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First Look At The Cringe-Inducing Toddlers & Tiaras Season Finale!

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Be forewarned: This one is VERY difficult to sit through!

Check out the first look (above) at the upcoming season finale of TLC's Toddlers & Tiaras, which airs tomorrow night.

This clip focuses on five-year-old Carley and her obsessive mother, who forces her daughter to rehearse constantly and spends $30,000 per year on pageants!!!! WTF!

At least that crazy mom we saw last week didn't seem as mean as this one! Just awful!

Will U have the stomach to tune in for the season finale of Toddlers & Tiaras?

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27 comments to “First Look At The Cringe-Inducing Toddlers & Tiaras Season Finale!”

  1. 1

    To the mom… NO, you are not just like her. She is your very young daughter. You need to quit living out your own squashed pageant dreams through her. Wow, can no one intervene and get this chid away from this abusive mother. Abuse happens in all forms, the daughter may not show physical signs, but emotionally she will pay the price. This mother doesn't deserve kids and should be forced to deal with her own emotional baggage, or be forced to get her tubes tied!

  2. 2

    Wait a minute, weren't you their bigget cheerleader just a couple of months ago - even to the point where you dressed your disgusting fat ass as one of the toddlers (cowgirl outfit with blonde wig). Apparently they dropped your ass and this is how you retaliate - what a pathetic bitch you are!

  3. 3

    OMG! She is CRAZY!

  4. Rohan says – reply to this


    Don't be fooled, Mario profits from this exploitation crap. Shouldn't this be on your new pedo site?

  5. 5

    this mom is really strict and mean talk bout stage mom she's bad. all of these pagent moms need help!

  6. 6

    i want to hear you say "im sorry i endorsed this show". just say it already, because you keep sounding like a flaming hypocrite everytime you post bad things about this show. or is your endorsement deal up, and now youre going to trash them until they start paying you again?

  7. 7

    Just last week my 10 yr old performed (sang) as the winner of last year's talent show and I had to stay on her case for a few days about practicing (I'm talking practicing 30 min a day IF THAT and it was for something she wanted to do) and I hated having to feel like a "stage mom" even though it was only for a few days. I can't imagine how these grown women justify living vicariously through their little girls. Those moms are in for a rude awakening when the children get old enough to "rebel" and stop acting like "mommy's little puppet". I think they should do a "where are they now" special on these kids in 10-15 yrs to show the damage stage moms can do to a kid.

  8. 8

    Wow, I can't believe this woman would go on national tv and display what kind of person she is. Cray cray.

  9. sm87 says – reply to this


    I don't get it, why the fuck aren't these abusive parents removed from society yet? they serve no purpose at all - they don't even work, they don't give anything back. Have these kids put in nurturing homes where they can use these vital years of their life to properly develop, grow, and self-actualize as they're supposed to. These poor kids have been robbed of a normal life, because they weren't able to develop normally. fucking trash parents honestly I have never seen an episode of this - TLC needs to stop encouraging this embarrassing behaviour.

  10. 10

    Liar, liar, frilly panties on fire. They advertise on this site, you make money off them. If you really are so disgusted, how about saying no to their cash. Didn't think so fatass.

  11. 11

    How are these parents any different than all the other parents who push their kids to succeed in competitive shit? It's like those dads who force their sons into sports and flip out on them for not practicing and not making them look good. These women are just the same. This idiot woman just didn't realize her whispering would be shown on TV. She should invest more time and money into some parenting classes and lay off her kid. Every time Perez is "outraged" about people being bullied I have to laugh since he is the biggest bully of all.

  12. 12

    With or without the whispers that mother is the epitomy of trash! Living through her child because she is a loser, in turn CREATING a loser to whore around MY world. Fuck these people. FUCK them.

  13. 13

    is it more difficult to watch then you dressed as a little girl to promote the show….you disgusting fat pig…and now you wanna trash the show since its coming ubder fire!!! thats all you do copy and paste and follow everybody else…hop on the bandwagon perez….

  14. 14

    Yes, this is wrong, but it's no more wrong than forcing your child to practice a musical instrument or a sport of your choosing. It's supposed to be about what they enjoy doing, not you living your dream through them.

  15. 15

    I said it before I will say it again. You didn't mind this show when you cashed those checks and got creepy dressing up as a toddler in tiara!!!

  16. 16

    Re: BTExpress – True, but whats to say that these children even wanted to do this in the first place. If this is something that they wanted, then yes there should be a certain amount of discipline involved, but not to the point where they are being punished for not wanting to do it. If it is being forced on the child, then that is totally wrong, and parents, especially these crazy mothers, should not live vicariously through their children. Interesting that you really don't see the husbands reaction to all of this.

  17. 17

    These people are not fit to take care of their children. Save them.

  18. 18

    Ok besides the fact that the mom thinks she and her daughter are the same…what did she do that is so psycho? She corrects her child when she tells her mother "no"…oooohhhhhh how awful. This is just like any other parent who makes their child practice piano or play a sport. I'm sure she means well, she is just misguided and putting a little too much emphasis on her daughter being "perfect". Most parents who raise high achievers do the same thing though…I just don't agree with the "everyone wins" in kids sports or the "sissy-fication" of America. It IS ok to compete and work hard!

  19. 19

    wow what a delusional bitch "We are the same person, we live the same life"
    maybe the kid needs to be whispering in HER ear.
    did she think that the network would edit that shit out? lmao idiot

  20. 20

    This is slightly worse than the loser men who scream at their6 year old sons on the sidelines of their soccer games. Get a dream of your own!

  21. 21

    i just don't understand how social services doesn't get involved.. This seems like just another form of abuse to me!

  22. 22

    Can they PLEASE take that girl away from her? Like seriously, what is wrong with people? At least the other crazy mother's daughter seemed to enjoy it, but this girl doesn't even want to participate. She is FORCED to.


  23. 23

    Perez, you accepted money from TLC to advertise this show. What happened? Did they pull the advertising plug because they were not seeing a ROI? Or because they got too many complaints from the TLC audience that Perez was pooing on Beiber?

  24. 24

    Re: Texsungrl

    Absolutely , this mother is not going to letthis kid sass her back and defy her. SHe is doing what te kid probably wants to do but at least she is doing somethingwith ehr kid. She isn't sittingon her ass in front of the computer or TV set or at the local watering hole. SO she corrected her kids sassy behavior??? oMG shoot her, she actually took control of akid that wanted to run her mouth to her mother. These parents that let their kids talk back and let them act like animals are the ones at fault today. Most kids see only the back oftheir parents heads as they are leaving for work, sitting at the computer or sleeping or going out the door to party woith their friends. WHAT about those parents making forcingtheir kidsto play aninstrumentthey HATE or playing a sport that they don't want to?? They make kids play foot ball becaue daddy couldn't amke the teamor daddy wants himor her to be a pro ball player. HOg wash on all this mean and nasty crap you people are saying. I bet your kids tell you to FO and you do nothig about it because you are too lazy to make your child behave. Write backin a few years and tell us if your kids are the new serial killlers or parents abusers. You let them live like animals , they will treat you like dirt and you can support themthe rest of their lives. Looserrs.

  25. 25


  26. 26

    My only question is where is child protective services when you need them? As far as I am concerned, that child is being abused and forced into slave labor by being made to practice constantly and enter pageants just because her mother has no life of her own and feels it necessary to live through her daughter. Sick!

  27. 27

    Stop promoting this show! It's disgusting!