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New Cher Lloyd! It's A Smash!!!

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This is gonna be a big big hit across the world!

This blows Swagger Jagger out the water!

This needs to - and most likely will - be the first U.S. single!

Check out Cher Lloyd's With Ur Love, produced by the genius that is Max Martin and featuring Mike Posner, above!

LOVE! Love! LOVE!!!!!!!

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35 comments to “New Cher Lloyd! It's A Smash!!!”

  1. exBFF says – reply to this


    Meh. loved swagger jagger though.

  2. 2

    This is the same garbage Britney, JLo, RiRi, and every other Auto-Tuned lip-sync "singers" try to pass out as music….


  3. 3


  4. 4

    Needs More AUTOTUNE!!!

  5. 5

    i really hope they love it in a far away country so she can stop clogging up the UK's airwaves.

  6. 6

    Oh dear god this is awful

  7. 7

    it sounds like a rihanna throw-away
    NEXT !

  8. d.f. says – reply to this


    finger nails on a chalk board sound better. although she's a genius compared to gaga. and that's not saying much.

  9. 9

    Maybe huge in gay neihborhoods around the world. Outside of the UK and gay men, no one has ever heard of this tart.

  10. 10

    Lolz are you serious?? This is awful!!

  11. Ryze says – reply to this


    I like it but I think Superhero should have been her next single.

  12. 12

    Love it. 100,000,000 times better than Swagger Jagger.

  13. 13

    So, Mario, how much payolla are you getting for pushing this tripe?

  14. 14

    People are already SMASHING the CD.

  15. 15

    Well, considering how shit "Swagger Jagger" was, I would say anything could beat that pile of dookie!

  16. 16

    Ok, now we know you're also on her payroll. Here we go.

  17. 17

    Wait til this broad finally gets laid.

  18. 18


  19. 19

    simply awful

  20. 20

    its not bad - very Rhianna-like. not original or anything like that though; very cookie cutter stuff. I'm hoping she can stop paying you to mention her on your site though, its very annoying how much you push this girl …

  21. 21

    Needs cowbell (and more auto-tune).

    On a side note, to the young people of the world who listen to this 'music', please look at the music collections of your parents. They have music by singers who actually sang, musicians who actually play their instruments. and both had talent. For the most part the music being put out today is all the producers doing. It has very little to do with the 'artist'.

  22. 22

    Bubble gum again and again. My ears are bleeding. It will never end. I pray God and the queen Silvia of Sweden for Max Martin and his lost soul for forgiveness.

  23. 23

    wow i guess im the only one liking it

  24. 24

    yawn. more of the same overproduced stuff. I honestly thought that she would be a unique artist but this sounds like the majority of the music on the radio now.

  25. 25

    That song is fire and this is from someone who's not a fan of this British artist.

    To admit this song isn't gold is delusional.

  26. 26

    Hey I am loving this song. It is much better than swagger jagger I wasn't a fan of that song

  27. 27

    someone please explain why she's the one with the torturous album and people like rebecca ferguson are unheard of in america #sort it out

  28. 28

    I Can't Stand The Rain meets M.I.A. Paperplanes in a poppy version, not original but I'm kind of ok with it. It'll get air play for sure.

  29. 29


  30. 30

    Oh my…this is shit.

  31. Bevi says – reply to this


    I want to be fair here… I don't like Cher Lloyd… so much about her I don't like. Her attitude, her 35 year old appearance, that caked on make up, HER, her singing not so much… and I didn't really like this song at first, but I persevered and played it now and then and started to sing along to it and I actually like it now. We should be hearing this on the radio and we will all get used to it. This girl is so obnoxious it takes time to get past that and appreciate the fact that she can sing when she wants to. But I would still love to slap her silly….

  32. 32

    Re: ES-339 – i agree with your statement 100 million percent. this is not only based on cher lloyd, but based on all of these artists of this generation. the only acception is adele and thats that.

  33. 33

    Better than Swagger Jagger but that's not saying much.

  34. 34

    Re: hoochpit – I'm from New Zealand and have heard of Cher! I think she has a great voice

  35. 35

    LOVE this song. defs better than jagger swagger