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If You Are Easily Offended…

| Filed under: If You Are Easily Offended.....

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15 comments to “If You Are Easily Offended…”

  1. 1

    What exactly is wrong with that song? It's better than MOST of this shit you promote. GIven that fact, what personal vendetta do you have with her? Let me guess, she let you verbally have it at some nightclub somewhere telling you what a scumbag you were. And this is your way of getting her back. You are too transparent man.

  2. 2

    AHHHHH, I get it. She's a threat to Gaga. Dude. Why slander someone? Wow, man. This is a new low, even for you, dude. PAthetic.

  3. 3

    And she's super fucking hot, too. No wonder you were paid to slander her.

  4. 4

    She's been around alot longer than ur wench. She's spent years trying to get out of a contract with Virgin records. She blows ur little monster out of the water. By far. Damn. And to think. Before this post I had no idea she existed. Thanks!

  5. 5

    the reason he hates her is because gaga fans have been saying for ages that she copys gaga . never mind shes been round longer than gaga . gaga probably copied of her. he style is better and shes ways prettier. no wonder he hates her. grow the fuck up perez.

  6. 6

    OMG! this is AWESOME!! No joke! what a great fun song for my upcoming roadtrip with the girls! Yeah!!!

  7. 7

    She's amazing, great song, your hatred is obvious. You're a 12 year old Gaga fan with her panties in a knot. Your site gets worse every day, stories where you ask for opinions but with comments off, stories that are weeks old, posts that have zero comments, stories about your appearances and interviews that no one gives a fuck about, half the page with links to your other failing sites. In other words, the worst gossip site on the net. Then your aliases show up to ask "If you hate Perez so much, why are you here?" Lmao. You're a dick.

  8. 8

    PunkinPlugHead you are so far out of touch with what is good in this world it's amazing. Thanks for the lead on this girl dipshit, that\s totally sincere too. How's the books selling? How are your recording artists doing by the way? You crack me up.

  9. 9

    Wtf is offensive about this? You have reached a new low… wow… I love this song! its amazing! go screw yourself perez.. oh wait, you do anyway, over gaga and little boys

  10. Coqi says – reply to this


    Gaga sooo jacked her style so Mario wants to bring her down.

  11. 11

    Easily Offended…? Porcelain is awesome! Her voice is amazing! Why would someone be offended by her or the song? Wait do you hate her cause of CACA? Please get a better taste of music perez.

  12. 12

    I really don't understand why this was posted the way it was. I think she deserves better. I'd think people would be more offended by the Mugshot of the guy who had the foot massager installed in his forehead. Seriously, give the girl some respect and REAL post!

  13. @v@ says – reply to this


    Not offended. Whatup?

  14. 14

    You call this music? I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

  15. 15

    I like the song, you're pissed because she's coming for Gaga's weave. LMFAO at you trying to be a new person, deep down you're still a pathetic bully. I swear to god if I saw you in person I wouldn't hesitate to punch you in your fucking Grinch looking head.