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36 comments to “Sinead O'Connor Writes Disturbing Tweets About Committing Suicide”

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    I completely agree with her. For too long, suicide attempts and suicides have had a terrible stigma attached to it. Of late there have been several articles of individuals who have taken their lives and it is truly astonishing to see so many ignorant comments relating to the issue. Take some time Sinead and be good to yourself. x

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    I love sinead, she has been treated so badly her entire life by her family as a child and the general public and the church. People cant take her brutal honesty

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    if she killed herself it would be a mortal sin and she'd got hell not heaven but i have thought about suicide too so i can relate.

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    Calling the tweets 'disturbing' just adds to the stigma. What shes saying isn't bad or wrong - she's reaching out and saying what she feels. Have the respect to present that accurately if you are going to present it at all.

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    Stay away from the Illuminati's psychiatrists.

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    She is crying out for help. She has tried it before, she will try again most likely will succeed. This is very sad, no matter who the person is. I hope she can get help

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    Re: glamourextra – Agreed.

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    Hey, whoever she is, if she want's to go she should just go. If you want to end your life that's your right. Who cares?

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    Sinead, get rid of that prude psychiatrist!! You are beautiful, stay strong and find a support system that will lift you up not beat you down. "Nothing Compares 2 U" Try creating some new music, it could be very healing, and I would love to hear some!! ♥♥♥

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    Blaming someone outside of you or a bad life won't cure depression. She has had more opportunities than the majority of her countryman. I know that is impossible to see when you are in the throws of depression, but when you have kids it is up to you to claw your way out.

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    THE LION AND THE COBRA is one of my favorite albums of all time. I hate to see her like this, and I hope she's really getting the help she deserves.

  13. 13

    10 years ago …. gimme a break! Is she getting ready to write a book or do a series of talk shows?

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    Re: DarkAdaptedEye – My fav is Universal Mother. She is amazing. She is an artist who truly is 'all about the music'. She walked away from a pop career so she could do what was important to her. She is the real deal. No gimmicks.

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    You need to read this over and over FatBoy and think about the damage your handy work can cause.

  16. frrf says – reply to this


    What a cry baby. Selfish and sad.

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    Re: rosebud99
    I was going to say exactly that, that she walked away from fame at the height of her career. She never really wanted it, and I think the success of "Nothing Compares 2 U" kind of freaked her out. She was talking about the abuses of the Catholic Church when it was unfashionable, and twenty years later, all these abuses that she was talking about came to light.

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    She should consider how her actions impact on others. She has been boring me and others to death for years! If suicide is the only cure to this (her) then she has my nlessings. But just do it and stop the internet dramatics. stupid little cu*t.

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    I love her music, but I've always been on the fence with some of her antics. She doesn't like a whole lot of attention unless it's the type of attention that she wants to bring on herself. Sometimes I don't even know when to believe what she's saying. She said one time she was a lesbian, then she backtracked. Spoke out against religion, but then became a priest. It's nice that she's thinking of the feelings of her children, which means sometimes you have to come to the conclusion that it's not always all about you.

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    Oh come on Sinead. Now if your poor kids started talking like this, now that would be real pain for you to endure. Get off yourself. Think of others. You know that everybody has their cross to bear.

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    Perez posting stories a week late as usual.

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    Re: jalenxox – I'm sure God has mercy in different situations. If you killed yourself for revenge on someone, you would go to hell (most likely)

  23. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: justinholt123 – That honesty is what made her songs shine so brightly.
    Self acceptance and truly becoming her own best friend, and treating herself as well as she thinks she should treat others is an important step for her. Other people's treatment of you or others, if poor, is their issue, and not hers. I hope she knows that. There's a lot to be said for letting all the sh*t go, and just putting one foot in front of the other and simply allow herself to float down the river of life for a while. That's ok. Life is cyclic, and improves on its own in spite of yourself. Lol.

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    How many of us can truly say we haven't felt like this at one point or another? I find her words sad, but refreshing. People need to stop thinking depression and thoughts of suicide are about mental illness. Society plays a big role, as do our social relationships. What do we have to live for if everyone in our life is incredibly negative and critical of our every action? We take so much for granted when everything is going well in our own lives, we forget that others don't have it so easy.

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    I saddened me to read how you are feeling, I think I can honestly say that many of us feel this way fromn time to time, but it will pass and your children will be grateful to have for many years to come. Beauty is within and you have proven with your timeless music. You have touched millions in a postive way! Hang in there.

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    It saddened me to read how you are feeling, I think I can honestly say that many of us feel this way fromntime to time, but it will pass and your children will be grateful to have you for many years to come. Beauty is within and you have proven it with your timeless music. You have touched millions in a postive way! Hang in there.

  27. 27

    I've been a fan on Sinead for years and this would make me extremely sad if she ever succeeded. She's a part of my youth. She's a wonderful person, I hope she realizes that.

  28. 28

    I genuinly feel for this woman, bipolar disorder in its depressive state/periods can be utter torture for those suffering from it. I hope she has the strength to keep fighting, but I would never blame her if she didn't have the strength to fight anymore. There is so much ignorance around depression and suicide, the lack of kowledge, empathy and insight is astonishing. Much luck to her and her loved ones.

  29. 29

    Sounds like a cry for attention.
    She needs help.

  30. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Everything popular is wrong. – NO. Never surrender! Get rid of world painted expectations and develop realistic ones. Then any little good thing is gravy, and go from there. Her children need a mother and she brought them here.

  31. 31

    Re: @v@ – I understand your sentiment, but *that* is not a realistic expectation in itself. Depression has nothing to do with realistic expectations, the psyche is not that simple - far from it. It's chemical, and can be induced by traumatic events and the likes. But in Sinead's case, she must deal with this the rest of her life, and that is tougher than most can imagine - and most can't.

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    I always felt like we were kindred spirits, because we both came from abusive families, and just like Sinead, I've never been able to get over my mother's death. Just the rage in her music was very comforting to me. People always say you can't change the past, so why let it haunt you, but I wish it was that easy. Although it took me years to understand and forgive my parents, it's much more harder to forget. Just little memories can trigger such emotions that I'm sure she feels. I think the thing that always kept me moving forward was I love life too much to ever consider suicide. I am finding more peace with myself and with life itself as I get older, and I really hope that she finds it too.

  33. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Everything popular is wrong. – Responsiblity to her kids might get her though this. Same for a whole lot of women. Anyhoo, we could go through a whole pot of coffee or bottle of vino and then I might get to comprehending all of the unsaid behind your post, so cheers.

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    Re: @v@ – I hope so as well, but unfortunately a chemical imbalance makes it extremely hard for the person suffering from depression to *feel* the world around them, it's like a thick curtain over their entire body. So the love for and from her children may be "drowned" in the state of depression. As with everything else about the brain and our mind, it's extremely complex.
    Sounds cozy, but I prefer a cup of tea - or several. Haha! And all the "unsaid" can easily be found, for instance by googling it. Cheers.

  35. 35

    What's funny is she's been dead for like the last six years, so unless she does it in some spectacular fashion no one would even know.

  36. 36

    … and another thing … people who want to kill themselves. People who give it fanfare just want attention. So Sinead? Either shit or get off the pot.