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Ron Paul Has NO Sympathy For People Who Don't Have Health Insurance…Even If They Work For Him!

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ron paul has no sympathy for people without health insurance

This is pretty messed up.

Even though this all happened back in '08, the story of Republican candidate Ron Paul's deceased campaign manager is being revisited all over the media right now, because of its pertinence to Paul's current views on health insurance.

As a reminder, Paul's campaign manager Kent Snyder passed away three years ago due to pneumonia, and the man didn't have health insurance at the time of his death.

Despite the fact that he was uninsured, he received some medical care, and after he passed away his mother received a $400,000 bill from his hospital!

During a presidential debate on Monday, Paul was asked if society should just let an uninsured middle-aged man die, to which he responded as follows:

"That's what freedom is all about, taking your own risks."

After his comments, Paul backtracked slightly and commented that churches could help out.

How much are churches going to help out, Paul? We're pretty sure that Kent Snyder's mother's $400,000 hospital bill isn't getting covered by a church!

We understand this is a complicated issue, but there's something wrong with Ron Paul's cold approach to this subject ESPECIALLY since someone who worked so hard for him passed away without health insurance.

What do U think? Should society let an uninsured person die?

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114 comments to “Ron Paul Has NO Sympathy For People Who Don't Have Health Insurance…Even If They Work For Him!”

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  1. 101

    Re: timmy P – Hey, I have some swampland in Florida that I'll sell you for $200. It's a couple acres.

  2. 102

    Mario is such an idiot for writing that headline. You seriously are a moron.

  3. 103

    Ron Paul does not believe in letting people die, if you read all of his quote he explains that. He is a medical doctor, he values life! He is also a constitutionalist and he was saying that the government does not have the right to FORCE someone to buy medical insurance, they are free to chose how they spend THEIR money that they worked for. That is why he will have my vote!!

  4. 104

    Perez! Im so sick of your antics …. You never do your research!! Instead you just will take down anyone who wants people to take care of themselves, live their lives and not have someone telling them what to do and how to do it… if you want a big brother to provide for you thats fine but don't go making bias answers on someone you did not do full research on! I think its funny how you are all about equality for all but only if it fits your ideal thoughts of equality.. GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT, DO YOUR RESEARCH, PROVIDE FAIRNESS FOR ALL!!!!!

  5. Lyyli says – reply to this


    Perez: Do you understand why healthcare is so expensive in this country, and why it continues to rise? Do you understand why there are so few insurance providers in this country? Do you understand that, because of Medicare and Medicaid, the government requires the insurance companies to cover all medical conditions for these customers, and this raises the price for everyone? Do you understand that as long as we have our current system, people pay no attention to how much medical services cost because they are separated from the influence of direct cost due to insurance footing the bill, and this raises prices for everyone? Do you realize that if the government were to get out of the picture and let the free market work, insurance prices would drop as much as 80%, there would be many more providers to choose from, insurance companies would have much more of an incentive to cover pre-existing conditions, and medical innovation/technological innovation would skyrocket? The foundation of the entire system needs a paradigm shift. Until you understand these things, please stop pushing you agenda, as you are a large part of the problem and are too blinded/uninformed to realize it.

  6. Lyyli says – reply to this


    Forgot to add - Ron Paul is the only candidate that does understand what is happening with healthcare in this country, and knows what needs to happen in order to fix it.

  7. 107

    Ron Paul is a physician who gave out free medical care constantly to people in need. He is also a fan of Sociologist Robert Nisbet who writes about how social ties are much stronger without state (violent) intervention. This article is superficial and very damaging not only to freedom but to the average idiots understanding of what makes a healthy society. Is it insurance that bids up the price of medicine that people need of free markets that have a track history of meeting people's needs much more efficiently than the bureacratized medical industry ever could? Should the state stifle our impulse to enact mutual aid in non-governmental institutions or step in a bureacratize everything so that needed change NEVER occurs?

  8. 108

    This biased, spin-doctored report was brought to you by the same idiots who are hoping you're stupid enough to vote based upon what some tard in Hollywood tells you. Don't laugh - it's happened. You as a US citizen are responsible to collect data about the candidates; if you aren't sure about their stance on something - email, call, write and ask them. Do NOT vote based on race, creed, or the opinions of non-US citizens. Vote with your BRAINS. Research while there's still time to save our country.

  9. 109

    to be honest, i have health insurance and a serious case of sleep apnea that is the main cause of sudden death, unfortunatelly, it's a pre-existing condition, and i can not get treatment for that. isn't that crazy. i'm thinking about moving to another country, in order to get treatment there… America is a joke. when i think about 9/11, somehow i imagine all of us under the debris, buried alive…

  10. @v@ says – reply to this


    Why are they giving the bill to an old woman whose son is grown, gone and long over 21? Isn't he responsible for his own debts? That wouldn't fly in most countries.

  11. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Moogle80 – Correct. The U.S. ranks near the bottom in list after list of international comparisons, but on the U.N. Health Care rankings by country, 37th behind most all EU nations and G20's.

  12. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Lyyli – The same reason a nail costs the army $300.00?

  13. 113

    Bush and Obama have no sympathy for people who have been out there in Iraq and Afghanistan dying on the front lines. Ron Paul will bring them home and all of that money we are throwing away over there. He has said it before. We WILL ALL have more money when we end the wars and close the foreign bases as well as abolish the IRS. Everyone will have more money to take care of themselves, their friends, and family. Don't buy into the LAME STREAM MEDIA'S Ron Paul attacks. Ron Paul is the only man who can get America back on it's feet because he understands exactly what's wrong. Youtube Ron Paul predicting all of the economic crash before anyone knew about it.

  14. Glen says – reply to this


    I'm not a Ron Paul Hater and Perez gets a thousand things wrong so I can believe he go the quote wrong but..

    The level of advancement of a society is expressed in the way it takes care of it's poorest people. 1% of the population control over 90% of the wealth. Those people have been living wih a tax reform that has them paying less taxes percentage wise than probably every poster on this site unless you guys all make 100 million a year or more. You can bash Obama care all you want but had it been in place when this man was sick he would have had health insurance. He was denied coverage due to a pre-existing condition something removed with Obama as well as lifetime caps on insurance. These are no small scores for the average people. Typical lifetime caps were 1 million, which sounds like a lot but look at this man. 400K for one stay.

    Health Care should be a basic right. It should not cost anything to keep all of us in good health. Easy said, not easy done. P.S. Mr. Paul has probably the best health care in the world as a US Congressman, all provided to himself and his family with FEHB. Coverage which starts on day one and has no maximum and no pre exisiting condidition (before Obama changed that).

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