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Anderson Cooper Addresses Jamey Rodemeyer's Suicide

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Every time we watch this poor soul speak out on bullying, it breaks our hearts.

Anderson Cooper said it best. Even when Jamey Rodemeyer was hurting, he went out of his way to help others by spreading a message it gets better.

Unfortunately, it didn't get better for Jamey. As we regrettably reported earlier, the fourteen year old was recently found dead from an apparent suicide outside of his home.

And here, Anderson Cooper addresses his death and the rampant anti-gay bullying that is STILL swarming out of control. He discusses the subject with bullying experts Rosalind Wiseman and Rachel Simmons.

Together, they talk about the root of the problem as well as possible solutions for the problem.

And anyone who spews disrespect toward suicide victims obviously just doesn't get it. Everyone is raised differently with different directions. It's pretty hard to strengthen yourself when all you're experiencing is pain. At the fragile age of fourteen especially, it's not just a matter of "sucking it up."

The psychological damage caused by bullying and immense feelings of self-doubt inflicted by said bullying can take years and years of repair. Most importantly, those in distress need the love and support of others. Jamey was trying to make it better for himself. He held out his hand to step back up, but as he said before he died, nobody listened in time.

It is truly a tragic situation all around, and though outsiders can always look on objectively and know it doesn't have to be the end, it doesn't always feel that way for those inside. We should only send loving thoughts to all involved in these matters.

Please. Watch the video (above) and share it with everyone you know. Awareness is key!

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34 comments to “Anderson Cooper Addresses Jamey Rodemeyer's Suicide”

  1. 1

    Above every opinion I have of you, I must say I commend you the most for being seemingly genuine in your quest for equality.

    Your message is most often misunderstood and misplaced but every once in a while you really get it.

    Thanks, Mario. JM

  2. 2

    "Obama Scandals" now pulls 12,700,000 results on Google and Anderson picks the topic of bullying.
    Well done, Anderson.

  3. 3

    Kids need to learn how to just "blend in"..These kids obviously make themselves targets..No one is going to run up to a random kid and start running his mouth.

  4. 4

    gays are the fault for this..They either bitch and moan constantly and try to shove their crap down peoples throat. It's getting to the point no one can go a day without having to read something LGBT related in the news..A decade ago, Kids weren't committing suicide left and right and you didn't hear about LGBT committing suicide. It's no coincidence that with all the LGBT crap in the news and rising amount of bullying of gays.

  5. 5

    "And anyone who spews disrespect toward suicide victims obviously just doesn't get it" Perez, you spewed disrespect all over Russell Armstrong. Please publish your parameters for when it's OK to commit suicide and when it is a cowardly act. I find suicide tragic and not in a romanticized way. Unless you are in the mind/heart of the child/adult experiencing the pain/emotional torment that leads them to the "act" of suicide, you cannot judge. (Isn't it odd that we refer to suicide as an act when it's so final?)

  6. 6

    under no circumstance is there a reason or a right another kid has to bully another human bein..this is out of control and to people who bully others for whatever reason, be it gay, fat, black, poor etc., remember one day you could be the parent of a child who is at school being bullied. You could be the parent of a fat child or a child who is physically different or gay and how heartbreaking it would be for you to watch your child suffer and yet you would know that you were the reason for the suffering of others in your life. When you die, did you know that you will feel the pain you inflicted on others as god takes you through you life review. I don't think you want to know the suffering you have caused. This young man tried, clearly he tried to get through it and clearly something went horribly wrong. I am not a gay activist in any sense but I am a humanist and I truly believe that being gay is not the greater sin, the greater sin is done by those who proclaim they are doing god's work by shunning these people and making their lives unbearable. Don't use the bible to justify you belief, your just mean, probably horrible insecure, a follower I would imagine and if only you knew that you could make someone's life just a little better by saying a few kind words. I would go further in saying to a bully, you could save a life if you showed some compassion and acceptance. Try that road, it might keep you out of hell.

  7. 7

    I really hope the law puts an end to all of this bullying. It is really going to far. Breaks my heart every time i hear about a teen committing suicide.

  8. 8

    I was hands down the most bullied at my school and at home. Then I moved to Los Angeles and I was normal LOL. Though it's not really funny at all. The bulling continued with adults who are the worst offenders EVER!!!! I started to fight back when I was 30 and of course I'm the bad person. I had zero people to talk to about it. Was told just ignore them. Did that work? No. In fact it got worse because they think they can get away with it. Then people are surprised when kids come to school with guns and kills a bunch of their classmates or themselves in this last case being discussed. Those thoughts never crossed my mind back then. I don't like "trouble". Does it get better? Kinda or kinda not. Part of life. They can make it law not to bully will it stop? No. Laws not to rape and murder people still do it. It would also impose on freedom of speech. But I do think there should be a MANDATORY class in school about this everyday. It's part of life. School fails to teach or equipt kids with coping skills.

  9. 9

    If you can't learn it at home where are you gonna learn? Not all kids follow these dam celebs or would take any advice from them seriously. Thankful for being a strong cookie. When the tables turn you will find those who bully are even more fragile than you are. I've put it to test. They are pathetic and should pity their pathetic little souls who really aren't worthy of my daily breath. Some are just ignorant and really don't understand the damage they are doing. Uneducated. Some themselves are getting abused at home and take it out on others. Two way street. I get mad with this it gets better thing because that's not fully the truth. That does not teach these kids the skills to deal with it. It might get worse then what? Just what happened here. Kid felt it getting worse and ended it. This is reality. Think about it.

  10. 10

    Don't you think that posting personal pictures from someone's cell phone that were illegally obtained makes you a bully? I bet it makes you more of a bully than any of these kids had to deal with. There is no question this is a sad incident. However, when it comes to gay individuals, bullying is unacceptable. When it comes to celebs, bullying is acceptable?

  11. 11

    I don't want to end it on that note. I buried myself at their age into my future of what I wanted to become. I decided to fight back with how great I will become. I thought of it daily and always had it in the back of my mind one day I'll show you. Guess what? I achieved a lot of what I set out to do. Lot were jealous and most just got fat (which is partly why I was bullied wonderful payback LOL) and such and stayed back home and became nothing special. You know what? School is lame. It's temporary.

  12. 12

    the best part of what I said got cut off. Forgot what I said grrr. School is temporary. Keep your sense of humor is vital. You have to get ready when you get out of school to deal with the bullies who just get older that you'll have to end up working with. We just can't play this fairytale to kids life's all peachy. They are much too smart for that. They need someone to listen and understand and LISTEN. Which most people do not CARE to do and brushem under a rug.

  13. 13

    Re: NookiesWA – guess who's not one to talk about "they either bitch and moan constantly"…

  14. 14

    Re: lowhoser – You may be right, but at least they are adults and can expect that if they do something it will have consequences. They can be expected to deal with it better and to understand the consequences of their actions. Its not just Perez, there are SO many outlets who would show things like youre talking about.
    Jamey Rodemeyer was a 14yr old kid who was being bullied and was in no way able to have an adult perspective. I think its tragic he committed suicide because he was made to feel so bad and so worthless and that there was no way out.

  15. 15

    Re: NookiesWA – The ONLY thing true in your statement is that "you didnt hear about LGBT committing suicide". Thats true. It was still happening, the bullying etc was still happening, the only new thing is that with increased visibility of LGBT people in the world this sort of thing is being reported. And dont give me that "blend in" crap either. How ignorant is that. Most kids are already trying to blend in as much as possible. Some kids just are not good at it. The fact that they - and in this I mean all the kids that are not immediately like all the others, the fat kids, the nerds, the ones that dont fit in - cant blend in does NOT make it right in any way that they are bullied for it. Bullying is a problem when people like you make excuses for why its okay. The idea that some kid brought it on themselves by being different is utterly repellant. Kids should be being taught respect and manners and tolerance of all kinds of people - not just the ones that look or act like they do!

  16. 16

    Re: gwen01 – Exactly!! I agree with everything youre saying here. People should not be excusing bullying, but teaching kids to respect and accept everyone even when they dont agree. You dont have to compromise your own beliefs to understand and accept that others may not feel the same way. Its about respect for everyone as fellow human beings. Religious beliefs are a personal thing. If you want to be respected for your beliefs then you have to respect others for theirs and not try and force it on them. Its so wrong.

  17. 17

    Re: OberonOZ – Adults commit suicide for the same reason. Suicide needs to be talked about more. People have the most lamest stigma attached to it. I knew several people in my life span who have committed suicide. It's not just for bullying. School kids can be crappy. They still will be even if you tell them not to be. They always will be. So are some adults and no they don't get in trouble for it. If you think getting sued or slap on the wrist is anything gtfoh. I think every single person on earth has been a bully one time or another. There's not enough room in our jail system for everyone. I think even Perez didn't even know he was being and I never really took it as that at the time but yes, he was. Bullying AND suicide should be topics throughout school. Not just once in awhile. There was a movie they use to show in our school/on tv in late 80's about it and the signs. Kids today haven't seen this or at least 3 different teens I have spoken to in 3 different states. So we wonder what is going on. We don't want to talk about this it's uncomfortable. But we need to talk about it……over 1mil people commit suicide every year. According to wiki 10-20 mil attempted suicides EVERY year. Hello. We are in a pill forcing society too you know. Let's not deal with our problems.

  18. 18

    This kids must go to jail or killed them..noone deserve to live after what they have done..their parents must go to jail for what they have learn their kids to do!!!!!SHAME ON THEM!!!!! I WISH THEIR KIDS COMMIT SUICIDE TOO!!!!!

  19. 19

    I'll repost what I wrote on the other post about Jamey:
    A person who believes that suicide is a selfish and weak act caused by "mental illness", is a person with an extreme lack of empathy, insight, knowledge and intelligence. Your statements are quite ironic, as you stand out as the "selfish" ones, the "assholes", the "weak", the "unsympathetic" and most of all, the ones with a "mental illness". But when you lack what you lack, you most likely also lack self-insight. Good for you, then you never have to see what you truly are.

  20. 20

    Re: luvs2tango – Don't be so cynical.

  21. 21

    Re: NookiesWA

    You are a supid cun*t.

  22. 22

    Bullying isn't something new. It's only "exploited" more now like everything else. All the press about bullying and other outrageous acts has created a "copycat society". In other words, kids today are exposed to TMI for their young minds to be able to cope with. Not just young people either. People who are vulnerable/weak don't need to be fed a lot of what's supposed to be/should be informative/beneficial. Not the bizarre/absurd/perverted stuff that takes up the majority of the news today. Most of it is destructive/depressing/unnecessary garbage, because it sells, I'm sorry to say.

  23. 23

    Great story BUT come out Anderson…these kids need some national role models!

  24. 24

    Everything is so superficial/perverted today, because that's what society wants/demands/pays for. I can see why things are the way they are. What did you expect? These sort of things are only an example of what tomorrow will bring unless we change as a society. No! I'm not being cynical. I'm stating a fact.

  25. 25

    "…it breaks our hearts". How many hearts do you have? I know you are two-faced. Perez, when you post so many errors that could be avoided with simple editing it takes away from any validity or seriousness you are trying to convey. How? It sets the tone of what I think of YOU personally, not so much the subject you are presenting. You are not to be taken seriously.

  26. 26

    I feel sick to my stomach over this. He was such a cute lil guy - he looked so good hearted and nice. I know its no better than the bullies, but if I knew who did this to him I would beat them to an ounce of their life. RIP cutie :(

  27. 27

    Re: NookiesWA – Grow a brain

  28. 28

    Re: NookiesWA – Not true. There are kids I know who do not make targets of themselves and are still bullied for the way they look or dress. You are obviously blaming the victim. You are probably a bully.

  29. 29


  30. 30

    The reason we're hearing more about gays committing suicide is because more gays are coming out. It's not that "more" of them are doing it. There are many reasons why someone is targeted for bullying. Someone may be jealous of that person and start the bullying. You can not blame it on the victim. The victims can be anyone. It just snowballs once it's started. People are just becoming more insensitive because of exposure. There is so much violence/sexual perversion/crime in the news today, it's just become second nature.

  31. 31

    in order for us to become a safer/civilized/compassionate society, we're going to have to become a more lawful/monitored/respectful society. The more freedoms we seem to get, the more freedom we seem to want, the more we abuse it and each other. Obviously Some people just aren't capable of monitoring themselves. People have children that shouldn't be allowed to have a dog.The ASPCA screens people that want to adopt a pet. Someone needs to be screening the people who are having all these babies they won't take care of and are having just to get us to pay for them/take care of them and their kids. Then we wonder why everything is such a mess?

  32. 32

    The welfare, the slums, the crime rate. Not contributing to society except by over populating it. The stress factor that we have to live under considering the state of affairs in the world today is mind boggling. I'm not surprised to see more suicides today at all. It's not only the gays who are having a difficult time coping today either. Everyone is having a difficult time today. Maybe that's another reason for all the bullying. A means to vent their frustrations. Take it out on someone else. Make them feel as miserable as you do. It's a vicious cycle. We need strong/intelligent/rational/no nonsense leadership in this country. I'm so disgusted/tired of all the crap that goes on in government. People are just plain feed up/over it! Bullying is just a symptom of a much bigger problem that's going to destroy this country if we don't do something about it now.

  33. Edwin says – reply to this


    Re: NookiesWA – Actually, Nookie, gay/lesbian teen suicides have been common for decades. They have only recently made the news. Hopefully by talking about this type of suicide, we can prevent more from occurring. I would also encourage you to not look at gay issues being shoved down anyone's throat. For too long gay people had to hide their true feelings. The reason you're hearing about it more is because gay people refuse to not be honest and will no longer hide being gay. I assume you're straight. You don't have to edit your life the way gay people have had to do for years. Why would you want a whole section of the population to edit themselves and live in misery just because you don't want to hear about it?

  34. 34

    Re: NookiesWA – You are so incredibly wrong. Maybe that's what you should have said about Civil Rights! Why don't you tell Rosa Parks that!