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Bristol Palin Gets Into Blow-Out With Man Heckling Her Mom!

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Last night, Bristol Palin showed up at the Saddle Ranch with some friends to ride the mechanical bull for her new reality show, but as she fell off, started getting heckled by a considerably older gentleman at the bar who said some not-too-nice things about her Mama Grizzly Sarah Palin!

Naturally, or maybe because the cameras were rolling, Bristol did not take too kindly to it, and confronted him immediately - which quickly escalated into an intense shouting match!

Ch-ch-check out the entire incident in all of its insanity (above)!

Despite how we feel about that family, if someone said those things about our mother, we'd be just as furious!

And that man is 47-years-old, lashing out at a 20 year old over her mother's politics, and she STILL handled it with much more maturity than he did!

Frankly, he should be ashamed of himself. That is NOT the manner in which you fight ignorance and discrimination.

But then again, when he starts "hating" on Sarah, Bristol asks him if the reason he thinks her mom is evil, "is it because you're a homosexual?"

Thoughts on the confrontation above???

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70 comments to “Bristol Palin Gets Into Blow-Out With Man Heckling Her Mom!”

  1. 1

    I have never supported any side in all this but it seems the Gay liberals always attack with vulgar nonsense while the conservatives take the high road with the exception of pukes like Rush. Also why attack the daughter.
    What a bunch of creeps

  2. TCYB says – reply to this


    She needs to go back to her igloo.

  3. 3

    Mario Im impressed you didnt twist what happened for your agenda. You get 1 credit. But I do wonder what your angle is.

  4. 4


    STFU!!!! Sarah Palin is a freaking sick f*ck. And Bristol's chin looks stupid.

  5. 5

    Ok Bristol is a HOMophobe, but I wish this guy had a better argument he looks like a boob.

  6. 6

    This was probably scripted.

    Just sayin`.

  7. 7

    Ugh… I never thought I'd say this, but "Team Palin"!

  8. 8

    He should of mentioned the classic: "Paling around with terrorists slander." Palin will rot in hell.

  9. 9

    Since when are you above heckling 20 year old's Perez?

  10. 10

    " ignorance and discrimination"?
    There is no group worse about this than Mario's Gay Nazis.
    They are the ones that are ignorant and discriminate.
    Accuse others of what you do?
    It's called P-R-O-J-E-C-T-I-O-N.
    No, not erection. P-R-O-J-E-C-T-I-O-N

  11. 7tizz says – reply to this


    Bristol has a point though - the man doesn't even know why Sarah Palin is an idiot and is bandwagonning what he's seen other's do on TV and the internet. Not sure why she played the homosexual card so quick though since heterosexual liberals wouldn't like her mother as well. Is she subtley assuming anyone who doesn't like her family is gay? Umm, lol if that's the case.

  12. 12

    This guy did not handle the situation well at all, but then again, Bristol saying the whole homosexual thing only makes her look like a retard too. I'd love to see her pop off around some of my lesbian friends, they'd knock her biogted ass down.

  13. 13

    yawn. thought this was "celebrity" gossip.. neither of these 2 losers are celebs in any way shape or form. They both acted like fools

  14. 14

    Re: boston61Re: boston61 – Typical Load mouthed Liberal. Cant say anything intelligent so you just hurl insults

  15. 15

    Re: 7tizz – YeAH you are right HE did really paly that HOMO card really quick what a dummy…………..WTH

  16. 16

    This guy is an Idiot, he hates Sarah ok fine, but don't take out on her kids they can't choose their parents.. what a asshole he is..

  17. 17

    Ok Im A HETEROSEXUAL AND I HATE ThAT EVIL BITCH SARAH PALIN, AND HER DUMB ASS DAUGHTER….why did bristol have to ask if he was gay?? completely retarded and thats why people hate them cuz theyre fucking ignorant.

  18. 18

    Cant wait for the I'm a victim speech Sarah's gonna be slinging on a Fox news Channel any time now. And for the record to all you rightie's and lefties I think the guy should have kept his mouth shut.

  19. 19

    Was the provocateur hired by the film crew to make a scene? Just wondering.

  20. 20

    As much as I dislike Sarah Palin and her homophobic daughter, this man had no right to scream obscenities about her mother's political stance. He couldn't even back up his argument and looked ignorant.

  21. 21


  22. 22

    And for what it's worth, I'm very liberal. Just tired of the constant whining.

  23. 23

    Every time this girl is out in public she makes a total ass out of herself. Poor thing.

  24. 24

    Totally disagree with you Perez. The Palins have put themselves out there including Bristol with their television shows and books, making money off the public by espousing hate and ignorance. If I saw Sarah Palin or Bristol for that matter, I would tell them both to go to hell just like this guy did. They don't deserve one minute of dignity because they profit from preying upon middle america's fears and misguided beliefs. This guy wasn't very articulate but he let them know they weren't as welcome as she think she is and for that I commend him for having the guts to do it.

  25. 25

    finish the fucking story, after she said""is it because you're a homosexual?" he said "yeah, thats about it" the guy was an asshole punk

  26. 26

    By the way Perez, I understand you're on this whole anti-bullying thing but you've ceased to be real and it's obvious. Stop being an apologist. It's ok to take a stand against people, even aggressively. Sarah Palin is a piece of trash and her daughter is a hypocritical piece of white trash trying to tell people how to live their life…and profiting from it. It's dispicable and this guy has the courage to call her out in front of the whole restaurant and he's the one out of line. Rethink your whole being nice to people attitude adjustment because you've gone too far in the other direction.

  27. Bytch says – reply to this


    I dont give a shit about this broad or her ignorant mother, but I'm impressed with her after seeing this. What a loser that guy is.

  28. 28

    This incident was created by her show's writers; the guy was an SAG union actor & was paid scale…Who would want to watch Bristol on her show breast feeding her baby & Levi getting some education by watching Sesame Street ABC's segment?


  29. 29

    What's she doing in a BAR at night anyways; doesn't she have a baby?

  30. 30

    The Palins are useless twats. That said, of course she going to stick up for Sarah. That's her mom.

  31. 31

    Doesn't her ANTI-BABY organization she works for object to going to bars while under age?

  32. 32

    Funny how the Palin haters can do nothing but name calling. I think I might vote this election. Thank you Liberals for showing your true colors.

  33. 33

    News reports are say Bristol had multiple-orgasms on the bull-ride, and offered to buy it from the Bar; she was seen loading the bull-ride into her SUV after the bar closed that night….

  34. 34

    Way to defend your mom! GO BRISTOL! Who act like that, apparently her mother raised her right and his DIDN'T! if you can't say anything nice *(with grace and dignity) don't say it at all….

  35. 35

    haha i love that guy.

  36. 36

    Re: sparkiesmiles – that guy was awesome.

  37. 37

    You know this guy is Michael Vartan's manager? Wonder if he's already been fired.

  38. 38

    Re: YouR8Looser – kid? haha bristol is an old woman already. haha considering she has a kid. basically she's a whore. and that guy was awesome.

  39. 39

    Re: BerbsieBerbs – defend her ugly ass mother who actually is a whore. she's a slutty whore just like her hideous and fat ass daughter. like mother like daughter, their both whores. ahaha

  40. 40

    How old are you? 47 YEARS OLD!

  41. 41

    The bouncers should of booted the guy. Bristol playing the homo card was offensive.
    I would boot her also.

  42. 42

    The Palins are awesome….they rule the world!! That loudmouth queen should be ashamed of himself. If someone talked about my mother like that I would have kicked his bald-ass head into the ground. Homo.

  43. 43

    I'm not a fan of SP's…but the manner in which this grown ass man handled this is just rid—dick….

  44. 44

    I'm not a fan of Sarah Palin but I despise this guy. So disrespectful. He is not a man yelling at a young woman like that. He's lucky Bristol and her friends kept their cool. Alot of other people would have smacked the ish out of him or knocked him the F out. Jerk.

  45. 45

    The bull gave it to her up the ass, just the way her whore mother loves it!

  46. 46

    The endless hate that spews forth from the minds of thoses on the far far left is what makes a lunatic a lunatic and they are the masters of the lunatic fringe. Hate seems to be the norm of half the people on this board. This board is filled with fucking lunatics who in the real life are without a doubt losers and morons and their only friend is a fucking keyboard and a big black dildo shoved up their ass turned up to lunatic speed.

  47. 47

    He is full of hate and a bully. She was just walking by and he attacked her. Everyone is their own person and I think she handled herself very calmy - he just attacked her mother- everyone is defensive over their moms.

  48. 48

    LOL Another gay person so bitter that they voted for anti-gay Obama that he has to trash a Republican. When Bristol asked why he said those vile things about her mom, homeboy even admitted that it's because he's gay. Does dumb fuck know that Barry Obama also opposes gay marriage? It's like every single Democrat has shit for brains.

  49. 49

    The 47 year old guy was wrong - but - Bristol is a disgusting bigot!

  50. 50

    this smacks of a set up situation.

    either way, the guy is right, sarah palin is an evil so and so!

  51. 51

    typical angry GAY loser.

  52. 52

    Anyone that defends this 47 year old man calling someone's mother a whore obviously has issues. The 47 year old gay man is a typical angry queen DRUNK at a bar with his ugly boyfriend. Bristol has a new fan in moi!!

  53. 53

    Asking the obvious was not offensive - it was very clear he was a homosexual and probably the most obvious reason that an older man was yelling at a girl half his age about her mother's politics and being so emotional about it. If someone would have yelled stuff like that about my mom, I would have not been as mature about it as Bristol. Liberals really make themselves look childish and classless sometimes!

  54. 54

    She clearly wasn't trying to hurl insults here. I think she was just confirming that he didn't have a valid reason to be so vicious about her mother. She seems like a mature level headed young women. Good for her!

  55. 55

    this is so set up…i call BS

  56. 56

    That guy is a moron and a BULLY!

  57. 57

    The guy does sort of come off like the typical gay rights activist, so I can see how she might have thought this guy was. Regardless, hes a bit long in the tooth to be tearing in to a 20 year old. And only an idiot would think that a child is just going to sit there and listen to someone badmouth his/her mother.

  58. 58

    I'm sure this guy was drunk. Who would pick on a persons child to get to them. I'll bet he felt like an idiot in the morning. We all make mistakes, unfortunately his got filmed. oops.

  59. 59

    I am not a Palin fan whatsoever, however I think that Bristol acted great in this situation. If somebody talked about my mother that way, no matter who it was, we would definitely have a situation. That dude has severe issues to verbally attack someone with no basis, he definitely looked like a complete ass. I think he is the one with the mommy issues.

  60. 60

    fuck the palins they are gross white trash. not worth the argument

  61. 61

    Wow the little bristol bitch was POWNED…. hahaha that was fun to watch…

  62. 62

    First of all, what is Bristol doing in a bar on a very suggestive bull with a big ol' beyonce weave at that? And second of all, whyyyyy does she have a reality show? I mean this just shows how uncredible her families political influence is. They are total fame whores who need to sit down, you're making it so other stupid people ascend to running our government. We don't need anymore new airheads on reality tv either, that market has already been saturated.

  63. 63

    She really handed that well. Dude was out of place.

  64. 64

    WOW this guy couldn't think of ONE single reason as to why Sarah palin is a dumb bitch?

    how about the fact that she tried to make it illegal in Alaska to get abortions EVEN IF YOU WERE RAPED?

    If I were him I would have made fun of her TERRIBLE plastic surgery and IMMENSE WEIGHT GAIN! Fat pig

  65. 65

    Yeah, not a Bristol lover, but she showed way more class than the man who shouted things about her mother. If he has a problem with her mother, he needs to take it up with Sarah. No son or daughter (whether its true or not) should be subjected to someone degrading their mother or father.
    Homosexual or not, this "man" is no man. He's a coward.

  66. 66

    This Guy is a jerk…I'm no Palin fan but u don't attack the kids cuz of theirr parent's. He showe himself to b a jerk yelling that out about riding Levi….

  67. 67

    Why can't conservatives see the benefits of communism. This man was just demonstrating the love and class liberals/communists regularly demonstrate. It's his right! Communism has been successful all over the world…why can't conservatives see this? Look how well BO's agenda has served the US; employment is only at 10 percent, and many countries have higher unemployment.

    There's nothing wrong with a 47 year old hack spewing hate toward Bristol. It's just freedom of speech. Why should the Palin's have a right to free speech; liberals already have all the right answers to everything. From now on conservatives shut-up and stay out of public places unless they are prepared to be re-educated by the know it all liberals.

  68. 68

    Uncalled for.

  69. 69

    As a gay man, i am disgusted with that hideous piece of shit attacking someone's mother. He is an embarrassment to human kind and NOTHING Bristol said or asked was even remotely homophobic. I did not like her before this video but she handled herself with such poise and class that I have to rethink my position. As for the disgusting gay bully, he is hideous on the inside and out and I wish him all the karma that's coming his way.

  70. 70

    @Fergie_Beat_Mario's_Ass while I do agree that many times liberals just start name calling or whatever, conservatives are just as bad in the way they brush over important facts they don't agree with, let religion get in the way of politics, and continue to embarrass themselves in one way or another through sheer stupidity.