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Discharged Gay Troops Have Trouble Re-enlisting After DADT Repeal

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discharged troops have trouble reenlisting after dadt repeal

This is seriously not cool.

While we're of course thrilled that Don't Ask Don't Tell has been repealed, we're NOT thrilled to hear that gay former troops who want to re-enlist are having a lot of trouble doing so!

Here are some of the issues that these former troops are being forced to contend with:

- They'll once again have to pass physical fitness tests

- Troops who have aged significantly will be required to sign waivers to return to the armed forces

- They won't be guaranteed to return to their former jobs/ranks

- They may be rejected because space is limited in the armed services these days

Previously discharged troops seem to be taking issue THE MOST with returning to the armed forces at lower ranks.

In fact, former troops Michael Almy, Jase Daniels, and one other are currently filing a lawsuit claiming that they were "unconstitutionally discharged and should be reinstated…at their former ranks."

We don't blame them AT ALL. If they want to return to the armed forces, why should they be penalized because of a policy which was PROVEN to be unconstitutional?!?!?!? So lame!!!

What do U think? Should previously discharged gay troops be given their old jobs back if they want to re-enlist???

[Image via AP Images.]

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16 comments to “Discharged Gay Troops Have Trouble Re-enlisting After DADT Repeal”

  1. 1

    Again, your a fucking idiot. Educate yourself before speaking about stuff you fucking retard. It does not matter why they were discharged, they MUST re-prove they are physically fit. This is a issue of national security, not saying i'm sorry to the gay community. And if we don't have enough money or the right job to place the servicemember back where they were, than that's the way it has to go. For god sakes, it was a bad policy but everyone knew about it and enlisted and told people they were gay anyway. If this were broadway, i'd be fine with your dumb ass points of view. But it is not, it's the military, who protects us, so there are requirements that need to be met, especially physical fitness requirements.

  2. 2

    Previously discharged service members I feel should be able to get their old jobs back but as long as it was within a time frame, like 2 years. The only thing that I do object to is the fact a service member was unconstitutionally discharged. The service member stood up for their sexual orientation and they made the decision to leave the military knowing they oppose this. Even during enlistment they are asked if they are gay before they put their hand up. These troops knew what they were getting themselves into so for them to feel that they were released unconstitutionally I think is wrong.

  3. 3

    Re: hoochpit – Yes Mario is an idiot but Im afraid your post will fall on deaf hypocrite ears.

  4. 4

    Hoochpit is right. I was in the navy for 3 years and was medically discharged. If I were to return to any of the branches of the military, I would have to meet the same conditions. Anyone, as a matter of fact, that leaves the services under honorable conditions has to meet the same requirements period. The requirements to re-enlist have nothing to do with DADT troops that were discharged. In addition, they tell you at the time of your discharge either through TAPS class, or another type of phasing course, that if you do ever want to re-enlist those requirements mentioned above have to be met. In either case, let's just be happy that DADT has been repeled.

  5. 5

    it has nothing to do with gay! my husband was in the navy for 4 years and decided not to re enlist, and then recently decided to go back. they told him the SAME THING! hes not gay….. you want equality for all and then get mad when you dont get special treatment. maybe if you didnt act like you were so different society wouldnt treat you differently. UGH!

  6. 6

    you have a rsponsibility to post truthfully and accurately…this is not a policy targeted at gay and lesbians, this is a standard policy for ALL returning soldiers…My husband is serving in Afghanistan and his current captain, who happens to be straight(!!!) left the Army as a Major and could only come back as a captain…DADT was a horrible policy, but don't continue to cause seperation by your ignorant blogging…

  7. 7

    Re: mommieto2

    Exactly! The gay community (and just about every other minority group) seem to be confusing "equality" with "special treatment. Yes, it's terrible that they were forcibly discharged because of their sexuality. But it's not as simple an issue as "that was unfair so let's give them their rank back with no questions asked." There are a lot of facts that need to be considered, such as their age, how long they've been out of the military, and their physical health. Not to mention, the military is overcrowded as it is and are kicking people out left and right.

  8. 8

    Research the material … it has nothing to do with being gay. The military is looking at the soldier … they will apply the same that value to everyone. The military is saying that it can't be guaranteed , not that there is a refusal. . For those two members you're not gay, your a soldier. If the points are valid, they'll be reinstated. Gimme a break!

  9. 9

    i don't think the premise of this post is true…i have 2 friends that have now re-enlisted. further when i re-enlisted 40 some years ago, i have to do exactly what you listed…it had nothing to do with being gay or st8.

  10. 10

    You know, I'm TOTALLY for DADT's repeal, but what you write is crazy. People have to live in reality.
    1. Would YOU want a person in the military on YOUR DIME who is physically unfit?
    2. Would you want your grandmother enlisting in the Army on YOUR DIME without some sort of reassurance that she knew her age could be harmful to her service?
    3. If you had been off the job for years, would YOU expect to get your old job back?
    4. Would you want your sister laid off her job so an unemployed person could get a job?
    The answers should all be NO. If you answered YES, then you are unreal, silly and stupid. Our armed forces might have a place for you after all.

  11. 11

    Perez - once again you're talking out of your ass. My husband is active duty army, and knows MANY people who have gotten out and tried to re-enlist. This is the same stipulations for EVERYONE. I'm all for DADT, but just because someone is gay they shouldn't be treated any differently. Don't you all want "equality?" Well here is equality at it's finest. They are being treated the same as everyone else in regards to re-enlisting.

  12. 12

    The enlisting process for the military is very difficult and brutal for young males. I served in the navy for 4 yrs and going thru the process was easier for females but I over heard the process for males, I felt sorry for them. Males are questioned repeatedly and almost brutally. Mostly about how many kids they have or may have in the near future. What tattoos they have and what is the meaning of them(such as gang or white supremacy tattooing) that the military may not know the current decals emblems or fads. Being asked how many times you used drugs and they don't believe you when you say never no matter if the drug test came back negative.
    Limited space in the military is true at times, When I first spoke to the navy recruiters they informed me that the Air Force had their doors locked because they were not giving anymore interviews for new possible recruits. Full and not hiring.

  13. 13

    They don't deserve special treatment! You want equality, well there you go, this is how equality works. My husband can't re-enlist either at the moment. Don't you think the military has a lot more to worry about then this? Their budgets are being cut! They can't afford to pay all the people they have now much less let more in. These former troops are getting the same treatment as my husband and many other people. Research a little before you post this nonsense! The sad part is, the military will probably make exceptions for them, but not for others, simply to avoid a big public lawsuit, so f*cking ridiculous. I'm probably posting on "deaf" ears but good grief. I've never had the urge to comment on some of your nonsense till now. You are being unbelievably biased with this post! I enjoy your celebrity gossip stuff but I wish you'd keep the "issues" and your stance on them to yourself, most of us don't care. Most of us just like to catch up on what the celebrities are doing. Dumb ass!

  14. 14

    Oh, because they're gay and having trouble re-enlisting means they're being discriminated against… the funny, ironic thing is, straight people are being discriminated in this post.This rule applies to all sexual orientations (from what common sense, poster knowledge [as stated in previous comments] and a quick google check) will tell you that ANYONE will have trouble re-enlisting, regardless of your sexual orientation. Have you ever considered that?

    Perez, please educate yourself when you post on issues like this. It makes you seem narrow minded. HOW IS IT FAIR THAT STRAIGHT PEOPLE HAVE TO DO THIS, BUT YET YOU WANT GAY PEOPLE NOT TO? Equal rights means that EVERYONE has to follow the same protocol.

  15. 15

    Everyone who has commented, is saying that there should be no special treatment, equality is equality….

    The issue here is not special treatment….the problem is these people were discharged because of being gay. Yes the Dadt policy was there and they knew the rules, and decided to still come out. (btw not all of them came out willingly, some were forced out…has no one seen GI JANE? haha) However, the DADT policy has been proven unconstitutional, and therefore certain exceptions have to be made. Everyone's example is of people leaving willingly and deciding to re-enlist. These people were dishonorably discharged , only because they were gay.

    I agree that someone that was discharged 20 years ago, should probably go thru at least the physical, but someone who was only discharged a year ago, should not have to jump thru too many hoops, and definitely be re-instated at their position.

  16. 16

    Re: justinruttan – yes dadt was terrible and should have never been implemented. My post was to shed light that perez hilton is wrong about the troops having "difficulty" re-enlisting because it's the same all around. Also, the troops that were discharged because of DADT were NOT dishonorably discharged…they were honorably discharged which is a big difference. If they were dishonorably discharged they would never be able to re-enlist. It is very, very, very difficult to get a dishonorable discharge from the military. I have known sailors that popped on piss tests that have gotten dishonorably discharged, but later was able to have it changed to honorable discharge after a six month waiting period. In addition, the military is overmanned as it is and because of rank restrictions and placement they cannot simply re-enlist and get a rank/and or rate that they had before. Even people who do blue to green ( transfer from the navy to go to the army) are not guarenteed their rank/and or rate. And, as far as the physical fitness test goes that applies to everyone. Being in physical top notch fitness is part of being a solider. So, if you can't run, do push ups, or situps within your age group…you need not apply