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Obama Becomes Even More Unpopular…This Time With Jewish Voters

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obama becomes unpopular with jewish americans

While we know that many Americans are pleased with the end of DADT, President Barack Obama is still not very popular with much of the country…and now there's a new group that's taking issue with him!

According to new reports, many Jewish Americans are NOT happy with Obama because of his May speech, in which "he suggested that Israel return to pre-1967 borders with land swaps agreed upon by Israelis and Palestinians."

Following that speech, Obama met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who made it clear to the President that Israel would NEVER return to pre-1967 borders.

Before Obama's May speech, he had 68% approval from Jewish Americans, but then that number dropped to 60% in June…and NOW it's all the way down to 54%. Yikes!

Here's what executive director of the Republican Jewish Coalition Matt Brooks had to say about it:

"Because of the failed policies and the harsh criticism as it relates to Israel, (Obama has) got a real problem with Jewish voters across the country."

"I'm confident that Republicans will continue to make inroads in 2012 in the Jewish community…as Jewish voters move away from the Democratic Party."

And here's what Obama campaign adviser Alan Solow had to say about all of this:

"We…need to fight back against those misrepresentations and clarify the record. We'll go through some ups and downs as events occur, but I think in the end, our belief is that his percentage of the Jewish vote in 2012 will be very similar to what it was in 2008."

And here's executive director of the nonpartisan American Jewish Committee David Harris on whether or not Obama will have the Jewish vote in the upcoming election:

"They need to tell the story better. Don't take your Jewish base for granted."

"Jews are multi-issue voters. The notion they are single-issue voters is simply wrong. [Jewish voters] want to have a comfort level they want to believe in their kishkas, in their gut, that the person gets Israel, understands it, grasps why Israel is important to the United States."

What do U think? Has Obama lost the Jewish vote? Or will he still have the support of Jewish Americans in the 2012 election???

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18 comments to “Obama Becomes Even More Unpopular…This Time With Jewish Voters”

  1. 1

    seems that he's slowly alienating a lot of democrats and Independents…except for the gay vote which isn't enough to keep him in office
    and his ultimate goal is not to take care of the country and fix things, but to be 2 term president
    maybe if they made a law that limits the president to 1 term only then they'd focus not on re-election but on doing what they were elected to do
    he's been campaigning for the past year and it will continue to a greater degree from now until next November and that, along with all the rhetoric in the world, will not what will accomplish anything that needs to be done

  2. 2

    President Obama refusal to acknowledge the slavery and death of 12 million Jews and others is alienating in the extreme. He might have gone to Harvard but he is not educated.

  3. 3

    Re: ChinacatSunflower – 12 million……. give it a fucking rest already!!!!!

  4. 4

    I don't think it will make a difference to most Jewish voters. I personally have no attachment to Israel, even though I was raised Jewish. I still like Obama, I he's done a lot more than he's gotten credit for, he's smart, thoughtful, and caring. Progress isn't fast or easy, and he's making it. That's important to me.

  5. 5

    Hey searat….what up????? moon???? Canadiana????? BBD ?????? letty????? HBS??????

  6. lps says – reply to this


    This is a HUGE issue and I'm actually impressed that the Perez team is informed enough to point this out. Obama made rookie error in May showing his lack of experience in foreign policy. It's been playing out quietly for months and then in a big way last week via the outcome of the special election for the 9th Congressional District of NY — the heart of the orthodox Jewish community. It went Republican for the first time since 1922. This is clearly what prompted the talking points from the President this week — stepping back from him former position. What a hot mess he is these days. Wasting his opportunity to do good things by unnecessarily stepping into to policy issues he can't navigate and burning his political cap. Such a bummer.

  7. 7

    Unfortunately, if you aren't kissing Jewish butt, you are anti-Semitic.
    There is a lot of problems with Israel and the US is tangled with it.
    There's more to this, but you aren't sophisticated enough to understand it, Perez.
    Stick with Paris Hilton/Kim Kardashian stories, stay out of politics.
    You ain't smart enough.

  8. 8

    You're no better than Michele Bachmann Perez. Stop stirring the pot. President Obama is a totally decent man. Maybe someday he will be perfect like you are.

  9. 9

    Oye, by the very people who run this country. Not good Mr. Obama, not. good. at. all.

  10. 10

    Obama might be a decent man but that doesn't mean he should be president!

  11. 11

    Re: phalen208

    More tax breaks for the big oil companies!!! You are a moron.

  12. 12

    kudos to perez for posting this, because of his speech to return israel to the 1967 borders, he will lose majority of the jewish vote

  13. 13

    Re: boston61 – LOL… Obama is a fool.

  14. 14

    Re: phalen208
    I totally agree, he might go down as the worst president in history.

  15. 15

    Re: ChinacatSunflower – i'm sorry, but WHERE in what he said did he refuse to acknowledge the Holocaust? His comment was directed towards Israel and it's political issues, NOT towards World War II or the jews.
    but yeah, go ahead and play the holocaust card. wouldn't expect anything else from a jew, always looking for pity.

  16. 16

    Look maybe everybody needs to read the history books on this issue. This is not the 1st president that has mentioned the 1967 boarders. Whats going on now isn't working. And we (i think along with the British) did promise the Palestines the land that we then took back and gave to the Israelies. So yeah they have been pissed for a while now. With no true leadership in the Palestine community of course they may turn to Hezbollah & bad leadership (they are desperate). To be honest Isreal doesn't have clean hands either. Something needs to happen, this has been going on for years. I think its funny that these two groups of people are so deep in their religion, however can't figure out a way to be peaceful and to share. ONE WORD JEWS: BACHMAN : )

  17. 17

    He's battling emotion, impatience and ignorance. It's a losing battle for him.

  18. LeenB says – reply to this


    Oh lord, when will people learn to distinguish between Judaism and Zionism? Criticizing Israel is NOT an attack on Jews. 80% of the world's population recognize the state of Palestine, not to mention Israelis themselves held a march in Tel Aviv in support of the Palestinian state with 1967 borders. I honestly wish that Jewish Americans take a hard long look at Israel and see what they are doing does not in anyway represent Judaism or themselves.