Sylvester Is Back With A Vengeance:

Heartfelt funeral arrangements be damned! Sue has it out for that Glee club and she always will. Her campaign for Congress is in full swing and Ryan Murphy teased after the screening that Sue will actually be creating her own political party. Prepare to change your Facebooks.

The First Of Four Arrive:

For all you Glee Project fans out there, we've got some really good scoop for you! One of the most surprising and surprisingly entertaining moments of the show came when Rachel Berry came face-to-face with her new nemesis: Glee Project runner-up, Lindsay Pearce. The leader of a rival choir group, she stunningly performed a stupendous Broadway number that had Lea Michele quaking in her carousel sweater. Even if you didn't watch TGP, you're going to like this confrontation of the divas!

You're Going To LOVE The Newbies:

Viewers will get to meet Mercedes' new boyfriend right off the bat and though he only had one scene, we're in love with him. When he and Mercedes get married, we want to be invited! They are so cute together, you're just going to go, "Sam who?" We're also really into the school's new resident bitch, Sugar. Let's just say she has no problem saying exactly how she feels, but you guys might want to turn the volume down on the TV when she auditions for the club. Consider yourself warned.

As for the rest of the season….

Big Things Are Coming For Fan Favorites:

Take a breath - Ashley Fink will be back and according to Ryan, she will be back in a BIG way. She's got a major storyline coming up that Ryan reveals will involve Kurt and a lot of the comic relief Zizies is known for. Also, all you Harry Shum Jr. fans take note: by episode four, he will have sung not one, but TWO songs on the show! Ryan then added that Idina Menzel, who will make her first appearance in episode two, will probably stay longer at McKinely than anyone initially had intended. She's apparently got some "juicy" storylines with both Quinn and Rachel and Ryan's not so keen on losing her just yet.

The Rest Of The Gang Is On There Way:

You won't be seeing the rest of the Glee Project kids until later in the season, but they have really great roles! As we previously reported, Damian is moving in with Brittany, who thinks he is a "lepruchan with magical powers." Alex won't be around until sectionals time, taking on a role much like Lindsay as the leader of a competing choir group. And according to Ryan, Sam has actually fallen out of Puck's family tree! Expect to see him around episode 11 as a relative of the McKinley's lover of the mohawk.

There Will Only Be One Tribute - But It's Going To Be HUGE:

Ryan stayed tight lipped, revealing only that this is a tribute he's been waiting to do since the show started and that it will be so massive, it will probably be a two hour event!

And Finally, You're In For A Wait…

Ryan teased that viewers won't know the fate of the future of the original cast until the "last scene of the last episode of the this season." That means, if there is going to be a spin-off, we won't know for awhile. Talk about dragging this out!!!

Sound off Gleeks! Are U excited about the season?! Doesn't the premiere sound AMAZING?!

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11 comments to “EXCLUSIVE! Ryan Murphy Screens Glee Season Premiere Early – And We Got To See It! MAJOR Spoilers Ahead!”

  1. 1

    I swear if Santana (Naya) isn't in EVERY EPISODE I will no longer watch the show! JK But i will be beyond pissed off, she makes the show! Ryan is stupid if she's out!

  2. 2

    EEEEEEEEEEEEE Cannot WAIT until the 20th :D Klaine :D Wemma :D

  3. 3

    Your comment about Sam not being missed is not only completely unnecessary, it's offensive as hell not only to Sam fans, but to Chord himself. Sam will certainly be missed- He is a character who touched a lot of people, and I don't recall a campaign as big as the #DontCutTheChord campaign being seen for a TV character in a -long- time, so take care with your words next time, and learn to write for everyone.

  4. 4

    You graduated with an English degree from NYU and you seriously don't know the difference between "there" and "their"? God you are such a mouth breather and a drain on society. Try suicide…

  5. 5

    Re: Rheareels – LMAO, shut the fuck up honey, Sam was a worthless character and the "actor" couldn't act out of a paper bag. He had ZERO personality and didn't have any spark. If I had to listen to more of his monotone voice and shiteous "dancing" I would hang myself. Good riddence trout mouth.

  6. 6

    For some strange reason i just want the tribute episode to be Queen or Elvis Presley. Their songs would be great!

  7. 7

    OMG SOOOOOO GUUDDD LOL I will attempt to watch all da Glee Project episode si've missed b4 da premiere and omg i cant waittt

  8. 8

    I AM SO EXCITED! I hope the tribute episode is to MJ or maybe the beatles. I'm sure it'll be great if it's gonna be HUGE!

  9. 9

    Re: ALFREDOXO – Why do all of your posts make you look so unintelligent?

  10. 10

    Re: Jacks0n

  11. 11

    can´t wait!! :O