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Still Riding High! Another Incredible Performance Of Skyscraper By Demi Lovato!

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Let her music fill your heart and soul! Girl is about to have one of the best weeks of her life and we couldn't be happier for her! She deserves this!

Demi Lovato's new album, Unbroken, releases tomorrow and to kick things off, she stopped by Good Morning America this morning to sing her already smash hit, Skyscraper!

Still brings a tear to our eye watching her sing this!

Ch-ch-check her out in the video (above)!

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19 comments to “Still Riding High! Another Incredible Performance Of Skyscraper By Demi Lovato!”

  1. 1

    That is really beyond horrible

  2. 2

    i usually don't comment on celebrity live performances, especially disney stars, but damn. that was good. on key too. demi is one of the more talented disney stars i've seen so far. that was a ridiculously awesome performance.

  3. 3

    she did a great job.:)

  4. 4

    Ok…I like this song a lot but this is by far the worst performance she has given…she is all over the place trying to add things in and it didn't work for her.. sorry girl. better luck next time

  5. 5

    i think she burped at 1:55

  6. 6

    Druggie Bitch needs a stylist and a vocal coach………channeling Boy George with her pushing shit outta her ass voice - when is all this bad shit gonna end?????????? Should we just acclamate to, not only her, but all these fucking Disney pricks? ENOUGH ALREADY! WHERE O WHERE IS ALL THE NEW REAL TALENT????? The 90's and beyond have fucked up music and film. Can't wait to see what Beiber and Selena will do next!

  7. 7

    This song ALWAYS makes me CRY. Her voice is perfect for the emotions of the words. Hope she has a huge selling day tomorrow!

  8. 8

    Are the 90s style coming back?. Noooo please, I hated it sooooooo much!!!.

  9. 9

    she was absolutely flawless! haters to the left.

  10. 10

    Re: Douche Hunter – aww, another jealous hater. welcome to the club. haha . whether you like it or not. demi is still gonna be richer than you. lolz. keep hating.
    love you demi.

  11. 11

    Re: GreenEyedGay – somebody's jealous. lolz

  12. 12

    Re: Davtello – i think you need to get your eyes checked sweetie.

  13. 13

    Re: GayRay – wow, looks like someone has too much time on their hands. get a life. demi is richer than you. haha i had to rub it in. no wonder your jealous & hating.

  14. 14

    Re: bleahf – then why are you commenting. get a life.

  15. 15

    this performance was beautiful. demi is like the only celeb that sounds good live. her voice is just naturally beautiful. demi is an inspiration to millions of girls out there. she's an inspiration to me. she's just so gorgeous, she always has been and her voice is just so beautiful, i wish i could meet her one of these days. that would totally be awesome.

  16. 16

    Poor girl, she's way more sick that she's let the public in on; I expect major relapse any moment now; somebody call 911 and get her to the INSANE ASYLUM… STAT!

  17. 17

    Although I am not personally a fan of Demi Lavota, her talent is a true art that needs recognized in today's industry. She has a strong voice and an amazing talent. Maybe instead of focusing on bad things to say about individuals you don't know, try to pick out the positive. Remember, this young girl has been through a lot and has made a positive outcome to a bad situation. Positive outlooks lead to positive results. God Bless!

  18. 18

    [re=5876973]Re: IDK!!!COLON!!! Srsly

  19. 19

    im very happy for her.
    however i dont enjoy her vocals. it just sounds too forced. not pleasant for me.