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Princess Lea & Chris Colfer Talk Gleefully About The New Season

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As you might've read previously, we've actually already seen the first episode of the third season of Glee. We've talked about briefly, but one thing we might've forgotten to mention is how much we loved Lea Michele and Chris Colfer in the episode. Pickup right where they left off, this dynamic duo are kind of the heart and soul of the episode, kicking off a season of that is sure to be filled with doubt about and strides towards the future.

But as adorable as the pair are on-screen, their real life friendship is something to be admired as well. Lea and Chris sat down for an interview about the new season and what Gleeks can expect from the dynamic duo..

Here are some of the HIGHlights:

On whether this will be the year audiences meet Rachel's two gay dads:

Lea: "I hope so! I just keep my fingers crossed. I've been begging him and asking him for so long, 'When is that going to happen?' and he keeps saying, 'I don't know, I don't know'. So I know just as much as you do, but I would love that, of course. I think it's so important. I think the fans and the audience love when you get to see the characters' home lives and that's something I really hope we do more of in season three. Like, what are Brittany's parents like? Or what are Mercedes's like? What's her family? Does she have brothers and sisters? And so Rachel's as well … When I think about who they are, I have two people in my mind. I really do think that one of Rachel's dads is Nathan Lane. I know that's sort of stereotypical, but in my mind I envision him as one of them, for sure."

On Kurt & Blaine's romantic future:

Chris: "On one hand I hope it is because I think kids need to see a relationship like that - a positive relationship like that - because there really isn't one their age. I'd love there to be an example for them to look up to. But then again I don't want it to be fake because relationships that age never really last. So I hope that it's realistic but I do hope that it lasts."

On having Barbara Streisand on the show:

Lea: "No, I don't [want her to come on]. Idols should be kept as idols. Not that I think she would ever disappoint me - I'm sure if she came she would blow me away and be everything that I've ever imagined. But I think that keeping idols as idols is important. And I don't think that everybody needs to be on Glee! I definitely think that there are people that fit the bill of what it means to be on the show. She obviously is one of them, but you'd have to write the storyline that Rachel has gone mute for a week which we all know is not possible! You'd just have to wheel me in and wheel me out! So that would just be weird and I don't think that that would work."

Where do they see Rachel and Kurt in five years:

Lea: "Okay, so…"
Chris: "Go, go! We do this every day. Go!"
Lea: "I definitely think they should go to college in a big city, I think like NYU. I can see Rachel going to like the [musical theatre training] CAP21 program and studying like intense theatre. She's smart, she is very smart. She does very well at school. I got into NYU, so she definitely could get in! I don't know how that happened. Then I definitely think that they would get a teeny tiny studio apartment, probably the size of this room, and go on like open calls and look through Backstage magazine to try and find auditions."
Chris: "Oh my God! That's actually really funny."
Lea: "And then go on auditions. Kurt would probably work at the department store."
Chris: "For sure. Or he'd have an internship at Vogue."
Lea: "Yes! And Rachel would probably teach little girls ballet or something like that on the side."

On what has made Glee so successful:

Lea: "Chris Colfer."

We can't not agree with her! He had a lot to do with it!

Course, we can think of another equally talented performer who put her all into the role she was given on the show and every week, delivers musical performances that blow us away like no one else on TV. Wonder if she can guess who that is!

Even though we've already seen it, we STILL can't wait to watch the premiere tomorrow.. again. East coast feed and west coast feed. And then maybe once more, before we go to sleep, just so it is fresh in our minds when we talk about it again the next day!

Can U tell we're excited?! Aren't U?

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    OMG she is wearing an Anything Goes costume!!!! OMG!! hope she will tap dance :D

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    Who cares about this stupid homo, and the show he's on that promotes homo propaganda!