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What? Even If Convicted, Dr. Murray Could Serve Zero Jail Time For Killing MJ?!

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That makes ZERO sense!!!

Finally, after over a year of waiting, in just a few short day the Michael Jackson murder trial will finally get under way. Dr. Conrad Murray will finally have to face the charges against him, alleging that it was his fault that MJ died from an overdose of Propofol. However, according to one legal expert, even if he is convicted of the crime, Murray might not end up in jail!

Here's the jargon, according to the source:

"[if Dr. Murray is convicted of the involuntary manslaughter charge] he could absolutely avoid state prison, and Judge Michael Pastor could sentence him to either straight probation, meaning he will serve no time at all, or to serve his sentence in a Los Angeles County jail. Judge Pastor has the sole discretion of how to sentence Dr. Murray if he is convicted … [since there was no weapon such as a gun, or a knife involved in the cause of death] Judge Pastor would be able to send Dr. Murray to a county jail. The District Attorney could oppose a sentence that didn't include state prison, but that is all they can do. Dr. Murray is facing four years maximum if he is convicted."

A technicality gets him off? Really? Where is the justice in that?

Let's just hope the prosecution has everything they need to really nail this guy. Hopefully, there case will be so solid, there will be zero wiggle room to let Murray off the hook .

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11 comments to “What? Even If Convicted, Dr. Murray Could Serve Zero Jail Time For Killing MJ?!”

  1. 1

    Which part of the word «involuntary» don't you understand?

  2. 2

    Maybe you should get jailtime for claiming that he was faking being sick to get out of his concerts when they took him to the hospital before he died

  3. 3

    Michael Jackson was a drug addict people…….MJ needs to take responsibility for his own life….

    he paid for the doctors time and drugs…..he asked the doctor to give him the drugs…

    shame on michael jackson for having children when he was a drug addict..

    the percentage of drug addicts that don't die is very low in Hollywood…..

  4. 4

    It makes all the sense you stupid fuck. MJ was a grown man, he killed himself. Quit blaming others for that pedo killin himself. You sound as bad as his fucking pathetic family.

  5. 5

    Where is the justice for MJ? lol. Where is the justice for the poor children he interfered with ? and his poor children having such a weirdo for a father who dangled his son over a balcony also if he was someone who wasn't so famous you would be saying good riddance to a drug user so therefore you are a hypocrite

  6. 6

    Perez, the biggest jundgment maker of all time has spoken! lol, One day you will be judged Mario and since you have found the Dr. guilty before you even have heard one ounce of testimony, I hope you are treated the same way by some homophobe who can't stand you. Where is your patriotism? Innocent until PROVEN, ignoramic.

  7. 7

    pedophile junkie killed himself,,, so fucking what?!

  8. 8

    The world is SO much better without MJ. I people need to see Murray pay for his death, then strip him of his medical license.

  9. 9

    this "doctor" needs to pay for what he done, whether he gets sent to jail or not, his life is ruined, this is good enough for me… the murderer.

  10. 10

    Murray took away a wonderfull father to 3 children, he took away a man who only wanted to help people less fortunate than himself, he took away an amazing entertainer who was filled with love. i hope he gets everything he deserves.

  11. 11

    Raypearson you're such a fucking jerk!!! Addict, or not, Mj did not deserve to die. What if this was you? I'm sure you would want your family to do the same thing that bis family is doing for him. You wish you were Michael.Re: raypearson