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Wow! Michigan High School Students Given iPads By School District!

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Behold the future.

Two schools in Michigan are taking a giant step into the 21st century as every student was given an iPad for their classwork. The idea is eliminate textbooks and paper homework, and make all of their coursework available with the swipe of finger.

Nearly 1,800 iPads were distributed to the student body of these two high schools and the response has been tremendous. Administrators and educators are so pleased with the functionality of the system - assigning homework, giving tests and communicating with students - that the board is considering expanding the system further. The hope is to get a tablet in the hands of every kid, in every school in the district, from grades 3 to 12.

But how is this even possible? With the economy the way that it is, where did they even get the funds for such an ambitious project? Superintendent Dave Berry reveals it was completely the voters of the districts duty. They voted for using a $20 million bond issue for school improvements and $1.3 million of that went to the iPads.

Not a bad deal, if you ask us!

We can see this really taking off. Learning becomes fun and engaging and tech savvy. Plus, kids probably feel mega cool walking around with those things.

The only thing we don't like about this deal is that Apple didn't offer the district a discount on the iPads. With so many systems bought and a precedence being established for other schools to follow suit, you would think they would cut them a break! We are STILL in a recession!

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16 comments to “Wow! Michigan High School Students Given iPads By School District!”

  1. 1

    They're already showing up on EBay; the kids are giving the money to their mothers so they can move out of the prison-like homeless shelters…

  2. 2

    I think it'll end up costing more than books. Books can be reused for 5+ years. I guarantee textbook publishers will start charging the school districts each year for ebooks. It's the same with college ebooks.

  3. 3

    Way to go! Now they'll start photocopying textbooks and not give a cent to the publishers. That is called stealing.

    Not all textbooks are avaiable as eBooks. You need approved and standardized textbooks to be sure every facts are right - and you don't always find that on the Internet.

    This is the worst thing that could happen to these students (and the textbook authors who won't get a cent for all their work).


  4. 4

    All Shorewood High School students and staff at Shoreline Washington all received an Ipad 2 this year.

  5. 5

    They also did that in Montvale NJ!

  6. 6

    Also in Montvale NJ

  7. 7



  8. 8

    Meanwhile music teachers in other states are getting let go because of budget cuts….makes sense.

  9. 9

    I can see how an iPad or a tablet would be a good learning tool in the classroom if a teacher uses them to track a students process on assignments. From experience though, I think it is easier to reference from a textbook than an etextbook.—- Not only that but what if someone breaks the iPad? Those things are not cheap to replace. At least with textbooks, if the binding is loose or pages are tearing, you can either have it re-bound or tape up the tears.

  10. 10

    Who is paying for this??? Probably people whose hard-earned money is going to taxes, and because of that, they can't afford an iPad themselves. The school district should be more concerned about paying their teachers a decent wage than making technological advances.

  11. 11

    Once again Canada does something first and the US take credit for it…

  12. 12

    RIGHT! Teachers get paid practically nothing but PLEASE give a bunch of students iPads! **sarcasm**

  13. 13

    This is such an interesting idea, lots of pros and cons. What does happen when they inevitably break? Do they have to hire an IT guy/team to manage the software/updates/ troubleshoot? how much is it to license the books? t

    As for paying teachers decent wages… that's an interesting one. I mean, they work 8ish hour days for 9 months a year, good benefits, vacation days and job security. And in michigan the average salary is $54K. That's $72 if they worked a full 12 months a year like most jobs. Is that really pennies? I know a lot of people working in the private sector 12 months a year who would love to be making $72K.

  14. 14

    They're all over, in Columbia, SC the new Middle Schools are doing the same thing! TECHNOLOGY is taking over…

  15. 15

    Yeahhh…they've BEEN using em in schools here in Texas (:

  16. 16

    My siblings' school Explore Knowledge Academy, an elementary school, has also merged to using technology for all of their students. Every student gets an iPad at school. I think it is great, technology is the future.