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The REAL Catalyst Behind Brad Pitt's Regret

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Brad Pitt Jennifer Aniston Marriage Comments

Last week we informed you of the not so pretty comments Brad Pitt made concerning his marriage to Jennifer Aniston.

To recap, he recalled feeling like he was living pathetically, saying "It became very clear to me that I was intent on trying to find a movie about an interesting life, but I wasn’t living an interesting life myself. I think that my marriage had something to do with it. I was trying to pretend the marriage was something it wasn't."


But then his PR guys sent over an apology from Brad. He claimed his words had been misinterpreted in the interview.

And now we learn it was actually JEN's PR peeps who made it clear the comments were what he should feel pathetic about.

Apparently they contacted his team immediately. They were absolutely insulted (as they should have been), and a Pitt insider says:

They got his team involved and Brad was read the riot act — the only way you can read the riot act to Brad Pitt.

(The next day, the apology was sent.)

No one believes his words were taken out of context — he said what he said. I do [think] he's remorseful [though]. We [just] think he's jealous she's in love.

Hmmm, innneresting. He's definitely still in the ecstasy kind of love with Angelina, but this wouldn't be the first time we knew a guy in love with one woman but still jealous when an old flame hooks up with someone else.

But back to the nitty gritty here. Jennifer is clearly head over heels with Justin Theroux, and we'd bet our money that she would choose him now over taking Brad back any day. So we don't think the comments hurt her heart, necessarily.

It's just simply an issue of respect. You guys spent how many years together? C'mon, Brad, you can weave those words a little better.

The issue is resolved, but the damage is done. But it's like what else can Brad do about it? They're both happy with the right person for each of them. This will probably blow over sooner than later.

[Image via WENN.]

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44 comments to “The REAL Catalyst Behind Brad Pitt's Regret”

  1. 1

    It's over … Why they keep talking about something that old !

  2. 2

    I honestly do not get the big fkn deal. Their marriage broke up for a reason, and this was the reason. End of story, wtf.

  3. 3

    What's the big deal if Brad says he's unhappy with his marriage to Jen? A lot of marriages fail.

  4. 4

    Stop eating Angelina's ass Perez…she don't give a shhhhh about u!

  5. 5

    We all knew Jen Aniston was boring - now we just have Brad Pitt's confirmation that she was. Also, I call bull shit on Jen not taking Brad back if he would to come back for her. She would and she knows it.

  6. 6

    I know no one's EVER gonna let this go, but he's got to stop feeding this monster. They broke up. We know WHY they broke up. *points at ho-ish Angelina with no problem stealing someone's man* Must it constantly be rehashed? Can't he let it go? He sounds nothing but bitter that every picture of Jennifer Aniston isn't of her crying her eyes out going "WHY DID HE LEAVE?!?!" You're better off, Jen. He looks like he smells funky.

  7. 7

    yeah shes better off without this d-bag. and shes aging much better than him. go JENNIFER

  8. 8

    Again, Perez beleives an «insider»… that doesn't exist.

  9. 9

    Brad needs to be a little more classy. Its done and over with, he has a billion kids with the home-wrecker and Jen has a man. Someone asks you about an ex just say whatever happened happened and I wish them nothing but the best.

  10. kend says – reply to this


    brad is a cheater and if its over he shouldnt had said that, or keep talking about the past. So please brat concentrate in all your kids and wife!

  11. 11

    I TOTALLY AGREE Brad is SUPER-JEALOUS…!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jennifer has got a man and she's got a totally sexy, edgy, dude and Brad thinks he has cornered the market on that. To Brad someone else is always coming down the pipe I totally hope for Jennifer this relationships turns out to be everything about LOVE and SUCCESS they are both looking for. I'm happy for her and encourage TO Her KEEP IT MOVING

  12. kend says – reply to this


    brad is a cheater, and if its really over for him, he shouldnt be making those comments. So please brad concentrate in all your kids and wife, dont leave in the past.

  13. 13

    Brad Pitt S U C K S! He has no talent and is just some whiney jerk. I just read the interview with him in Entertainment Weekely — he tries to appear all deep and smart… he's not! He's a tool!

  14. 14

    Did you really write "innneresting"!?!?! IDIOT!

  15. 15

    It's really annoying how people are so inmature. Couples brake up! married or not. It takes a while for a man to cheat. She was 35/36 when that happen, and the woman didn't want to have a baby. I'm not a fan of Brad, and I even knew that he wanted lots of children. And there was Angelina who already was a single mother and he felt captivated by that. There's no stealing! He was a man who made a decision, not a child.

  16. Hun says – reply to this


    ahaaaa … I knew it. Brad is JELLO.

  17. 17

    brad is just bitter because he'll never be the heartthrob that he was when he was with jennifer. People (women especially) look at him different after that whole angelina-thing, no one can see a dreamy guy in a man that left the woman he was married to, for somebody else.. especially when that somebody else is a crazy woman who kisses her brother on live tv.. brad is trying to repair the damages by trying to justify what he did with stoooopid and disrespectful explenations. understand this brad, we will never, ever, forgive you.

  18. 18

    I dont understand what the big deal is. Brad Pitt expressed that he was in a loveless mediocre marriage. Thats his story. He has every right to express it if he wants to. Noone has a right to take away someone elses perspective.

  19. 19

    Re: Tricia00 – wow you really make no sense eh? maybe you should know how to spell…break* and *immature. also, it IS considered cheating because he was MARRIED and slept with another woman. thats actually the DEFINITION of cheating. ergo…ur an idiot.

  20. 20

    He got such a free-pass for leaving her the way he did AND doing that extremely tacky W photo spread. Goodwill only goes so far with some folks and I'm one of them. Never thought one way or the other about the romance part but I do give a damn when someone acts like an *sshole to someone that he already so publicly treated like sh*t. Brad Pitt has shown himself clearly to be someone with no grace, no manners, no class and no kindness. What an idiot. I' doubt very much that I am not alone in my change of attitude over his revealing interview.

  21. 21

    A misstep on his part. Let the past be the past, after all they did get divorce so there has to be many truths in his statement. Whether Aniston wants the world to know the reasons why they divorced, that's her business. But let's remember that it takes two to tango, and if one party is unhappy in a marriage divorce is the only solution. There will come a time when Pitt has to explain this gigantic mess to his kids, hopefully he'll be truthful and not apologize for telling the truth!

  22. 22

    the only thing good coming out of this jennifer/justin thing is she is quitting acting!!! No more stupid rom-com's from america's most annoying sweetheart

  23. 23

    Jen's said a lot of nasty things about Brad as well (and Angelina) and no one ever called her out. Doesn't he have as much of a right to speak his mind as Jen does? I wish he hadn't said anything, but I don't understand why that would merit a huge PR crisis. The other thing that's strange is how AJ was branded a homewrecker even though Jen and Brad had already split up. Justin Theroux had a live-in gf of 14 years until very recently. It's the same situation, but no one is calling Jen a man-stealer. Come on now, fair is fair.

  24. 24

    he is not jealous that bull…. if thats the case then he would have said something for every guy she been with after there divorce.who ever interviewed asked him some questions and he answered how he felt,so what, leave it alone its overrrrrrrr…….

  25. 25

    Jen wanted her life (therefor her marriage) to be her acting and hanging in the sun in Mexico, smoking up with her pals-like Chelsea Handler and probably gossiping about other people living their lives (as evidenced by what she's been doing since the break-up)
    Brad clearly realized that as pretty as she may have been, they clearly had vastly different ideas of what makes a good life and he didn't want his life to be narrow and shallow, but rather wanted meaning to his existence (as evidenced by what he's been doing since the break-up
    to me, Brad is living the better life
    with family, interesting friends, issues that he's passionate about, social involvement etc.
    his life encompasses so much more than hers does
    she's happy her way obviously
    but I don't think that I would be given her money and the options that come with a lot of money

  26. 26

    Re: grenstorm – ohhh he was married !!! and slept with another woman!! uhh!! ohh!!! Crucify him!!!!. You are an idiot! Not because they were married, Jen had to leave the man and go with friends to shooping all the time. For the first time Brad Pitt is talking about how he felt in that marriage. After 5 years things didn't work out and he just move on. Comparing him with other foxes in hollywood he cheated with someone he loved and he stayed with her.

  27. Ninka says – reply to this


    I don't think he was being disrespectful at all. I think they each had a different idea of what they needed the marriage to be, and it did not work out. At this point, he has been with Angelina longer than he was with Jennifer, and they have 6 kids….get over it.

  28. 28

    Re: nativetexan – jen has a right to diss angie & brad! brad CHEATED on her & angie willfully participated in it!!! also she only said like 2 things about brad the year they filed for divorce and a few years ago the only thing she said about angie was that the W photoshoot was uncool

  29. 29

    What a bunch of bullshit. I would love to know who this Pitt "insider" is….

  30. 30

    He has no respect for a woman with which he spent several years and to which he cheated. What's so difficult to understand??? He is disgusting, simply.

  31. 31

    Butterface Jen has been running her mouth and making snide remarks about Brad for freakin' years! There are two sides to every story and Brad has every right to express his side. She can dish it apparently but not take it. She's pathetic.

  32. 32

    Of course he meant it as it was interpreted. I really do find him pathetic, I really do.

  33. 33

    Re: sookierory – That's the thing, though - Brad has maintained from the start that he did NOT cheat on Jen, that they had already split up - so it's really a he said/she said situation. I'm not advocating or excusing cheating at all, but we don't know that that's what happened here. All we know is what Jen claims, which again, contradicts what Brad claims. I definitely heard a lot more than 2 ugly things come out of Jen's mouth, for the record. What's ironic is that Jen's now doing the same thing as Angelina did. Justin was in a relationship for 14 yrs that had hypothetically just ended. What's true? Who's to say, but Justin's ex has a different perspective, let's put it that way.

  34. 34

    He's just taking a stab at Jen by rekindling and opening up the old wound of their marriage simply because he's jealous and the spot light isn't on how much he's "in love" with angie. How about be a gentleman and just keep the problems of their broken marriage between them. It was clearly a jab either way you look at it.

  35. 35

    Perez, when did you start being nice to Aniston (formerly called Maniston by …YOU)? Brad is back-peddling, he should know by now to keep his trap shut when it comes to his ex.

  36. 36

    I dont think he meant anything bad by it,but who cares anyway.Brad cant ever say anything nice about angelina with out the media having a big pity party for jennifer.he should be able to gush about her , as jenn does justin and the many that were before him.And people talk about their ex's all the time, it comes with the divorce deal with it.

  37. 37

    MY EX (of 4 years) LEFT me for another woman i seen her on his couch around the exact time that brad left jennifer i was devastated but refused to talk to him ever again(they are still together as far as i know ) so hes not coming out years later whining on about me moving on (which i did eventually) jen didnt move on from brad no matter who she met but brad must know justin is different and jen and justin are a match (despite the hurt they caused his ex poor girl) I do hope she does release the tell all book about squeaky clean jen.. as for angelina shes the one whos ' pathetic' icky she makes a sport of stealing lovers i can just imagine her screwed up enraged face like a female demon..

  38. 38

    It's all about $

  39. 39

    Its all about $, his "people" dont wanna piss off Aniston fan's

  40. 40

    Finally brad reveals his real emotions, genuine insights into why his marriage failed and his joy at finding a soulmate he loves, respects and feels protective towards. For years Angie has been the target of ceaseless name calling, threats and baseless rumour. After all this time aniston is irrelevant to brad, as much as she has enjoyed creating a celebrity identity through her ever distal divorce. Whilst Angie has retained a dignified silence, ja's PR machinations use every opportunity to somehow link her to this magastsr duo. Ironically aniston would have faded into oblivion if not for Angelina's enigma and the way her incomparable beauty and intolerance of parochial conservatism, Angie polarizes nations, love her or hate her, she nevertheless fascinates. Boo who aniston is pseudo celeb, on par with Paris Hilton, the kadashims etc except ja is an older model.

  41. 41

    Yup, told you Maniston lives in a fake world. She is so hungry for that media attention …something is wrong with that old lady. Nuff said about her, just an old boring trash.

  42. 42

    Re: Chris_Mc – You must be maniston…the word tool was first used to describe Jennifer Aniston who is used and dumped by many. No, Brad does not come close to that verbage..go to school Greek old maid.

  43. 43

    The sad thing is Brad does not have he's own identity. He needs women & children to be someone. He's whole life is a role play. Jen is real, yes shes aging beautifully, you can see her brow lines in some images, but she has a spiritual side to her. Thus the healthy eating and yoga. Well done to her for respecting her body. I love her earthiness, I can't wait to see her have children. Instead of people believing she doesn't want children, she's already had a miscarriage, so maybe there are problems in that area. So back off. As to Angelina, I feel sorry for her too, I think she's also playing a role, (Mother teresa, Mother to 6 children,). But u can see she is not happy within herself. Instead of changing the world, go within Angie. Then your actions will seem more geniun.

  44. 44

    The sad thing is Brad does not have he's own identity. He needs women & children to be someone. He's whole life is a role play. Jen is real, yes shes aging beautifully, you can see her brow lines in some images, but she has a spiritual side to her. Thus the healthy eating and yoga. Well done to her for respecting her body. I love her earthiness, I can't wait to see her have children. Instead of people believing she doesn't want children, she's already had a miscarriage, so maybe there are problems in that area. So back off. As to Angelina, I feel sorry for her too, I think she's also playing a role, (Mother teresa, Mother to 6 children,). But u can see she is not happy within herself. Instead of changing the world, go within Angie. Then your actions will seem more real.