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Ron Paul Has NO Sympathy For People Who Don't Have Health Insurance…Even If They Work For Him!

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ron paul has no sympathy for people without health insurance

This is pretty messed up.

Even though this all happened back in '08, the story of Republican candidate Ron Paul's deceased campaign manager is being revisited all over the media right now, because of its pertinence to Paul's current views on health insurance.

As a reminder, Paul's campaign manager Kent Snyder passed away three years ago due to pneumonia, and the man didn't have health insurance at the time of his death.

Despite the fact that he was uninsured, he received some medical care, and after he passed away his mother received a $400,000 bill from his hospital!

During a presidential debate on Monday, Paul was asked if society should just let an uninsured middle-aged man die, to which he responded as follows:

"That's what freedom is all about, taking your own risks."

After his comments, Paul backtracked slightly and commented that churches could help out.

How much are churches going to help out, Paul? We're pretty sure that Kent Snyder's mother's $400,000 hospital bill isn't getting covered by a church!

We understand this is a complicated issue, but there's something wrong with Ron Paul's cold approach to this subject ESPECIALLY since someone who worked so hard for him passed away without health insurance.

What do U think? Should society let an uninsured person die?

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114 comments to “Ron Paul Has NO Sympathy For People Who Don't Have Health Insurance…Even If They Work For Him!”

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  1. 1

    No, absolutely not. I agree w you 100% on this. Health insurance is soo expensive and there are so many who make too much for free insurance, but not enough for regular. What we should do is make it so EVERYONE can have insurance….if Canada can do it, so can we.

  2. 2

    There is so many things about the US that I find disturbing, this is one of those things.

  3. 3

    This is why he won't have my vote!

  4. 4

    Yes, society should let an uninsured man die. As horrible as it may sound, society is NOT responsible for a person's health, an individual is responsible for their own health. Sure, insurance is expensive- but so are cell phones, cable television and many other luxuries people have- should the government pay for these too? This is an adult man who was fully capable of making the responsible decision to get SOME sort of health care plan, even if it was expensive- that's just a fact of life. Society has to stop babying everyone, it's time to grow up and get a pair of balls- if you want something, work hard and get it. The only two groups of people that should be exempt from this are the elderly and children under 18!

  5. auds says – reply to this


    To all of Perez's readers, don't believe this twisted nonsense! WHEN RON PAUL WAS ASKED IF SOCIETY SHOULD LET AN UNINSURED PERSON DIE HE SAID NO!!!! Perez, I'm seriously ashamed of the way you continually twist these lies. Ron Paul believes that Americans have the freedom to make their own choice. He stated that the poor can use Medicaid, the elderly have Medicare, and the middle & upper class can have private insurance if they choose. He thinks, like most Libertarians, that private businesses, charities, and churches should help people in need, instead of the government. He would NEVER say the community should just let someone die!

    Ron's assistant had a pre-existing condition that barred him from getting health insurance, so he actually went out and helped raise over $50,000 to help pay this man's bills! He puts his money where his mouth is! PLEASE START REPORTING THE TRUTH!!!

  6. auds says – reply to this


    By the way, who the hell do you think is going to pay the $400,000 in medical costs? The liberal policies keep increasing the cost of medical services, but WHO is paying this magical $400,000? If "the government" pays for it, then it's just our TAX MONEY and TAX PAYERS who pay off medical debt. THAT is why Ron wants private businesses to contribute to the debt. It'd be a tax write off for something good, instead of adding an extra burden onto the tax payers! In today's day and age it really pays to sit around on your ass on welfare! So sad!!

  7. 7

    Re: baileyxox – I agree with this statement 100%. We need more people in America that think like you!

    RON PAUL 2012!!!

  8. 8

    You have CONVENIENTLY left out the answer of "No" by Ron Paul. Stop being a misinformant, or stop being mis informed and then running out to spread your ignorance. Post a new clip that shows an unedited answer, stop spreading lies.

  9. 9

    Perez…here you go again with your twisted agenda. Hope your sheeple research the truth before relying on your political advice. Nuts.

  10. 10

    Re: auds – & Re: baileyxox – Kudos to you!!! It does my eyes good to see that others on this site get it and are not just having a knee jerk, emotional reaction to some key phrases..

    We are all going to die.. Insurance or no insurance… We have a personal responsibility to choose what things are important to us. Who cares that the $400,000 was not paid back? He is dead, regardless… If you saw RP's follow up video he states that he and his staffers raised upwards of $50,000 to help him out..
    What we are paying for medical care has been overly inflated. Its a joke. So the question was loaded from the beginning.
    My husband recently quit his job to start a business. We were well aware that we would be uninsured until our venture paid off. It was a decision we went into w/ our eyes open. Then 2 weeks later he broke his wrist. Neither of us cried because someone should take care of us.. It was our decision.. So, in summation, I do not have insurance right this second, nor do I believe its the Govts. job to get it for me.
    Ron Paul 2012!!!!!

  11. 11

    He made the choice to not take health insurance. Yes it is expensive, and yes other countries have government health programs. But when we got Obama's health program everyone was up in arms because of increases in taxes and what not. It is a lose-lose situation. You can't want no tax increases and yet at the same time want the government to fix everything with health insurance. And for those saying 'other countries do such and such' you do know that America is one of the most free countries in the world, we just air our mistakes. Take a look and do some research and you will realize other countries look better b/c they keep their 'bad' items very hush hush.

  12. 12

    I am ok with the idea that Obamacare will not work. The problem I have is with Republicans, such as Mr. Paul, who seem to think the only people who deserve to live are the rich. If you are a politician who is against Obama's plan for healthcare reform, at least have a different plan for reform ready! Paul didn't even offer health insurance to his campaign manager! How about we work on ensuring that those who DO work & pay into the system are offered reasonable rates on insurance by their jobs! Whether it is in the form of subsidies for those companies, or a different resolution, something needs to be done here! It sickens me that he stood by and watched his campaign manager die, and afterwards, when confronted about it, made the statement, ""That's what freedom is all about, taking your own risks." Yeah Paul, his risk was working for you!

  13. 13

    It is the new reality, get used to it.

  14. 14

    Perez, was this person denied medical care in any way? No. No one 'let' this man die. and you are an idiot.
    Ron Paul 2012…

  15. 15

    Some people do not make the " Choice" to not have health insurance when it comes down to Eat or have Health insurance. I know loads of people with no insurance and they do not have cell phones and cable tv or internet. Sometimes in this economy it just happens to you.

  16. 16

    Bunch of fascists!

  17. 17

    Re: Maureen1982
    Please check out Ron Paul thoroughly. He's not about the rich and that system you speak of..he wants it to change. Big time. It will be a complete over haul of the crap we have now. So, with no disprespect intended, would you please go at check out his thought and ideas ratehr than lumping him into the crazy/uncaring category? He's the best idea this country has had in my lifetime and I'm 32 years old.

  18. 18

    It's no ones fault but his own. If someone does not want to pay for their health care insurance regardless of its price the government and our tax dollars should NOT have to pay for his care. I just hear people making the same damn excuse over and over again..It's his responsibility. People JUST CANNOT accept that their are actions to their consequences..no one can take responsibility for themselves. Not having health issuance when your older is just stupid. It's no ones fault but their own and the government shouldn't have to pay for someone that finds it to be too expensive and decides they don't need it and then something bad happens and then they want OUR money to take care of them? No. Let him die.

  19. 19

    Ron Paul answered "NO" when he was asked if the man should be left to die by Wolf Blitzer, and he's right! He shouldn't be. However we should NOT look to teh government for all the answers and that's EXACTLY why we are int eh shape we are now: we have not had the courage to say no and vote out the tools in offices because we are afraid fo change, but if we don't get used to the idea we will be the United State of China very soon.

  20. 20

    What the left either doesn't understand or glosses over is that there is no freedom without personal responsibility. If we are all paying for everyone else's health care, we will all start to monitor what everyone else is ingesting, food, beverages and drugs, exercise habits, sleep habits, etc. It will be Orwellian.

    Why should the "Government" (his fellow citizens) pay for his health bills when the responsible ones have already paid for their own health care?

    A lot of people spend all their income looking pretty, living in houses they can't afford, drive late model cars, having fun and then see what money they have left over for health care (woopsie! no money left!). That's backwards. If you "can't afford" health care, you are doing it backwards. Pay for adult stuff and then see what you have left for frivolity. If there's not enough to live the way you want, figure out how to be more productive. You can't create more for everyone by looting from people who have lived their lives correctly.

  21. 21

    It s really beyond me, WHY some Americans do NOT want to have Mandatory Health Insurance as is the case in all European Countries! So it depends on whether you are rich or poor or disabled/old whether you ll get a heart transplant, cancer treatment a.s.o.??? In Germany EVERYBODY is OBLIGED to have a health insurance! (we have two sorts of health insurance, a public one and a private one). Employers and employees eah pay about 50 % of the fees for it…for migrants and pensioners the Governemnt/taxpayers pay the insurance. The system here has some "flaws", especially since millions of NON-working immigrants from Arab and Muslim countries have come here it s somewhat hard to finance (non-workung immigrants here live on welfare and automatically get EVERY "medically required" health treatment/insurance for FREE, cause we are so politically ueber-correct here!), but overall I think every country should have a MANDATORY health insurance for EVERYBODY!
    To those saying "everyone is reponsible himself for their health": That s a stupid thing to say, you also get diseases you have NO influence on, e.g. disabled by birth, heart attack, cancer…)

  22. 22

    Why do people think they are entitled to health care insurance? If you want health care buy it. If you can't afford it why do you think the government needs to give it to you free? Is our government just one big baby bottle with a nipple on it for people to suck it dry? People are so brain washed that the government is their nanny! What happened to being responsible for yourself and your family! People used to take pride in this! And don't reply to this with your boowoo crying lib crap!

  23. 23

    I am not the keeper of everyone else in society, and your health care is not MY responsibility. Your healthcare is YOUR responsibility; do not expect me or anyone else to foot the bill because your priorities are screwed up. If you're able to pay for luxuries (like cell phones, cable TV, game consoles, etc.), then step up and pay for your own insurance. I for one am sick to death of the entitlement mentality in this country; I'm completely over having everyone else try to stick his hand in my pocket. Ron Paul's answer, so dishonestly omitted by you, was NO. The dead man chose to not pay for insurance; he made a CHOICE. Ron Paul is not responsible, I am not responsible, nor is the government. You are an asshole to post only a few of the facts so you can twist it into some kind of liberal bullshit. If you think most of us don't see through you, you're wrong. You have no shame, no ethics, and no morals.

  24. 24

    We do not need his sympathy, maybe he can pay for our health insurance that way he is not distracted by this on his campaign, ASS!

  25. lps says – reply to this


    Oh, Perez. You so don't get it. What about personal responsibility? Health Insurance is not cheap but it's much cheaper than paying out of pocket… eg, $400,000 — HELLO… isn't it obvious why health insurance is spendy??? Because health care services are crazy expensive. Regardless, there is no excuse for a professional middle aged man to not manage his own financial risk appropriately. Not having insurance did not kill him. Treatment and options are available — with or without Obama's plan. But the financial burden he left behind? Wrong. The hospital will likely never see the money and the loss will be rolled over onto increased charges for the rest of us through what our insurers have to pay that hospital via claims. It's simple: insurance is a RESPONSIBILITY. Ron Paul may have been inarticulate but his is onto something.

  26. 26

    Re: baileyxox – So, you're saying that everyone who is not insured chooses not to be? What about insurance companies refusing to insure some people? Where is their choice? And why the heck are medical bills so high in the US? I've heard of one trip to the ER there costing more than 3 days + surgery in a private hospital here. Your whole medical system needs a rethink.

  27. 27

    But from the sounds of it, this guy couldn't get health insurance because of a pre-exisiting condition. That wasn't him taking his own risks, or being too lazy to pay for it, that was just simply a broken system. While I'm all for higher taxes and government paying for healthcare (I live in Canada, the peace of mind it gives you is a nice feeling) I think if it is going to be private companies they at least shouldn't be allowed to turn people willing to pay down just because of some pre-exisiting condition.

  28. lps says – reply to this


    People, people. Educate yourself! Yes, pre-existing conditions make getting insurance harder if you are buying as an individual but they have NO impact if you have coverage through work via a group employer plan. Again, personal responsibility. Also, even in 2008 when this incident is "reported" to have happened, if you were/are denied coverage in the individual health insurance market you have a right to subsidized high risk pool health plans through your state. This has been in place for decades! What made FEDERAL health reform via Obama new is that it is now a FEDERAL program. But states have been doing this for years. Know the facts. It's not sound bite material. It's complicated but, sorry, lots of important things in life are.

  29. 29

    He did not die because he didn't have insurance. He received care! So this is to Ron Paul's point that people still will get help.
    I find it so ironic the media is so quick to try to twist this into a story about not caring for an individual when they actually received care. However, the media is silent on the millions of lives that would be saved if we brought our troops home and ended all the wars. Ron Paul is the only one that will do it. And if we bring all the troops home, that would be about 2 $trillion we can give back to the American people so they can better take care of themselves and each other.

    Ron Paul 2012

  30. 30

    This is in no way true. Watch the debate for yourself. Ron Paul is the only honest candidate. The only candidate with a proven track record of doing what he says. www.checkoutronpaul.com Check him out for yourself before you believe what anyone has to say. He NEVER said anyone deserves to die. And what's wrong with personal responsibility? Isn't that why America fought the British in the first place? So we wouldn't have the British Empire looming over us? What's so different with having the American Empire looming over us? People are so quick to take something out of context or put words in people's mouth. When are we going to wake up America??? Just remember, we get what we deserve.

  31. 31

    Society should let an uninsured man die, 100%. Why do we, as a society, have to pick up the pieces? He thought he was healthy enough - his life, his decisions. It's not society's fault. Stop depending on everyone else, damn. Sure, we need to fix our healthcare system, but we do NOT need universal healthcare! HELLLL NO. Anyone who wants that, knows nothing about universal healthcare.

  32. 32

    Re: La Garse – THANK YOU.

    Perez, I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

    Read the rest of the article idiot, instead of basically plagiarizing bits and pieces of it to meet whatever agenda it is that you've decided to hitch yourself to today.

    JUST SO EVERYONE IS CLEAR, Kent Snyder had a pre existing condition that made health care very VERY expensive. HOWEVER, Snyder was incredibly smart, motivated and successful, not your typical uninsured American. In 2008, Snyder raised over $19 MILLION dollars in campaigning for Ron Paul, and CHOSE to not get health insurance. Snyder was also openly gay, therefore could not receive insurance through marriage of any sort.

  33. 33

    But Snyder believed in life plans, and he felt because of his condition, he would pass when he was meant to. And when he did, and his mother received his hospital bill, do you know what Ron Paul did (which you've also conveniently left out)? HE RAISED MONEY HIMSELF TO PAY FOR IT with the late campaign manager's friends and family.

    ALSO he’s a freaking doctor! He went to Duke University School of Medicine for eff's sake, and was also a soldier in The United States Air Force AND The United States Air National Guard, serving as a FLIGHT SURGEON. Yeah, clearly he has no sympathy. Ass.

    GOD you are so obnoxious and misinformed. Actually, you spend all of your time trolling the internet for political BULLSHIT gossip and celebrity juicy bits, so I know that you know the truth, you read it all effing day. GET REAL MARIO or whatever the hell your name is. I'm SURE I'll find this story on WENN and find that it was posted hours to DAYS before you put your sick twist on it. Vomit.

  34. 34

    Perez, I can't believe you would post this story. Did you do any research? I won't rehash it, because others before me have clearly stated Ron Paul's actions/stance on the issue. Here's what you should consider. SOMEONE will be running against Obama. And I would much rather have that someone be a candidate like Ron Paul, instead of the other loonies that are getting all the media attention right now (I'm talking to you BachPerNey)

  35. 35

    Dude stay out of politics your completely misinformed
    And it's making you look like an idiot. You completely left out where he said No!
    Hospital's cannot turn anyone away!!
    RON PAUL!!!2012!!

  36. 36

    Actually, Kent Snyder had an undisclosed previous condition. That is why he could not get health care. Not because he did not want it or could not afford it.

  37. 37


  38. 38

    What a shame. You have obviously not listened to his answer on the "let the man die question" which was, NO!!!!! And you twist situations and words to fit your little article just like the rest of the media. It's one thing not to follow Dr. Paul and his views, but to tell lies about him is just not right. YOU ARE WRONG, and you need to go back and correct this article and admit it. I will never be back to your site again. Best of luck to you. May God have mercy on your dishonest soul.

  39. 39

    Obama is a warmonger. How's that for sympathy toward peoples health. Dr. Paul would end all wars his first day in office. The reason healthcare is so expensive is because when you turn it over to the government the real cost are hidden. Therefore the prises are driven up. The government has been involved in healthcare sense the fifty's. Sense then prices have sky rocketed. Dr. Paul understands this. Getting the government out of healthcare is the only sympathetic option.

  40. 40

    Re: NookiesWA – Wow, I sure as shit hope that one day you have to make the decision between putting food on the table and having heath insurance. You sound like a real gem of society.

  41. 41

    That's funny…and you amarican people make fun of the european and canadian people.
    At least Europe cares about the people who live here. In Germany or Switzerland it's a must for everyone to have a health-insurance, even if you are unemployed.
    We call this a Social-System (in case you don't know wthat this is). You have to help people who don't have the possibility to help themselves.
    It's funny to see documentaries here in Europe about the USA how almost all of you fight against a Social-Sytem. Do you think thats the right way to treat other people?

  42. 42

    America is so ass-backwards. You are seriously the most disturbing people on the planet. You'll travel thousands of miles to fight a war over oil but you won't cross the street to vote. You'll pay billions of dollars to fund the oil war (in America known as the "war on terror") but you won't spare one dollar to pay for your neighbor's hospital bills. You'll fight for freedom but then take it away from Americans who aren't like you. Wake up.

  43. 43

    Re: lps – Except that hospitals charge the uninsured FAR more than what insurance companies actually pay out for claims. For instance - my mom is currently undergoing chemotherapy and her heath insurance is only having to pay $12,000 per treatment. If my mom didn't have insurance, the hospital would charge her $25,000. Tell me what doesn't add up here.

  44. 44

    Re: baileyxox – I live in Canada and man.. Having health insurance and having a cell phone are two totally different things… having a cellphone or cable is a privilege… having health care.. money to save your life.. is a right. you have right to survive. If you work some crummy job that doesn't pay enough for $500 or more a month of insurance you deserve to be treated.. someone has to do said crummy job..it is outrageous how expensive insurance is and should not be a reason that someone dies.. Where the hell do your tax dollars go? It's not like the government just HAS money and is spending it.. those your American tax dollars.. its not charity.. It is disturbing to think that the US is okay with paying billions in war/military costs but nothing to save their own dying people.

  45. 45

    When asked if society should allow the hypothetical man die, RON PAUL SAID NO!!!!!!

    And Kent Snyder received $400,000 worth of medical care. Unfortunately, he died of his infection. Do you think if he had insurance he would have survived? Does health insurance have a divine intervention rider?

  46. 46

    Wow, if you actually watched the debate then you would know that he said they DO NOT deserve to die.

  47. 47

    I have to say - these comments are giving me the warm & fuzzies for the day! I went to leave a comment because I was sure 99.9% of comments would be about how everyone deserves "free" health care. Let's get this straight, no health care is "free". You pay for it, regardless if it's through taxing in European countries or even buying up supplemental coverage in the UK. Requiring people to make smart choices isn't our job. I personally enjoy the analogy that requiring everyone who doesn't have health insurance to buy insurance is no different than requiring everyone who is homeless to buy a home.

  48. 48

    If he wants everyone to have health insurance then he should put an end to the corruption of our reps by the insurance companies. It should not cost a healthy man under 40 years of age over $300 per month to cover himself, his wife and 2 kids. The self-employed and small-business owners are getting screwed. Eff you congress - go live at the poverty line for 2 years, THEN you can say who should pay for what.

  49. 49

    People with this much disregard for other human beings really do appal me, what a sad state the world is in…

  50. 50

    I think what's wrong with our country are people who read a headline and nothing else and make snap judgements without knowing all the facts. I would like for Mr. Perez himself to edit his column to include what Ron Paul's response was. Oh, but wait, that would be responsible….

  51. 51

    Ron Paul was his friend and he raised 50,000 dollars to pay for his medical bills, but in the end he still died. How can you call him unsympathetic when he tried to save his friend, who is now dead.

  52. 52

    Well if your readers actually watched the debate or kept up with everything they would know that Dr.Paul raised 50,000$ to help the man, and he did receive care, they never stopped it because of the money issue. He died despite of the care that he received, take this garbage off, and stick to your hey this celeb slut took nudes and now is complaining about it please. You actually should be sued for slander.

  53. 53

    please note that this quote is taken completely out of context. I am appalled at your lack of research.

    This is sad. Ron paul is a doctor and has delivered 4000 babies with his own hands. He loves people and is an amazing american who should be praised.

  54. 54

    Re: Oh Resist Her – No, because im not an idiot. I should of added that some people living paycheck to paycheck cannot afford it..But why should my tax dollars be spent on other people leeching off the system? The system is broken. I'm tired of having a quarter of my paycheck taxed to pay for idiot 20 somethings that get knocked up 2-3 times and can't support them. I'm tired of my tax dollars going towards illegals, im tired of my tax dollars going towards non violent drug crimes.

    Lock and Load America..It's the only way

  55. 55

    Oh My God… Seriously, Mario? You should take this down… It is SOOOO incorrect and out of context. I never understood why people always said this isn't a political site and you shouldn't be talking about things you don't know…. Well, now I get it. Ron Paul answered NO! that we shouldn't let people die. But that people shouldn't turn to the govt for handouts. I pay $250 a month to cover me and my daughter on a private policy. I PROMISE YOU, the campaign manager made more than I do. He could've chosen to have health care coverage. But instead he received care that SOMEONE is going to have to pay for… who should that be?

    Ron Paul is an amazing man. And his ideas are what this country needs right now… Less government, more personal accountability.

  56. 56

    Re: Santa Duckie – You realize that 'mandatory health care' that is provided by the government does not include coverage cancer, right? I doubt that you have taken the time to read the 2,000+ page Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare)– but why bother? Neither has Congress, our President, or anyone at MSNBC (where you seem to be getting your information from).

    When you look at the health care that is provided in many countries in Europe you will notice a few things. First of all, their health care quality is nowhere near ours. There is a reason that people from around the world travel to the United States to to be treated medically– because we have the best treatment in the world. Second, in the UK it takes months for a doctor to even see you for a check up! For the same reason, there were riots in France– because state run health care does not work. If you think that that will not happen here, then think again. Also, in the UK they are now sending government workers to homes to 'audit' their pantries. They look at what types of foods each family buys and asses their medical care by it. Luckily, the do not tell families what to throw away (yet!). Do not even think for a second that this will not happen to us, because we are well on our way towards it. We are living in a nanny state, and our President does not believe that we are smart enough to think for ourselves.

  57. 57

    When asked if society should allow the hypothetical man die, RON PAUL SAID NO!!!!!!

    Kent Snyder received $400,000 worth of medical care before he died. Do you think if he had insurance he would have survived? Does health insurance have a divine intervention rider? Will I become immortal if I buy health insurance?

  58. 58

    Am I missing something? This man didn't die under Ron Paul's policy; so why is he being blamed? If Ron Paul's stance on health care was in place this man's family would have been able to deduct fully the $400,000 from their taxes, AND the man probably would have had medical care anyway if Ron Paul were president because in a free market insurance would have been more affordable. This post is really crappy, Perez. :-( AND might I add, you didn't even get the fucking quote right! Did you even WATCH the debate? Boooooo :-( You have young readers on here who are going to take what you say as dogma. Please be responsible in your posts, I BEG you.

  59. 59

    I pay out almost $2000 a MONTH for insurance so my family is protected. I don't ever want to be the one to face the moral dilemma discussed in the post but I know that I am pulling my weight here… everyone should do the same.

  60. 60

    What a piece of sh!t he is.
    He should be ashamed to call himself a physician.

    My father is a surgeon and he has treated many people free of charge over the years because they were poor and had no money or health insurance. The first part of being a doctor is to heal the sick, money should be secondary.

  61. 61

    I'm sorry but I want to keep most of the money I work for! I can barely afford myself and you want me to pay for other people? VOTE RON PAUL! we need our money, and i want the freedom to chose what doctor I want to treat me. the government taxes us up the ass and then wastes most of OUR hard earned money on paying themselves.
    i know it's glamorous to vote for obama and or someone like that but people need to get real and look at our economy and our social security. realize that we need to focus on what is best for our future and our childrens future. cuz it's bad it's really bad.
    and perez I know that gay agenda is really important to you but gay mariage is not the biggest factor for me when chosing a president. that can be taken care of state level. more importantly is the well being of the individual.
    ron paul would kick our government into shape.

  62. 62

    Re: Peartree – if you knew about ron paul he wants us out of the war a.s.a.p.
    It's not about not caring about people, it's about building a funtional government and allowing american's to build the life for themselves that this country was founded on. this government we currently have is breaking the self employeed, and making it nearly impossible for people to create viable opportunities for themselves.
    Ron paul is honest. obama not so much he talks in circles because he doesn't have answers, just because he know a few big words and your vocabulary isn't big enough to see that he doesn't even know how to use them, you think he is the answer?
    the president isn't a celebrity he should be someone you is going to work for us, the people of the united states in OUR best interest. that doesn't not include providing everyone with shity medical care. just because you get to see a "doctor" in a few months doesn't mean it will be quality care…

  63. 63

    Re: Black Swan – Feeling compassion and paying for other peoples free ride are again 2 separate issues! Feel free to get a job a pay for them yourself, because the rest of us think it's your turn!

  64. 64

    where is my comment i posted about an hour ago?

  65. 65

    Re: BrooklynChick – bahahahah preach

  66. 66

    Re: Peartree – SPEAK THE TRUTH!

  67. 67

    Re: curiousred – You might want to learn what fascism is before calling someone a fascist.

  68. 68

    I am shocked at the lack of compassion displayed by commentators to this site. The selfish comments and lack of humanity in posts simply shows that though you Americans call yourselves a god fearing people you have no moral compass.

  69. 69

    Re: Santa Duckie – It's called FREEDOM!!! You might want to look into it.

  70. 70

    Sorry, as a Canadian, the thought of not having Universal Health Care is not only completely foreign, but barbaric. It stuns me that the concept of everyone chipping in a little (Being taxed is second nature to Canadians) to help everyone is looked upon so disdainfully. It comforts me to know that if something happens to me or my children that I am not going to go bankrupt as a result.

  71. 71

    i thought they supported people not having health insurance. ok, im confused.

  72. 72

    How about instead of spending TRILLIONS of dollars on a war and researching new ways to kill someone we put that money into healthcare? EH EH EH..How many wars are we in right now? The government spends so damn much money on some of the most useless shit that is not needed.

  73. 73

    We already have government health care in this country. It is called medicare and medicaid. If you are super poor, you get medicaid. If you are old, you get medicare (with a small cost). If you are a regular Joe, you are on your own. As it should be. You don't have to shell out 700 dollars a month for some big cadillac plan. If you can afford to, that's great. A lot of people have reasonably good plans offered thru work for a couple hundred a month. That's great also. If you can't get it thru work, you need to shell out a little every month for major medical. In case you really get sick or have an accident and have to go into the hospital, you will be covered. But the big whinning babies won't do this. They would rather have their jacked up cell phones and cable tv and forty thousand dollar rolling fucking tank on wheels suv.

  74. 74

    Re: NookiesWA – Brilliant idea, lets just get rid of the military, defense department, ect. and roll out the welcome mat for the whole world to come rape and pillage our country! People like you are so ignorant to reality! Do you not understand who protects your rights and freedoms? GET A CLUE!!!

  75. 75

    Hard to stomach how callous some of the comments are in regard to the uninsured. Sure, it's easy to say "Well, don't buy a new IPhone 5, buy Insurance instead!" But guess what folks, develop ANY "Pre-Existing Condition" in America & you are UN-INSURABLE unless you get benefits through your spouse or job! Even if you are one of the few un-insurable, disabled American's lucky enough to get coverage through a spouse, you could still end up like me, needing LIFE SAVING SURGERY, that your Insurance refuses to pay for because of "Rising Health Care Costs" Blah Blah Blahty BLAH! It's easy to shrug your shoulder's and say "It's not my problem." when it isn't YOUR life on the line! Ron Paul & everyone with that apathetic mentality should consider what it's like to fight to stay alive in a Country that sees you as just another Actuary Statistic! I just want to see my Children grow up!! QUALITY HEALTHCARE FOR ALL!!

  76. 76

    Re: baileyxox – Well it must be nice to be perfectly healthy and not have to worry about having health insurance then. Not everyone intends to get sick. How about the people who get cancer? What if it is genetic? Are they supposed to just die while getting financially ruined trying to fight their cancer? You do realize that stuff like that just happens to ordinary people like you and me? I would never hope anything like that happen to anyone, I think everyone should have the access and ability to get healthcare when needed, and not have to choose between getting treatment and something crucial like groceries and electricity. Medications are expensive as are surgeries and treatments. I have a chronic condition, and I did not choose to have it, nor did my lifestyle make it happen. I was genetically pre-disposed. Am I just supposed to kill myself to save you some money on your taxes? Unbeliveable, you are so ignorant! I am so glad I live in Canada, but I am so sad for the American's who have to suffer, and go without treatment. Healthcare should not be a luxury!

  77. 77

    Re: Peartree – A MEN! I live in Canada and am so happy we have universal health care here. I don't know where I would be without it! America is backwards! I would rather see my fellow man being able to get the help they need in a medical emergency then have them go without because they could otherwise not afford rent. C'mon people, have some compassion for your fellow Americans!

  78. 78

    There is so many things wrong with this article that Perez should be ashamed of himself. First, when Ron was asked the question on whether that person should die during the debate the very first thing he said was, "NO!" It was the select individuals in the crowd that said, "yes." Second, his friend who passed away was charged $400,000 for his medical bills because he did not have insurance. Ron Paul and his family held a fundraiser that raised a small portion for the bill and then the hospital forgave the remain balance. Perez, do some research and get a clue.

  79. 79

    Re: Les Miserables – I such you do further research, then basing your opinion on a hollywood hack like Perez who finds it reasonable to not disclose all the facts in this story. Ron Paul raised money for the hospital bill and the hospital also forgave the rest of the charges.

  80. 80

    Re: Maureen1982 – Maureen, I would ask you to please look a little further on this issue then believing the half truths that are stated in this article. If I am right, he was no longer Paul's campaign manager at the time and therefore wouldn't have health insurance. Ron Paul, friends, and the hospital came together to ensure the bill got paid with a large portion being forgiven by the hospital a large amount raised by Paul. The reason health care is so expensive now a days is because their is no competition and the buying power of a dollar is so weak with the huge debt the government has. Obviously, it's a complex issue, but Ron has a plan and it can work. I just ask that you keep an open mind and take look at his ideas.

  81. 81

    [Re: Angus8 – Angus, come one! Why are you basing your facts on Perez Hilton. Ron Paul use to work as an OBGYN for $3 a day. Any person who came to him on Medicare or Medicade he gave free care to because he didn't want the government to pay for it. This $400,000 was forgiven by the hospital and large amount of money was also raised by Paul to pay a portion of it. Please, seek the truth and don't be corrupted by stories like this.

  82. 82

    Ron Paul has delivered 4,000 babies as a physician, he's so damn evil!

    Perez is evil, because you've just promoted an ignorant and twisted view of Paul's message to your readers. Even worse, you support GOVERNMENT aid for people who can't afford healthcare. That is evil: leading people to believe that they can rely on our CRAPPY government to take care of them. Uh, Perez, when was the last time you checked how much money Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid had? Oh, that's right, THEY'RE BROKE! Evil is brainwashing people into believing that they can rely on a corrupt government for heatlhcare.

    Ron Paul understands human nature, and understands that FREE MARKETS are the key to lowering the costs of healthcare and maximizing health coverage. The problem is, as Paul points out, the U.S. has not had REAL free markets/capitalism for at least 100 years. Instead we have CORPORATISM, which is when BIG government and BIG corporations work together behind the scenes, screwing over the people.

    But you see, these kinds of things are simply out of Perez's knowledge. I hope that Perez reads up on what's REALLY going on in our government that BOTH Bush AND Obama are to blame for. It's a shame to see so many people who are more interested in celebrity gossip find articles like these and then, without any additional research, conclude that Ron Paul is evil.

  83. 83

    Re: Maureen1982 – Hey, Maureen, cool to see you're interested in this subject. As a Ron Paul supporter I'd just like to try at reach out to you for a moment. I can't stand Republicans: most of them are full of it. I did not like Bush. Sadly, I can't say I like Obama, either. But Ron Paul is COMPLETELY different. First off, he's a physican who delivered over 4,000 babies in his career (Perez doesn't mention that when calling Paul evil). Second, Paul disagrees with pretty much EVERYTHING the Republicans stand for. HAve you seen Paul at the debates? Paul wants to END THE WARS, Paul wants to legalize gay marriage, Paul wants to legalize marijuana. Paul is the only politician I've heard today that makes sense. He's against gov't healthcare because our gov't is BROKE, because gov't sucks at doing almost everything (think about Hurricane Katrina rescue efforts). Paul simply understands that when INDIVIDUALS are responsible for their own lives, MORE people get healthcare, instead of waiting around for our broke gov't to get it for them.

  84. 84

    Re: rotini87 – The problem with your statement is that the costs of healthcare are high BECAUSE of gov't invovlement. America has not had real capitalism for at least 100 years. Instead we have corporatism, which is when BIG government and BIG corproations work together behind the scenes, screwing us over. But people don't understand. Listen, I believe that BOTH republicans AND democrats are full of it. They are all bought up by the big companies. But listen, if government was not bailing out banks, destroying competition from medical institutions that actually want to help patients, and other sinister stuff, then the healthcare problems we have right now would be non-existent. This idea that the gov't is going to somehow give us all cheaper healthcare is a complete lie. what can the gov't do but move the wealth from the private sector around? Please, do some more research on Ron Paul, he's a physican who delivered 4,000 babies and knows more about the healthcare industry than you or I know.

  85. 85

    Re: Purple Gimp – Ron Paul delivered 4,000 babies as a physician. You're not going to get quality health insurance from the government. Just like people couldn't get quality help from FEMA during Hurricane Katrina (damn Bush), you're not going to get quality healthcare from the government. the idea that somehow the gov't can better deliver anything is insane. Other gov't healthcare programs are broke: Medicare and Medicaid. Paul's point is that he does not trust this horrible gov't to save people, and that its very sad to tell a person who needs healthcare that they can wait around for the gov't to save them, when the gov't is broke and corrupt as hell. Undersatnd the greater philsophy behind Paul's message, and understand that free healthcare for everyone sounds great, but is it possible? And at what costs? And at what sacrifices to quality?

  86. 86

    Re: Les Miserables – Aww, you won't vote for Paul, who delviered 4,000 babies as a physician? lol, but seriously though, aside from being an OBGYN, Ron Paul is a guy who makes sense. BOTH Republicans AND Democrats are full of it, in my opinion. We're taught by the media that you're either a republican or democrat, and once you choose a side you've got to fight the other person till death. But Ron Paul has criticized both parties over the years, and pretty much disagrees with EVERYTHING the REpublicans are saying. Ron Paul wants to: End the wars, legalize gay marriage, legalize mariajuna, and return civil liberties. But at the same time, Paul understands that "free healthcare for everyone" sounds good, but is simply too good to be true. Money doesn't grow off trees, and neither do doctors, medicine, or various forms of treatment. Paul's point is that FORCING people to pay for someone else's healthcare through taxes is wrong, because it allows politicians to abuse that money for corrupt reasons, AND once you give the gov't that much power, it now can contorl the entire industry. imagine if Bush was in charge of heatlhcare? That would be horrible. OBama can only do so much. And when Obama serves his 2 terms, what happens if another BUsh-like idiot is elected?

  87. 87

    Re: AussieJ – Good questions. I've got answers. Health insurance companies, mainly the richest ones, are in BED with our gov't. The mainstream media won't talk about this, but the U.S. gov't is working together with the big insurance companies. THis is how it works: the richest insurance companies BUY OFF our politicians, then the politicians pass certain laws that benefit the COMPANIES that paid them, while screwing over the honest medical companies that actually want to serve patients. Healthcare costs are so high because our corrupt gov't does not allow competition. Instead, the richest insurance companies pay off politicians to have certain laws passed that they are exempt from, and this allows them to destroy the honest competition from other companies that are trying to give good prices and services. THIS is why Paul and I want to have LESS gov't: because the gov't is CORRUPT. Take the gov't out of the picture and those rich comapnies would not have the crutch of gov't to keep them in business. free markets would allow businesses to compete to SERVE the patients, INSTEAD of serving the corrupt politicians….

  88. 88

    Re: Samtra – You don't 'air' your mistakes! They're blantantly obvious for the rest of the world to see! And if other countries (and I'm assuming you mean western, civilised ones) manage to 'hush up' theirs, why can't you?? It's pretty difficult to keep things hush hush in today's world. It's not that the US suck at it and other countries don't, those countries just have a lot less to hush hush about than the US :)

  89. 89

    Re: Oh Resist Her – Ron Paul wants to: end the wars, legalize gay marriage, legalize marijuana, and delivered 4,000 babies as a physician. Paul's point is that the "government" solution is no better than what we have right now. But WHAT do we have right now that sucks so bad? We have in the U.S. something called corporatism, which is when BIG government and BIG corporations work together behind the scenes. The reason healthcare costs are so high, the reason healthcare is in shambles, is because the richest healthcare companies PAY OFF the politicians, so that the politicians can pass laws that benefit the rich companies that paid them. This, in turn, destroys competition that comes from the honest businesses and insurance companies that actually want to serve patients/consumers. Paul wants to take gov't out of the equation so that what is left is free markets and competition, which forces insurnace companies to SERVE the consumer with goood quality and low prices.

  90. 90

    Re: Angus8 – Hi, just so you know, Ron Paul has NEVER accepted patients who were on Medicare or Medicaid (government forms of healthcare), and even then Paul worked with those patients to help them get care. I don't understand why you assume Ron Paul is some evil guy. I suppose it's because that is the way Perez made Paul look. It's also probably because ROn Paul is running as a republican, and republicans have gotten REALLY bad reputations (thanks to that dumbass Bush). But Paul never was the kind of guy who blindly folllowed a party. HAve you heard Paul at the debates? He disagress with almost everything the other republicans say, and the only times he agrees with them is on the issues that Paul has been consistently talking about for 30 years that all the other republican candidates are talking about because it will get them more votes and popularity, mostly because Paul made those issues important. It saddens me to see someone like Paul portrayed as "evil", when he simply is NOT that kind of person. REsearch more of him, pleeeaassee…

  91. 91

    Re: haha228 – "their health care quality is nowhere near ours" You're right, your infant mortality rate is far worse than most European countries and you have one of the worst (lowest) life expectancy rates in the Western civilised world! When it comes to quality, Scandinavian countries score high and Switzerland and Singapore also get 'good grades'. Some people here seem to believe that the US is the only country people (with more than enough money) fly to when in need of great care .. they don't. I'd take Switzerland over any other country any day of the week!

  92. 92

    perez, you really need to do some more research before writing articles like this. you didnt even quote pauls full answer. FIRST: his answer was "NO" about letting him die. the audience said yes, not ron. he went on to say he would advise the guy to have had an insurance policy, but if not then family, charity and the churches could help. SECOND: when snider died paul paid money out of his own pocket towards the bill. he even organized a fund raising to help with the rest. as of today the hospital has never sought to collect on the remainder due to their own charity. THIRD: when ron was a practicing dr. he did treat people for free when they could afford to pay of if they didnt have insurance. …….i think you have slighted mr paul in posting this article. ron is one of the most honest and helpful people around. next time dont listen to the heavily edited and chopped up version of what CNN puts out there. or the rest of them. look for yourself and i promise youll see that paul is more than what you think he is.

  93. 93

    What first needs to be said is that federal law prohibits anyone from being turned away from a hospital emergency room, whether in a coma or not. But Paul’s larger point should not be missed. He is old enough to remember a time when families, neighbors and churches cared for each other. Now, in our two-income households when we buy so much stuff we must rent public storage units for the overflow, we hardly have time for our own families, much less the concerns of others. How many of us know our neighbors?
    I was intrigued by a story I read last month in London’s Sunday Times. The story followed street rioting that shocked Britons and caused Prime Minister David Cameron to lament the loss of moral teaching in British schools and society. The headline read “Tory Ministers to ‘Adopt’ Jobless Families.”
    Some of the jobless have been without work for several generations. A recent survey found that in many homes, no one had ever worked and had no desire or expectation of employment.

  94. 94

    The question was designed to appeal to the status quo with the federal government picking up the tab, but Paul cut through the question to give a powerful answer: “ . . .what he should do is whatever he wants to do, and assume responsibility for himself. . . . That’s what freedom is all about, taking your own risks. This whole idea that you have to prepare and take care of everybody . . . ”
    Blitzer interrupted: “ . . .Are you saying society should just let him die?”
    Some in the audience shouted “yes.” They must have come from the previous debate where Gov. Rick Perry’s pride in executing convicted murderers was wildly applauded.
    Responded Paul: “We’ve given up on this whole concept that we might take care of ourselves and assume responsibility for ourselves. Our neighbors, our friends, our churches would do it. This whole idea, that’s the reason the cost is so high. . . . We have lack of competition. There’s no competition in medicine. Everybody is protected by licensing.”

  95. 95

    Re: Maureen1982 – Kent couldn't get insurance even if Paul offered it to him. Kent was constantly being turned down by health insurance companies due to a pre-existing condition. Stop blaming Ron Paul. He comment makes perfect sense. Read his book and maybe you'll understand everything that he talks about.

  96. 96

    Re: Angus8 – paul has treated many people for free and more. this article is wrong. paul said "NO". perez left out pauls answer.

  97. 97

    Re: AussieJ – If you do not have medical coverage, it is no ones responsibility but your own. It's as plain and simple as that, even though it may seem cruel and heartless. Guess what? Life's not fair, that's the best lesson my parents ever taught me. It is not the governments job to provide us with every single necessity and luxury, the governments function is to try to maintain order, peace and justice, that's it. They should have very limited control over private industry and this shouldn't even be a national issue, it should go state-by-state. Also, it is not our governments fault that our health system is so screwed up- it's private insurance companies. People are so quick to press the blame on the government and doctors for insurance/prescription costs being so high- guess what? It's the insurance companies that charge exuberant amounts of money for services and they are very heartless people, trust me I would know, I work at a primary care physician and deal with them everyday. But does that mean the government should step in and take complete control? NO. Maybe a little investigation or reform but keep it private? That's a more suitable compromise.

  98. 98

    This is absurd…. the man didn't die because he didn't have insurance!!! He died from complications related to pneumonia!! Insurance doesn't magically cure disease. Stop making Ron Paul sound bad for his former employee's unfortunate circumstances.

  99. 99

    Re: daisy14309 – I wonder why, if he worked for Ron Paul, Mr. Paul didn't provide his employee with insurance, like he thinks other employers, churches and organizations should. Either way, he's a hypocrit. I have no political alliance; however, let's call a spade a spade. He thinks the onus should be on private business. Then, why didn't HE follow that.

  100. 100

    Re: AussieJ – I can tell you why medical bills are so high in this country. Most people will blame doctors but here are the facts: A doctor can charge you $100 for an appointment. S/he bills your insurance. Your insurance says, "We think $50 is a fair amount. Take off the other $50 and we'll call it a day." So, your $100 visit nets the doctor $50. The hospitals do this as well. So basically, private pay patients are payng more for services than multi-million dollar insurance companies. It all boils down to this for health insurance. Do you want Wall Street telling you what you can and can't have in the way of testing or do you want the government to tell you? Don't believe those who say you won't be able to get testing done, blah, blah, blah. Blue Cross, United Healthcare and Aetna all DENY testing on a regular basis. If you think you're getting a better deal from them, good luck to you. Their one and ONLY job is to make money.

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