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Oooh yes, you know you love it any time there's a chance to see new Brad Pitt photos. Brad and company (Philip Seymore Hoffman, Jonah Hill, Aaron SorkinRead more…

18 comments to “The Sexy Moneyball Premiere Photos!!!”

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    Traffic was horrible! But I heard from a few of my friends who were out there that Brad seemed gracious and even stood out in the public view long enough to wave at fans etc…. they didn't see angie tho, eh no real loss lol!! But I like Jonah Hill, sucks that everyone made this movie all about brad…!

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    Brad's co-stars and producers should have kicked Brad in the balls for knocking God and his marriage to Jennifer Anniston right before the premier. If Brad had not given up on God and prayed for wisdom, Brad would not have been so DUMB to upset Jennifer Anniston fans and remind women what a douche he is was about his marriage to her all over again. I will NOT go see his movie.

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    the newly skinny (and rapidly aging) Jonah Hill is too freaky now.

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    Brad Pitt's prime is over. He needs to stand aside for the NEW studs of Hollywood.

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    I think he's wearing Hotel de Ville's

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    Re: blsdjan
    Sheesh you act as though he divorced you.
    Jen is over it…apparently you are not. I suggest counseling.

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    Re: blsdjan
    Jennifer Aniston is just fine, for a bad "actresss" she's made an obscene amount of money off you fans.

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    My husband and I were in the stands when they filmed the Hatteberg 20th game win home run. We were there ALL night filming the same scene for HOURS. It was mostly boring, but we did wee Brad, Jonah and Phillip. Brad and Jonah were SUPER NICE, Brad is really Hot in person. Phillip was the only one that seemed kind of cold, never acknowledged the crowd or fans but I've heard he get's super into a character so maybe it was that.

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    A true bball man would have loved Pitt's role; this story and others like it is what keeps people going back to baseball. Pitt will likely still bring viewers, so it's all good; and he'll maybe become a bigger fan of the game. I Have to see it, huge BBall fan and non-pro player.

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    this movie has been getting AMAZING reviews. i think it's like 90% on rotten tomatoes. have been enjoying Pitt's interviews he's been giving. his views on religion and gay marriage are so spot on and so logical. also loved what Clint Eastwood said about marriage equality.

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    Brad arranged a trainer for Jonah Hill, Jonah should send Brad a basket of Personal Hygiene products. Since he hooked up with the whacktress Angie, he always looks like he needs a good scrubbing. Shave and Shower Brad and keep your big trap shut!

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    I never found him very attractive, but it's quite apparent that he has lost whatever it was that gave him all that hype. But I digress, I'm shocked by the fact that this movie is getting so much attention, it seemed like just another movie, not something special. But, can't know until I've seen it.

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    Re: Whoaaa – His hair has no lustre or body. A good stylist could put it all back.

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    Re: blsdjan – Some one should kick you in the balls for feeling you have the right to judge .and why should he feel dumb about upsetting aniston fans ,they dont watch his movies anyway.im not a fan of hers ,cuz i dont think she can act.but i watch her movies cuz im a fan of her costars who carry the movies that she brings down.

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    maybe hes trying to be like justin and not shave . please shave ..

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    He is filming War Z that is why he has not shaven or cut his hair. He is sooo hot still and a great actor in his prime. Moneyball #1 and bringing up award talks.

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    Re: Magda40 – agreed