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Gleeks! Celebrate Tonight's Premiere With Some Fresh New Spoilers!

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Seems like only yesterday we were thrashing around in a rage because we couldn't even comprehend how we were going to survive 4 months without the musical stylings of the McKinley High New Directions.

But now it's premiere day!!! We're overjoyed and overwhelmed and over the moon and back again!!! Oh what a night it will be!!!

And then we started to wonder … well, we already know what's going to happen in tonight's premiere, but what's going to happen AFTER that? What does the rest of the season have in-store for us and for our fellow Gleeks. We did a little digging and what we found was some amazing SPOILERS for the rest of the season! Would you like to hear some? M'KAY!


So here's what's coming on Glee!

As we mentioned before, Idina Menzel will pop up in the second episode of the season as a new teacher. She's bringing with her some emotional baggage for both Quinn and Rachel, the latter of which we've learned has a duet coming up that will leave you sitting an ocean of your own tears. Who told us this? Why, Lea Michele, of course? Who else would we trust! She explained:

"We left on a touchy note, but they have a great relationship and I think – from what I’ve heard from Ryan Murphy I’m going to be working with her a lot in a very positive way. As her mother, she’s going to help Rachel a lot this year … We’ve already done a fabulous duet that if you’re a crier, get the tissues out because I bawled the entire time. I know we have some great story lines together.”

As for Quinn, the arrival of Shelby Corcoran opens up two old wounds: giving up her daughter and giving up on her baby daddy, Puck. We sense a lot of Quick scenes coming your way early on in the season. Also, though she hasn't been spotted back in a Cheerios uniform yet, we also hear Quinn will be back playing for Team Sue in a special way. Jane Lynch teased:

“Quinn is having an identity crisis and I get her to go to the dark side for a little while."

Make sure she keeps the pink hair! So badass!

There's also some trouble down the road for Rachel and Finn, but fear not Finchel fans, we doubt a breakup is imminent. We know how you guys freaked out the last time, but there will be some issues for these two to work through in their senior. Lea explains:

“[Rachel] said to him at the end of Season 2, ‘This is my plan, this is what I’m going to do,’ and he’s still up in the air as to where he’s going to go. I think that’s a definite arc this season – to really see where we end up as a couple because this is what she’s doing and it’s his decision whether or not he wants to join … It hasn’t been determined where Finn is applying yet but Rachel is pushing the issue. She really wants him to get on top of it.”

As do we. We know Ryan Murphy swore he won't be talking about "the end" or a spin-off anytime soon, but if he plans to move these two out to New York, he better lay down the groundwork.

And that's all we got for you Gleeks … until tomorrow that is!

Who's watching the Glee premiere tonight? Are any of U doing something super fun for the premiere?!

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5 comments to “Gleeks! Celebrate Tonight's Premiere With Some Fresh New Spoilers!”

  1. 1

    I feel like no matter when I come onto this site or any other gossip related site,
    it always has at least one post every couple of days that has to do with someone (usually Ryan Murphy, but not in this case thankfully) spilling "deets" about Glee.
    I cannot stand that show, but even if it was something I liked, I still wouldn't want people constantly talking about what's going to happen.
    I know it's easy to not read something, but either way, it's annoying to have people behind a show alway blabbing about the show as if we all want to hear every single detail of what is going to happen.
    Whatever, irrelevant rant over hahaha.

  2. 2

    Like most people, I stopped paying attention to this site some time ago. I thought I'd check it out today and, oh my, it's a fricking billboard! I think the clock is at about 14 minutes…

  3. 3

    puck and quinn were just a hook up so what relationship?

  4. 4

    I'm going to chill and enjoy the show.

  5. 5


    1. She was never in love with Puck, she just wanted to get laid.
    2. The kid hasn't been mentioned by ANYONE, Puck, Quinn or Rachel at all. So why now all of a sudden is it a "wound"?
    3. They talk about how this season is gonna be centered around Finchel/Blaine as they are graduating, but the shows has ALWAYS been about them. They were the focus of the show for way too long and (IMO) it's hurting the show because there are a lot of more intersting characters that get stuck harmonizing in the background.