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Casey Anthony Ordered To Pay $217,499.23!!!

| Filed under: Legal Matters

casey anthony to pay florida 97k

That's DOUBLE what she was originally ordered to pay.

Judge Belvin Perry made a ruling on Friday that Casey Anthony must pay the Orange Country Sheriff's Office $217,499.23 for being a liar!

After the judge asked the police department to resubmit documents, he discovered Casey owed a lot more than originally calculated for the costs of the Caylee search.

That brings the monster of an invoice to look like:

*$145.662.21 to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office
*$61,505.12 to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement
*$10,283.90 to the Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation
*$50 to the State Attorney’s Office

TOTAL: $217,499.23

That's a heart attack on paper right there!

But we have to say, we don't feel sorry for Casey Anthony. Her lies DID cost the investigation hundreds of thousands of dollars plus valuable time and stress of everyone involved!

[Image via AP Images.]

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49 comments to “Casey Anthony Ordered To Pay $217,499.23!!!”

  1. 1

    What's the point can't she just file bankruptcy. Also should she have to pay cuz they failed to prove there case. Yeah she lied but they had to have known she was lying pretty early on.

  2. 2

    another day or two old story; keep up the good work

  3. 3

    its not her fault the prosecution coudnt prove her guilt. she did her time now leave her alone. its the states failure not hers.

  4. 4

    more sour grapes

  5. 5

    Re: d20beckham – She did her time now leave her alone?!!! Are you out of your fucking mind? Casey Anthony murdered her baby daughter. Twelve dumb fucks in Florida let her loose but Americans aren't gonna let her off the hook that easy. Casey will live in fear the rest of her life. One day, she will be recognized and will have the shit beaten out of her. She deserves nothing less for murdering little Caylee.

  6. 6

    well, good at least we know the value of a three year old

  7. 7

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – funny thing is according to the american justice system that you seem so proud of she is innocent. it doesnt matter whether she did it or not. and you dont know that fact, no one does except casey. she did the time for what she was convicted of. dont blame the jury if you dont like the verdict. blame the prosecutor who failed in their job. she stood trial and won. give it up and leave her alone. you know nothing about her and what really happened. your opinions are based off other media opinions that are in the same boat as you.

  8. yeez says – reply to this


    Re: d20beckham – She's not paying for the state case against her, that's the taxpayers. She lied to the police and they wasted time and money chasing down leads based off stories that she made up to intentionally throw them off. Even if she had been convicted she could have been charged this money for wasting police resources.

  9. 9

    Re: yeez – if she would have been convicted theres no way in hell they would charge her. they are pissed they failed to do their jobs so they are being picky and vindictive

  10. 10

    She's being billed according to the charges she was found guilty of. The charges have nothing to do with her murder trial. Its the costs that were incurred to search for her daughter, and to follow up on her story, which has been proven false. She lied, and the county spent money to follow up on those lies. She should pay these charges, as anyone else in the same situation would be billed or sued after conviction.

  11. 11

    Is she supposed to spin her shit into gold?

  12. 12

    Re: d20beckham – Technically, she was proven not guilty not "innocent." Huge difference according to the American justice system - but what I can't understand is that Casey wasn't found guilty of at lease child negligence. That's just straight-up crazy & a huge mistake by the jury. They really dropped the ball on that one.

  13. 13

    Good. She led everyone on one wild goose chase after another. Searching high and low for a non-existent nanny and all the rest of that crap. Huge waste of time and resources.

  14. 14

    I love to hate this b*tch. And for all you morons that act like "we" don't have a right to voice our opinion because we don't know all the evidence, all I can say it this trial was televised and streaming live on the internet. They didn't show the jury's faces, and they blurred out the disturbing photos of little Caylee's rotting remains, otherwise we saw it all… So get some information and learn a thing or two about this mother that murdered her little girl. She's so easy to hate, so so so f+ckin' guilty. Thank you Florida idiots, for setting her free and giving us George W. Bush.

  15. TCYB says – reply to this


    People are forgetting that she was convicted of 4 counts of lying to law enforcement. That's why she has to poney up.

  16. 16

    She could show her TWAT for Playboy and get a million dollars !

  17. 17

    Leave her alone she is innocent! Why don't they go after the ugly PuertoRican ape maid who kidnapped and murdered her daughter?

  18. 18

    Re: d20beckham – Where in my post did I say that I was proud of the American justice system? You would have to have shit for brains in order to think that Casey Anthony did not murder her little girl. American society will shun her for the rest of her life. That's all we can do now thanks to those 12 dipshits in Florida. Casey Anthony will get recognized one day and beat the fuck up. Mark my words. THAT is the American justice that I'm proud of.

  19. 19

    Don't worry, that sleazy lawyer will have her booked for interviews, movie deals, book deals. She will have plenty of money to pay her little fine. She got away with murder so if she can do that, this is nothing to her.

  20. 20

    You people who keep saying she was proven "innocent," god but you're showing your ignorance! The idiots who returned the verdict later explained that they did feel she was complicit in the death of this child but were just not convinced beyond a reasonable doubt. Actually, they were idiots who did not understand circumstantial evidence. We Floridians are EXTREMELY embarrassed by their incompetency and horrified by Casey Anthony. And to answer the other query about her ability to just file bankruptcy, nope. Can't wipe out court debts. Pay up, you murdering bitch…

  21. 21

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – ok i never said what i think about the case. why you may ask? because i wasnt in the court room. i wasnt privy to all the facts. i wasnt provided EVERY SINGLE piece of evidence to make an INFORMED decision. you probably just caught highlights of nancy grace spewing off crap about it and hopped on the bandwagon. again. it was NOT the jurors fault. there wasnt enough evidence to convict her. and whos fault was that? the prosecutors. try learning the justice system before you go online and talk about things you dont understand. and i hope your one of those people who "beat her up" so you can go to prison for your crimes.
    grow up.

  22. 22

    Re: d20beckham – God you're an idiot! This money IS owed to the state of Florida because SHE LIED about her daughter being missing when she knew damn well the kid was dead. The money owed is for all the time and money the state police and search teams spent looking for a child that was not really missing.

  23. 23

    Re: d20beckham – I didn't ask for your opinion cuz I don't give a fuck what your opinion is. I would be proud to be the one to beat the shit out of Casey Anthony. And I would be proud to go to jail for a few weeks for that crime. As I said before, ANYONE who doesn't think she murdered her daughter has shit for brains so while I grow up can you clean the shit out of your skull? Pretty please with sugar on top.

  24. REPUB says – reply to this



  25. 25

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – And you know she killed her how ?

  26. 26

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – Your arguement is totally bullshit. Why didn't this happen when O.J. killed his wife ? It took what 15+ years to put this sorry piece of shit away ? Same story, different sexes and victims.

  27. 27

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – You also mention American justice, and getting the fuck beaten up.. Come to my state…. I'll be happy to oblige.

  28. 28

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – the last 4 comments directed to you prove my point quite clearly thank you very much. and again i never said whether i thought she did it. i wasnt a juror its not my place, nor is it yours.

  29. 29

    Re: REPUB – LOL You have shit for brains.

  30. 30

    Re: dryan1971 – I knew your ass had shit for brains so it's so surprise you don't think CASEY ANTHONY MURDERED HER DAUGHTER.

  31. 31

    Re: d20beckham – Actually, I think those 4 comments prove MY point: Anyone who thinks Casey Anthony didn't murder her daughter has shit for brains.

  32. 32

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – repeating the same platitude doesnt make a point, it just reiterates the fact you have nothing valid to say.

  33. 33

    All of you idiots to get over it. She may have lied and done 3209480 other things to make her –>>>>>APPEAR

  34. 34

    Re: NookiesWA – Sigh oops any who all of you idiots need to get over it. She may have done 2049830 things to make her APPEAR guilty. But considering SCIENCE (something that is heavily if not completely used in cases to determine guilt) was UNABLE to prove she was the murderer.

  35. 35

    She'll be a hooker — that's the only way she's capable of earning money.

  36. 36

    Who made you God?

  37. 37

    Re: d20beckham
    Because of PEOPLE like you with your IGNORANT mentality, that's why people like CASEY ANTHONY gets to KILL her child, LAUGH about it and LIVE ON…….

  38. 38

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – You are just a fucking sheep. SHut the fuck up please you braid dead kunt

  39. 39

    The comment sections of these blogs is the reason that I come here to this site. It's really good entertainment and also a learning tool. It shows just exactly how people think nowadays but I wish it would tell me why. I will someday figure that one out I hope. Fight nice on the computer kiddies. You are all very entertaining and you can all use such profanity towards each other when your sitting behind your computer unknown to all. Put on your big boy and big girl pants and grow the heck up.

  40. 40

    Re: anniebanannie51248 – Im just as direct in real life..seriously. I think this whole thing is disgusting. The fact is NO ONE except casey Anthony knows and the jurors should not be berated for their deciosion. Why on earth would 12 random people all come to the same conclusion. Because they sat through and heard every single deatil unlike that fuicking asshat eldridge cleaver. We have no right to judge them.,

  41. 41

    She will pay off a few bills, minor ones and then her lawyer will declare bankruptsy. I do not know the laws in FL-whether they can hold off bankruptsy based on POTENTIAL FUTURE EARNINGS……… I do not know why some of you don't get it-her LAWYERS said in court that the baby drowned in the pool, blaming her father for plotting to dispose of the body WITH CASEY, AMONG OTHER THINGS… Since she KNEW Caylee 'DROWNED' and 'HELPED' her father 'dispose' of the body in the woods, with in days, she lied to the police and cost them $$$$, has nothing to do with guilty or not guilty. (though I would not believe Casey OR HER LAWYERS even if they stood on a stack of bibles).

  42. 42

    The D.A. -they really had nothing else to bring as evidence and the jury would not believe in 'junk science' too bad and lucky for the murderess. She, casey was very lucky where she DUMPED HER DAUGHTER… the body rotting down to bones, leaving NO TRACE, NO EVIDENCE OF WHAT KILLED HER. And Lucky for Casey, her mother committed perjury by saying SHE came home and looked up how to make homemade chlorophyll, the same exact time she was at work and LOGGED ONTO THAT COMPUTER… (said she left early, and someone else had to be using her login).

  43. 43

    I call BS on that… I used to work in hospitals as an RN.. and it was different than other jobs with logins. (yes, I know, she was at a nursing home). You logged in and logged off, they wanted to know exactly who was ordering WHAT and FOR WHOM. It is all LEGAL STUFF, esp. IF IT IS NOTES ON A PATIENT. And she LEFT EARLY???? Did anyone ever bring the nursing home to the stand????? Anyhoo…… if she is not able to declare bank. (casey), she eventually will make money on her daughter's daughter and then she will hide it, (lawyer will help) and MAYBE, in YEARS, DECADES, the counties will see a few dollars.

  44. 44

    12 IDIOTS let this murdering bitch go free. She's been found guilty of lying to police and that's why she owes the money dumbasses.Stop saying it's sour grapes.

  45. 45

    Casey needs to pay up and shut up! I'm sick of this bitch!

    Peace out!

  46. barny says – reply to this


    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – You really are a FUCKING IDIOT.The jury found her not quilty because there was no evidence to prove Casey did it.What you think does'nt matter because your a piece of your a cowardly piece of shit who hides behind a computer.Casey could live with me any time she wants to.Then when you come over to carry out your threat i could knock you on your ass and let Casey Shit and Piss on your face which you would probably enjoy.

  47. 47

    Re: RAY2RAY – where have i stated my opinion on this case? nowhere you have no clue my person view on it. why? because i dont spew them on online message boards when i dont know the entire story like you do.

  48. 48

    Thank you, Eldridge! my sentiments exactly! her day with doom is near! She should not be allowed to obtain a passport for owing so much money! She is wanting to flee the country so she will not have to pay her fines! Don't let her get a passport! Also, she is taking online classes. Did she get a Federal Pell Grant to do that? She shouldn't be allowed to get a Federal Pell Grant to take her online classes!

  49. 49

    She is a criminal and a murderer and should be locked in prison forever and then burn in hell forever, but this bill is not her fault.
    They chose to spend that much time and money on that search to grandstand for the media. CNN and Nancy Grace should pay the bill personally.

    I hope every parent that has and had a child missing in that county sues them for not giving their child the same amount of attention.
    This is an ugly Pandora's box they are opening, they should just let it go.