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Justin Bieber Rented The Staples Center To Surprise Selena Gomez With…

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Selena Gomez Justin Bieber Love Titanic

Justin Bieber rented the Staples Center out last night for Selena Gomez and their very own private screening of Titanic.



Who knew a man of his age could outdo every other romantic gesture in recent memory!?!

Apparently he took Selena to Demi Lovato's concert at the Nokia Theater right next door, and afterward he said "come with me" as he took her underground to the neighboring arena.

When they entered, the ocean waves began playing and that sad, sad, beautiful music filled the entire arena.

This is INSANE…in the sweetest way ever!

If you've never been to LA's Staples Center, well, it might as well BE the Titanic because it's just so huge!

Great job, Biebs! Really. That was astounding.

Selena, you've definitely found a keeper here. Never let go, Selena. NEVER LET GO!!!

[Image via WENN.]

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35 comments to “Justin Bieber Rented The Staples Center To Surprise Selena Gomez With…”

  1. 1

    I think it's cool and romantic etc but how the eff do ya'll know about this? I mean…I guess it's normal that a guy surprises her girl every now and then but do we all have to know about these teenagers every step? Do we have to be jealous now or smarter somehow, or happier? Did they tell you that or who did and why and wtf is the purpose ?
    Demi Lovato's concert was a good idea though - maybe Selena starts to eat on one good day also.

  2. 2

    Holy shit if that's true that dude gets some cool points

  3. 3

    Great PR move. I'm not sure if I would congratulate Beiber, or his publicists.

  4. 4

    Re: ShirleyTemple2011 – AGREED.. its nice BUT once that everyone knows about lose the intention…..i mean if its to really ""woaow" ur girl cool but sounds more like a Publicity stunt…mehhhh

  5. 5

    For such a grand gesture, he must have a really small peen.
    Like Porche drivers.

  6. 6

    Ok that's actually really cute. I kind of think that Justin seems arrogant but at least he isn't towards her. Selena is adorable. She deserves it!

  7. 7

    Am i the only one getting tired of this PR couple? It's getting way too over the top fake now :/

  8. 8

    I'm gonna barf…This is way too cute in NOT a good way.

  9. 9

    dear God AND Jesus…..I just threw up alittle in my mouth

  10. 10

    Re: yaymovies

    No he doesn't. He's a cun*t.

  11. 11

    He should have taken the money and put it in his retirement fund. He's not going to be famous forever and the bucks will stop rolling in.

  12. 12

    *Barf* I can't wait until these two break up and their careers bite the dust!! you know it has to happen sooner or later

  13. 13

    Their publicists deserve a bonus for this one. It takes guts doing something so conspicuously dopey and cloyingly prepubescent in this economy. On the upside, Im sure Justin and the girl will look back on this and laugh when theyre old enough to understand what real romance is all about.

  14. 14

    I'm tired of these two and just dead sick of how you cover their every fart. Your demographics should tell you that what's left of your audience aren't tweens, asshole. I suppose it's great that you're so supportive of this fake romance seeing as how he won't part his ass cheeks for you, but your obsessiveness is once again out of control. Move the fuck on already … you're too freaking OLD to be into these two.

  15. 15

    Re: tallguy10 – I wouldn't give any props to those publicists - even teenagers aren't that naive and bubble-headed that would believe all this cheesy act.
    I mean it's time for JB and his satellite to give back now - I mean real charities (sick kids, Africa etc). If they'd made event like this with punch of…let's say homeless kids (bad example but still one)…it would have been sweet and worth to mention in media. We don't care about their cuddling in some random place - and I think it isn't even good for their reputation bc fans don't care about Selena mostly. Best pick for his gf would have been…nobody! Since he's still young and HAS a career & everyone knows that when some heartthrob gets a gf, he'll lose tons of fans. And fans are his "clients". No clients - no job.
    But finally, all this cotton candy is getting annoying and boring.

  16. 16

    I think Bieber's fame is coming to an end, just like the the Jonas bros. These desperate attempts for staying relevant is really getting tired and boring.

  17. 17

    He got it for free!

  18. 18

    surprising to see so much jealous anger in here.. never expected it.


    so many pathetic haters in this world. shocking so many congregate on this site.

    get out and be productive you pathetic fools.

  19. 19

    This is all very reminiscent of the "Justin & Britney" days … two young people experiencing puppy love but who also have gobs of money and are like two kids in a candy store. Of course they won't last; but it's sweet that they're having fun and "movie" love right now.

  20. 20

    Wooow ! Such a romantic! They are so cute together!

  21. 21

    Am I the only one that thinks a teenager shouldn't be doing things like this with his money? He's not always likely to be making this kind of money you know…

  22. 22

    Did he have to get his mom to sign a permission slip because it's rated R?

  23. 23

    I'm not jealous or anything, and I think it's cute that he thought of doing something for her.
    But I would never force my girlfriend sit through a 3 1/2 hour movie in a cold arena. Candles or no candles, Just sayin'.

  24. 24

    lol if this is true then Justin is probably the worlds best boyfriend lmao

  25. 25

    That sounds hella boring and just a waste… if i go to the staples center I wanna watch a LAKER GAME! not titanic barf… hate that movie. way to blow a butt load of money

  26. 26

    are they even old enough to see Titanic?

  27. 27

    …………… FINE! I'm not mad at you Justin just this one time! Titanic is the best and most romantic movie ever! I cannot be mad @ someone for watching that. I LUV YOU JUSTIN!!!!!!!

  28. 28

    Oh God, this couple is becoming more and more annoying.

  29. 29

    This shit is making me sick, he is SUCH A DOUCHE! and Selena deserves SOOOOO much better, she is hot as fuck!!

  30. 30

    So who's publicists sent this one in? Justin's or his beard girlfriend's? This is nothing more than this PR couple trying to get some last minute publicity stunts in before Justin goes on tour next week. HOW SUBTLE!

  31. 31

    little prick watches too many movies

    "somwhere in the world tonight someones crying " wake up to urself twerp!

  32. 32

    they probably haven't had sex in a really long time.

  33. 33

    You know young love really is the best. Everybody always remember there first love there whole life. Sometimes they marry. But I know it's precious.They are young, There parents need to be watching.

  34. 34

    Re: sayswhoRe: CaritaDeCleopatra – I read this first on People (you know, a website that actually knows how to include details in their stories) they didn't charge him to rent it out because he has sold the Staples Center out three times. Funny considering most people on this site say his 15 minutes are up and he's not talented. I'm not a fan because I'm not their target demographic but I think their cute. I knew this story would generate "hate overload".

  35. 35

    you people are sad sad little haters… they are teens in love.. don't you remember that???? come on.. it's cute little puppy love